Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4169: Who is The Strongest?

Chapter 4169: Who is The Strongest?

“Who are they?”

Long Chen entered the camp and saw many experts in foreign robes. Their gazes lit up when they saw Bai Shishi but darkened when they saw Long Chen with her. After that, they examined Long Chen without the slightest restraint, with some even using their souls to probe him.

Long Chen was disgusted by them as this kind of conduct was extremely rude. Although it couldn’t count as a humiliation, it was extremely uncomfortable.

“They came to study,” answered Bai Shishi.

“To study?”

Bai Shishi helplessly said, “After all, the High Firmament Academy is the oldest academy of the nine heavens and ten lands. It is a treasure of the human race. It is said that the founder swore to use the Dao and reason to bring living beings to the correct path, allowing everyone to differentiate between right and wrong, good and evil. Then everyone could escape the sea of bitterness. Because of this oath, the gates of the High Firmament Academy are open to all, and any lifeform is qualified to study in the High Firmament Academy. However, later on, it is said that the human race was targeted by other races, and battles were fought for many years. Some of them were even once disciples of the academy, but they still attacked the academy. “I don’t know which generation’s dean started it, but eventually, they set a rule that the academy would only be open to humans, and other races would have to go through tests if they wanted to enter. Due to this, the academy declined even more, looking like it would be destroyed eventually. Thus, not many people wanted to join the academy. The High Firmament Academy couldn’t even save itself, so as it declined, people no longer believed that the academy could rise again. Some powers even began to eye the academy as a large meal. You also saw how we were treated in the Darklight Heaven. It has been many generations since the High Firmament Academy attended the Sage King Convention. Without us coming, the academy’s ruins also stopped appearing. It was only a few days ago that we arrived and the ruins once more appeared. As a result, some people were attracted by our name. To put it frankly, they just came to take advantage of the situation. As for the academy, due to our ancestor’s wishes, we could only allow them to enter,” said Bai Shishi, eyeing these people with a touch of disgust.

She had been standing at the gate for several days, waiting for Long Chen. Thus, quite a few people who viewed themselves as handsome geniuses came to ingratiate themselves with her. Bai Shishi was patient, but in the end, she had to cut off a few hands before they learned their lesson and distanced themselves from her. But even though they stayed away from her, they still talked about her behind her back.

She was naturally disgusted by that as she was an extremely prideful person. Other than Long Chen, no one else could enter her eyes. These people were practically like peacocks flashing their feathers at her, so she found herself thinking that they were particularly childish and disgusting.

However, as long as these people didn’t provoke her, she didn’t have a reason to attack them. So she could only endure it.

These young disciples were all brimming with arrogance, believing that the one who could engage Bai Shishi in conversation would be seen as the boldest among them, akin to a crane amidst a flock of chickens.

Bai Shishi naturally ignored this group of immature fellows, only waiting for Long Chen. Now that Long Chen had appeared, the previous iciness of her face was gone. She was even smiling.

This scene caused these fellows to feel extremely unnatural. They had done everything they could to draw her attention, but Bai Shishi hadn’t even looked at them.

After all, they were all arrogant and conceited heavenly geniuses, so such a blow was quite painful to them.

The only thing that made them feel better about themselves was that all of them had failed to draw Bai Shishi’s attention. But as soon as Long Chen appeared, he was walking right beside Bai Shishi while she was smiling, the very picture of a young maiden in love. As they weren’t blind, they could see that Bai Shishi liked this black-robed fellow.

"I see now. The academy's founder must have been a truly benevolent individual. Perhaps he sought a path that could bring about universal harmony among all people," Long Chen remarked with a nod. The notion that the founder wished to disseminate the academy's knowledge for the greater good deeply touched Long Chen.

After all, knowledge belonged to everyone. It came from everyone, and now it was specifically provided to everyone. That was a bit like the sea whale returning its corpse back to the sea. Knowledge was like a mirror. Perhaps through it, you could see yourself clearly. However, it seemed that such a thing was difficult to carry out in reality.

In an instant, Long Chen and Bai Shishi drew everyone’s attention. Many of those people were looking at some stone tablets when their attention was drawn to them.

Long Chen simply ignored them and continued walking with Bai Shishi. He found that the High Firmament Academy’s buildings here were still incomplete. Even the foundations had yet to be built.

However, various runes had appeared throughout the foundations. All kinds of murals could be seen, and these were things that Long Chen had not seen in the actual academy.

“The oldest academy of the nine heavens and ten lands. Could it be that the Sage King Convention’s buildings are restored based on the age of the inheritance?” wondered Long Chen.

Long Chen came up with such a theory because the Starry River Sect had long since finished rebuilding. After all, the Starry River Sect’s inheritance couldn’t be considered too ancient in the immortal world.

“The dean said that one aspect was the age of the inheritance. But the members of that inheritance, the influence of the Heavenly Daos, the rise and fall of karmic luck, and many other aspects cause the building rate to be different,” explained Bai Shishi.

“Then does that mean the High Firmament Academy is the strongest of the human forces here?” asked Long Chen with a smile.

“Tch, how ignorant!”

Bai Shishi didn't have a chance to respond before someone from the side let out a disdainful scoff at Long Chen.

“Oh? How am I ignorant?” Long Chen looked at this guy and found that he was a Supreme expert with a very powerful aura.

That Supreme expert sneered, “When it comes to being the strongest, when has it ever been your High Firmament Academy’s turn? The building rate has nothing to do with how strong a faction is. Little fellow, words can’t be randomly spoken, or you’ll just slap yourself in the face. Well, that would be interesting as well.”

Upon hearing his words, Bai Shishi’s expression sank. She was about to speak when Long Chen pulled her hand, indicating her to leave it to him.

Seeing this, those heavenly geniuses were even more enraged. Someone as prideful as Bai Shishi actually listened after Long Chen pulled her hand? They felt a profound feeling of defeat.

In their eyes, Long Chen might possess a powerful Blood Qi, but he had no Supreme aura. He could only be considered as a below-average disciple compared to them.

Someone like this had won the favor of a heavenly fairy? They all thought that it was only due to Long Chen’s looks. He was just a little pretty boy with no substance.

Long Chen still smiled pleasantly after hearing that Supreme heavenly genius’s mocking. He came up to him and said, “It seems I really was ignorant. Then please tell me what faction of the human race is the strongest in your opinion?”

That person arrogantly said, “Of course it’s our Heavenly Gate Profound Sect.”

That was precisely what Long Chen was waiting for. The moment he said it, Long Chen’s expression sank and he viciously swung his hand at his face.

“If you’re the strongest, what the fuck are you doing here?”

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