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Chapter 314 - 314 Peak Legendary! Father and Son Duo! (2)

314 Peak Legendary! Father and Son Duo! (2)

“What’s wrong? This person’s aura is powerful. He should be at the peak of the Legendary stage! Do you know who in the Abyss race has reached such strength?”

Silver Moon looked back at Oka, who had a strange expression, and asked with a frown.

“That… that voice… it sounds like someone I know.”

Oka hesitated for a moment and stammered.

“Like who?”


“Like my father.”

“Huh? What?”

When Silver Moon heard this, she could not remain calm.

If the person who came was really Oka’s father, would Oka… betray her?

One had to know that Oka had his own Original Consciousness and was not under Silver Moon’s control at all. If he suddenly betrayed him, she might be in big trouble because of that guy’s high-level Legendary realm and Legendary equipment!

“Uh… this aura fluctuation should be my father. But don’t worry, I won’t betray you.”

Oka said helplessly, “Although I have an Original Consciousness, I’m Master’s puppet after all. I can’t betray Master.”

“I hope so.”

Silver Moon said coldly.

She did not know about Oka’s situation, but if something really happened, she was not afraid.

She also had a trump card, but the price was too high. However, if it really came to that, she could not care less.

As long as she could win and protect the Heavenly Canopy Realm, everything was worth it!

“Sigh, if you don’t believe me, then let me take the lead.”

Oka sighed. With that, he flew to the front of the team and arrived above the ruins of Dongyue City. He looked at Oligei, who was standing in the air in the distance, and said, “Hello, let’s get to know each other. Bright World… Oka.”


Oligei looked at Oka. After confirming that the guy was his precious son, his expression suddenly changed. “Kid… have you really betrayed the Abyss?!”

Hearing this, Oka shook his head. “The Abyss Oka is already dead. The current me has been reborn. I’m the Bright World Oka.”

“Damn you! Stop being pedantic! Tell me, what exactly do you mean now?”

Oligei raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “Speak properly. I brought all my trusted aides with me this time! Think carefully before you speak! There’s… only one chance!”


Oka’s expression changed.

He glanced at the people behind Oligei and realized something.

Father meant…

With that in mind, Oka spoke.

“Father, I’m a member of the Bright World now.”

Oka said nervously, “Moreover, the master I’m following now is powerful. If the Abyss is stubborn, it will definitely lose! If you don’t believe me, look. She’s Silver Moon. Previously, she was only in the intermediate Legendary stage. Now, after Master’s guidance, she has stepped into the peak of the Legendary stage!”

“And these people are members of Master’s Team Abyss Conquerers. Three days ago, they weren’t even Legendary! Now, they have all stepped into the Legendary realm!”

“So, if you know what’s good for you, abandon the dark and join the light.”

With that, Oka became even more nervous.

He was just giving it a try. As for the outcome, it was hard to say.

“Is that so?”

Oligei narrowed his eyes when he heard that. A terrifying aura spread out and swept through the world.

The ruins of Dongyue City below stirred up dust that filled the sky.

“Everyone, be on guard! Prepare for battle!”

Silver Moon shouted in a deep voice. The auras of the 300 members of Team Abyss Conquerers instantly erupted, and the dust was instantly blown away. The two sides faced each other in midair.

“Hmm… Their strength is indeed not bad.”

Oligei looked up at the aura of the 300 members of Team Abyss Conquerers and nodded slightly. Then, he waved his hand. Just as everyone thought that a big battle was about to happen, he put away his equipment and cupped his fists at Silver Moon. He said, “I’m sorry. I apologize for our previous actions! Now, we plan to abandon the darkness and join the Bright World. I hope you can forgive us!”


Silver Moon was dumbfounded.

Isn’t the battle about to start? Why…

You’re at the peak of the Legendary stage!

You admitted defeat just like that?

Was there a mistake?

“Hehe, I believe in my son!”

Oligei laughed and said indifferently, “If what he said is true, the Abyss has no chance of winning! Moreover, don’t worry. I brought my trusted aides this time. There won’t be any objections.”

“We’ll do as you say!”

The eight mid-Legendary Warriors beside Oligei said firmly.

“Haha! That’s great!”

Hearing this, Oka finally heaved a sigh of relief and a smile appeared on his face.

Although he had a new boss now, Oligei was his biological father after all. He would still be a little conflicted if they fought just like that.

Now, his father had abandoned the dark and joined the light. This way, everyone could be on the same side and advance and retreat together.

“Father, have you thought it through? There’s no turning back.”

Oka reminded him kindly.

“I don’t care! The Abyss… I’m already tired of staying there! Moreover, if I want to find your mother, I can’t do it in the Abyss. Now, I can find an excuse to join the Bright World.”

Oligei pursed his lips and said calmly, “Besides, you said that your master’s strength is unfathomable. I believe you! In order to find your mother, this decision… is worth it!”

“By the way, Dad, you haven’t been willing to tell me about my mother. Where exactly is she…”

“Hmph, she was arrested by the people of Heaven’s Will City!”

“Heaven’s Will City? That’s…”

“A mysterious organization formed by a group of deities who consider themselves to be protecting the order of the world. In fact… Hmph, a bunch of trash!”

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