Picking up Girls With My System

309 Will he do it?

“Things are not looking good for us.” Arthur said.

Both he, Jane and Wisa were inside one of Odemore’s rooms, talking about the situation which was not favorable to them.

“What do you mean?” Jane asked.

“Nefion is already a rank 3 mage, but he is not confident in winning the fight… Sebastian, the rank 3 mage from the Blood Spear Academy, is coming.”

“How can we help?”

Jane and neither Wisa knew how they would help in a fight against a rank 3 mage. That was a fight way above their league, and even Arthur, who was someone extraordinary, had no means of helping.

But then they were already surprised to see Arthur reach the rank 2 so fast, could he reach the rank 3 fast as well? They believed that was the case, but fast meant maybe in a few years, and not months.

“I will enter an intense training to reach rank 3 in one month, and I need you two with me.”

“What? Rank 3 in one month? Are you joking with us?”

Even though they believed in Arthur’s capabilities, that was just too much, even for him.

“Sex is the key! We will follow a strict sex routine for the entire month, and that will improve my power. I am not sure if I will reach rank 3, but it is something I have to try.” Arthur said.

“A month of sex? How many times per day are we talking here?”

“Hum, maybe 6 times a day? This seems like a good amount.”

“6 times a day for 30 days straight?” Wisa said, and then she looked at Jane, “we are in deep trouble…”

Elena, Laura and Sybille stayed in Odemore, as it was also a safe place after the new formations had been placed. Sybille guaranteed there was no way the rank 3 mage or even a rank 4 mage would find them there, which was incredible to think about.

As for Arthur and his two wives, they left Odemore, making their way to Ouroboros, where Nefion waited for them. No one questioned who these two women were because Arthur was the one bringing them. In their minds, they were surely important, and some students had their guesses when seeing them so close to each other.

“Demon Lord Arthur has two beautiful girls for himself. That power can bring us.”

“When I grow up, I want to be just like him!”

“Aren’t you the same age as him already? Or perhaps older?”

“Oh, shut up!”

Arthur did not stop to listen to such bullshit, and flew as fast as he could toward the main building. There, Nefion gave him a special room for training, just like the one he was using.

“You shall not leave until I am the one calling you. Some of my students saw Sebastian and the other mages approaching, and they should be here in two days, but like I said, our barrier can last one month, maybe slightly more. You must focus on your training with everything you got!” Nefion said.


Arthur and his wives went inside the room, which had many formations around it, making so no sound leaked from the inside, and no sound came from the outside. As well as some protection barriers.

It was like an entire house, and Arthur would not even need to leave. There was a bed for rest, a bathroom, and lots of food available inside. The perfect place to train with all his needs taken care of.

The first thing he did was to check his stats to see how his progress was doing level wise.

[Name: Arthur Willians]

[Bloodline: Dragon (Legendary Placidusax), Monlog Giant]

[Rank: Official Mage (2)]

[Level: 102]

[Health: 42700/42700]

[Mana: 0/0]

[Spiritual Force: 210]


[Strength: 422]

[Agility: 349]

[Vigor: 344]

[Wisdom: 586]

[Charm: 353]

[Free points: 10]

“Not bad at all!”

Nefion had told him that from the rank 1 to rank 2, the body changed little, but the amount of mana and the might of the spells a mage could cast were worlds apart.

So, stats wise, it changed little the moment he passed from the rank 1 to rank 2. Even so, Arthur’s attributes were incredibly high, making him way stronger than most mages.

What Arthur was eager to be to reach rank 3! Nefion explained to him that the body would suffer a reborn after reaching rank 3, and he also stated that seeing how Arthur’s body was already extraordinary, the change would be even higher!

Now, he did not have any mana to convert into Spiritual Force, as he had done that already, but the best way to get mana was through leveling, and what was the best way to level up fast? That is correct, sex.

The first part of the training happened in the bed with Wisa wiggling her rounded ass on Arthur’s dick, while Jane shoved her pussy in his face! It had become something standard for them, but still too good!

After Wisa and Jane got the Monlog Giant bloodline, they were more vigorous, more horny, which was a good thing for Arthur, who needed exactly that.

“Oh god this is too good! I am your little bitch!” Wisa said while moaning, riding on the dick like there was no tomorrow.

They switched positions from time to time, as all of them wanted to get completely demolished by Arthur’s dick, but as the days went by, their energy levels diminished, and the only reason for them to keep at it was because of their bloodline, and also because of their power-up when having sex, similar to what happened to Arthur.

It was a fun experience to cum on the face of two gorgeous women six times a day. Arthur changed from time to time, cumming on their big boobs, ass, and, of course, pussy.

The system stated he could not impregnate someone, for now at least, so he was not concerned with the creampies. In fact, Wisa and Jane loved it!

Their routine comprised having a hardcore sex for about one-to-one hour and a half, and then meditate right afterwards. That way Arthur leveled up, earning more mana through it, which would be turned into Spiritual Force.

But not every round of sex would cause one level, so Arthur would meditate to not only transform the mana into Spiritual Force, but to also gather more mana in the normal way of mages.


While Arthur was focusing on his training, multiple attacks were happening outside of Ouroboros. It was Sebastian and the rest of the strongest students from the Blood Spear Academy.

Even he, a rank 3 mage, was surprised to see such a sturdy barrier capable of protecting the school for days. At first, he believed the barrier would not last over one week, but the days kept passing, and even though the barrier got weaker and weaker, it did not break.

But when Sebastian saw a few cracks in the barrier, he got even more excited, yelling, “I don’t know who the leader of Ouroboros is, but I know there is no rank 3 mage anymore on the central continent, only me! If I have known this sooner, then everything would be mine already.”

“You are almost right. Indeed, there was no rank 3 mage before, but here I am!”

A voice echoed from the distance. It was Nefion, who came to check the barrier, as it would only last for a few more days.

“Oh? You are a rank 3 mage, too?” Sebastian said. It surprised him for a moment, but he noticed how Nefion had just entered the rank 3, meaning it was not an opponent to him.

“You don’t have a chance against me, old man, and you know it too!”

“You will see, Sebastian, you will see.”

With a smirk, Nefion left, returning to Ouroboros. The reason for his confidence was not only his power, but because Arthur was really close to reach the rank 3! Nefion went to check on him when he noticed the barrier would not last much longer, and by sensing the aura which emanated from Arthur, he knew how close he was!

Disturbing him in such pivot time would be stupid, so Nefion only came to check on him but did not say a word. He left the room emanating confidence, and also shock!

“Of course, he would reach this point in just one month. He is our lord, the Lord of Dragons. I should have never doubted him.” Nefion thought.

As for Arthur, he was so focused on his training throughout the month he did not even notice Nefion going there. It was a good thing the old man did not enter the bedroom, because that would be an unpleasant moment for all of them.

“I am progressing so fast, but according to my calculations, I only have three more days. Will I be able to reach the rank 3?”

What Arthur accomplished was the peak of the rank 2, but crossing to the next stage was something hard, and only condensing Spiritual Force would not do.

He had to meditate and find a way through his wild thoughts, reaching the point of transition.

It was easier to say than do it, and as the time passed, Arthur got more and more nervous…

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