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One Last System

One Last System





One Last System

Rating: 8.8/10 from 267 ratings

Scorned by the world he was born in, Arthur had no other choice but to learn how to deal with it. Yet, just as his hard work and dedication were about to pay off, the hate towards his origins brought him to his death.

But that wasn't his fate. His future wasn't supposed to end with his head cracking against the edge of the stairs. His bloodline could not die as that would be against the wish of the universe itself.

Thrown to another world, he found himself in a situation where the skills and craft he honed would be no longer of use. His patience, his creativity, his logical thinking were no longer in demand in a world where strength reigned supreme.

Or was it?

"My system is overpowered. I'm not shameless enough to deny it."

"Scores of women and slaves all around? Those are the wishes of a naive kid, not mine."

"Lower the price of those apples by a quarter and we will have a deal!"

"Dear, stop, I cannot hold any longer!"

Jump in and follow Arthur's adventures as he proves that even the illogical world of sword and cultivation has its own rules. Laws, that one can learn, laws, that Arthur sets off to use to his own advantage!

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