Paragon of Sin

Chapter 1610 1603: Mortal Vs Mystic (4)

Chapter 1610 1603: Mortal Vs Mystic (4)

With a single step, the void trembled violently.Wei Wuyin's body transformed seamlessly, his skin transformed into hexagonal grey scales, his nails elongated with a silvery hue, and his pupils sharpened with vertical supremacy, threatening to escape from his irises.

With a second step, a draconic growl emanated from the void, guttural, lofty, and unforgettable.

A simple breath released invisible, void-burning flames that stung at the mere sight, capable of confounding souls and instilling an irrepressible fear. His incisors grew out, sharper than the sharpest sword. The draconic aura was the perfect mixture of raw savagery, domineering majesty, and lofty, indomitable presence.

With a third step, an innate majesty revealed itself, announcing its arrival and presence before all of heaven and earth.

The hybrid form of a True Void Dragon and a humanoid was complete. It was flawless, from the dense, sculpted musculature to every strand of pulsating hair. Every single scale released a faint grayish glow of resplendence, a mixture of solar light and draconic aura. Wei Wuyin's body was slightly slimmer, but the physical aura within his body had intensified ten-fold, granting him an illusion of being gargantuan to the senses.

This was Wei Wuyin's first time executing his Draconic Transformation with a peak, perfectly refined Astral Physique-the Stellar-Paragon Physique, and a bloodline at the First Level of Mystic Myth. The combination was as wondrous as one could imagine! This was furthered by the excessive cultivation of every iota of bloodline and physical energies in each stage of cultivation since the Yang Growth Phase of the Qi Condensation Realm.

Overlord Tigerheart's injuries had healed swiftly after consuming the pellet, and his physical presence was exceedingly explosive and savage, on the verge of rivaling a true Sage, and yet faintly, when it exerted its forceful might against the void and that draconic presence, it was losing out! Each step was like a resounding slap to his shoulder, trying to force him to his knees!

His tiger eyes became incomparably solemn. However, his legs remained upright, his spine remained straight and firm, and his heart retained its will to fight-the will of a predator!

This wasn't the first time that he had come against an extraordinary foe. His life as a cultivator had been laden with battles and conflicts that cultivated who he was as a man and as a person. This was far from enough to instill fear or force him to flee! Lifting his head, clenching his fists, and bearing his teeth, he-


The void shook. Mana scattered. The Void Creatures that remained hidden fled with urgency beyond their natural instincts. This was the ferocious dominance that was comparable to a Sage!

Wei Wuyin furrowed his brows as a glint flickered within his draconic eyes. The fourth step of his froze in space, forcefully stalled by an external force. 'He halted my accumulated momentum with ease,' he thought as his opinion of this opponent was elevated. After slaying Teng Jiangwen, Wei Wuyin's proficiency and understanding of the Law of Momentum had significantly increased over the years of secluded concoction and cultivation. While it hadn't reached the levels of a Minor Authority, it was incredibly profound by itself.

Yet Overlord Tigerheart had used a single roar to disrupt his accumulated momentum, preventing him from taking that fourth step that threatened to bring him to his knees by aura alone.

Rarely revealed excitement surged within his heart. It's been decades since he felt this degree of pressure. Within his Mind's Eye, Little Defiant released waves of solar flares that enriched his body, empowering him with every passing second. It, too, was excited!

Their probing stage was naturally concluded.

There was only a few hundred miles between them-an insignificant distance.


The void behind Overlord Tigerheart exploded as his legs bulged and he pushed forward, executing an Ascension Art of the Martial Path: "Primal Tiger Form: Nine Steps Beyond the Mountains Art!"

The Mystic Way coalesced into a single power, under a single intent, and executed with a singular purpose. All nine Ways of Mysticism erupted!

Mana, Spirit, Radiant, Spatial, Temporal, Oceanic, Infusion, Permanence, and Conversion!! Not a single was missing!

This was a peak Ascension Art that utilized each Way of Mysticism in subtle or direct ways, all intermingling, superimposed at times, augmenting at others, and distorting all foreign forces. Despite being a movement art, when Overlord Tigerheart leapt forward, Wei Wuyin felt as if a deluge of weighty space, time, mana, and light was barreling toward him with monumental, everlasting power, while simultaneously infusing into the world to suppress his body, mind, and spirit, and twisting the ambient energies against him.

Just observing Overlord Tigerheart stung the eyes, threatening to crush his spirits with a single bounding leap!

This was an Overlord of the Way of Mysticism! Every Ascension Art of theirs invoked all nine Ways of Mysticism, allowing them to execute only Ninth Way Ascension Arts!

Wei Wuyin hadn't experienced this feeling of total suppression before in every facet imaginable: external, internal, and ambient!

"..." The Heavenly War Spirit shuddered with panic! This was a Mystic Overlord! With a single breath, they could devastate stellar regions and their very existence was enough to conquer galaxies. How could their strength not be godly?!

Overlord Tigerheart arrived before Wei Wuyin in a near-instant. From an outsider's point of view, it was as if he had telephoned across time and space, having always been there as a grand tiger that oversaw the universe from a mountain, capable of descending across all of creation.

Overlord Tigerheart didn't speak. He launched another Ninth Way Ascension Art!

Primal Tiger Form: Mountain-Crushing Paw!

His enlarged hands took the form of a golden and scarlet tiger claw, and after pulling back with the speed of lightning, thrust forward with ravenous strength! A gesture of pulling back caused the space and time around Wei Wuyin to solidify, executing a Spacetime Prison of the highest form within the Mystic Dao!

Wei Wuyin didn't overcomplicate his emotions or response. He steadied his footing. The blood within his body circulated against the oppressive forces, shattering the bindings of space and time with the ease of a single breath, and moved his left arm with an open palm. The palm was precise, striking at the thick wrist of the incoming claw.


With eyes as calm as a serene sky, Wei Wuyin intercepted the claw and redirected it, allowing it to just scrap past his right shoulder, the tip of the claw missing his scales by a micrometer. Yet it was just enough. The void behind him exploded violently with the force to destroy entire stellar regions, sending his robes and hair fluttering about. The calm in his eyes remained unchanged as the space behind him for hundreds of thousands of miles was torn asunder.

But the eyes of Overlord Tigerheart revealed everything but calm! That attack contained twenty percent of his mystic power! However, that was brief as could be as he opened his mouth. His goal was to enter close range with his opponent!

Primal Tiger Form: Dissonant Roar of the Divine Tiger!

While Mystic Overlord's first impression was a Martial Cultivator, his early beginnings were actually a Spiritual Cultivator! He was adept at extraordinary spells, including dissonant-inducing spells to disrupt his enemy! This attack would snuff out even a Heavenly Saint's Mystic Soul! Especially at this range!


Wei Wuyin used his free hand and then with a jab, struck Overlord Tigerheart's throat. The jab seemed to surpass the concept of space and time, having hit prior and after the spell was unleashed! It was baffling to the extreme to witness!

But the result was clear to see: A gurgle of pain and gush of blood as Overlord Tigerheart's throat was crushed, prematurely ending and preventing his spell, creating a world of temporal dissonance within Overlord Tigerheart's senses!

A faint opening formed.

Just slight. Perhaps enough for a tenth of a microsecond of attentiveness by the Mystic Overlord! But this opportunity was seized immediately!!

Wei Wuyin's draconic eyes glinted as he lowered his stance, and unleashed two rapid jabs.

First-the right; it impacted the middle-left part of Overlord Tigerheart's torso, shattering every single enlarged rib with a single heart-wrenching crunch. The sound could unnerve devils.

Second-the left; it barreled directly into his center abdomen with uneerie precision. Overlord Tigerheart's entire body shook as blood gushed out of his crushed throat. The supreme strength within caused his Mystic Soul and Sea of Consciousness to shake!

When the left hit, the right had pulled back to its limit, and using that momentum of opportunity, Wei Wuyin threw a hook forward with every last ounce of his strength. The softened defenses of shattered ribs couldn't withstand the impact of a full-powered punch!

The enlarged body of Overlord Tigerheart distorted as the left side of his body seemed to become like jelly, even his leg bones snapped and twisted oddly and disturbingly. Blood splattered before his body rocketed away with blinding speed!

Wei Wuyin watched as the amped-up, blood-igniting Mystic Overlord was sent flying after four blows. Each had the precision of a mortal expert, and relied solely on the simplicity of speed, power, and technique to an extreme. There were no Ways of Mysticism or Laws involved. Only physical power backed by his Draconic Void Starforce, Bloodline Power, and Little Defiant's empowerment.

Wei Wuyin used this time to look at his scaly hands. 'When did I...become this strong?'

Wei Wuyin lifted his gaze toward the still-flying Overlord Tigerheart.

"This is the fruit of all our efforts, our conquered challenges, those lethal risks, and extraordinary successes," Eden spoke with heavy emotion containing happiness and relief.

In the end, it was all worth it.

All of it.


Overlord Tigerheart unleashed a heaven-shaking roar as his aura pierced through the void in all directions! The bare-chested, steel-legged figure seemed to be burning with blazing mystic light. The world suffused with the unfathomable aura of the Mystic Dao-


'He ignited his Mystic Soul...'


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