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Chapter 604 - Chapter 604: Another Visit to the Blue Spirit Forest (2)

Chapter 604: Another Visit to the Blue Spirit Forest (2)

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In the military discipline of the Demon Race, the spoils of war belonged to whoever obtained them first.

However, at this moment, the three of them knew about that treasure at the same time and did not want the people behind them to take a share, so they made this series of actions.

After the three of them finished discussing, they arrived at the place where Lin Feng had disappeared and tore through space to chase after him again.

Far away, space fluctuated. Lin Feng walked out of the space and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“This stone slab is indeed powerful. It can actually break the spatial lock of a late-stage god realm expert,” Lin Feng said.

Just now, he had used the half stone slab he had obtained in the Luo He Mystic Realm to break the spatial seal and escape.

However, he was already severely injured. He forcefully activated the stone tablet to break the spatial seal of the late-stage god realm, causing his injuries to become even more serious.

Fortunately, in the Longevity World in his body, life force kept surging out, repairing his injuries.

However, this was not a long-term plan. If he was caught by those gods again and the other party was on guard, he would not be able to escape so easily.

Therefore, Lin Feng did not hesitate and activated spatial teleportation again, disappearing from the spot again.

At this moment, because he was familiar with the spatial law, there was no longer a cooldown time for spatial teleportation.

However, the distance was still limited by his strength, so there was always a period of time between activation. Even if it was only a short second, it was sometimes fatal.

Therefore, Lin Feng activated spatial teleportation dozens of times in a row.

Every time he stepped out of the space, he would leave again.

After so many spatial teleportations, Lin Feng appeared again. The surrounding plains had already disappeared and were replaced by a forest.

When he saw this forest, Lin Feng was stunned for a moment. Wasn’t this forest the Blue Spirit Forest?

The blue tree emitted a faint blue light. Wasn’t it the forest where he met Little Black and thought it was the secret realm?

Why was the Blue Spirit Forest here?

Lin Feng looked up at the sky. The sky was gray and deep in the chaos. However, there seemed to be a layer of something covering the sky, causing the naked eye to see the chaos and not the light balls that represented the small world.

However, Lin Feng did not have time to think because he could sense that the three gods behind him were about to chase after him again.

As for the other Demon Race members, for some reason, they did not chase after him. However, the three gods were already enough for him to suffer. It was even better if they did not chase after him.

Lin Feng plunged into the forest. A moment later, space squirmed and three figures appeared where Lin Feng was previously. They were the three gods of the Demon Race.

After the three Demon Race gods appeared, they were all stunned when they saw the forest.

“What is this place? Why have I never seen it before?” One of the Demon Race gods asked in confusion.

Another Demon Race god sneered, “Who cares where he is? With our strength, we can do whatever we want.”

This was not because he was arrogant, but the truth was indeed so.

They were already late-stage gods. Even if they entered the Divine Realm, as long as they did not encounter experts like the five human emperors, they could basically do whatever they wanted.

Even if they encountered late-stage gods of the human race, they were not afraid.

This was because the Demon Race was innately good at mental negative effects. Under the same level, how many enemies could pose a threat to them when they were negatively affected?

The third demon race expert didn’t respond but instead sensed the fluctuations in aura and said, “That human kid entered the forest. What do we do?”

His question wasn’t about whether to go in or not but rather whether they should go in together.

With all three of them inside, wouldn’t it be difficult to divide the spatial treasure if they caught Lin Feng?

One of the demon race godly experts laughed, “What else is there to say? Let’s go in separately and rely on our own abilities.”

With that, he entered the forest first, disappearing.

The other two gods of the Demon Race looked at each other and were somewhat vigilant, but they also entered the forest.

However, as soon as the three Demon Race gods entered, they frowned slightly.

This was because in the forest, their mental strength was actually suppressed and they could only detect the situation within a thousand miles.

Although the range of detection was very wide, they were all gods. Usually, when they probed with their mental strength, they would be able to detect everything within a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles or even millions of miles. However, now that it had actually been compressed to a radius of only 1,000 miles, this forest was clearly strange.

However, the three of them were at the late-stage of the god realm and had the fiery temperament and pride of the demon race. This made them not pay too much attention to these details. Therefore, none of them left the forest but continued to delve deeper to locate Lin Feng.

After entering the forest, Lin Feng frowned.

His mental strength was not suppressed at all, so he felt nothing unusual.

However, from his perception, after the three demon race godly experts entered the forest, why did they seem to be wandering aimlessly?

Lin Feng’s mental strength was at its peak, with a range of tens of thousands of miles, while the psychic power range of the three demon race godly experts was only a thousand miles.

So, in the current situation, Lin Feng could see them, but they could only slowly search for him.

At the moment, Lin Feng didn’t quite understand and thought it might be a trick by the three of them. Therefore, he didn’t pay it much mind and continued flying deeper into the forest while using his life force to heal himself.

A day later, Lin Feng could no longer sense the three demon race godly experts because the distance between them had exceeded 10,000 miles..

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