Please Take Care of Me, Young Master Quan

Chapter 120 - Chapter 120: Mocking Shen Ru

Chapter 120: Mocking Shen Ru

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Shen Wan lowered her head to eat, taking in all the sarcastic comments without displaying any signs of anger. In fact, her appetite seemed to have grown.

Shen Yan felt provoked by her nonchalant demeanor and simmered with inner resentment. “You probably don’t know, do you? My sister closed a multi-billion-dollar overseas deal the day before yesterday and is now a department manager.”

“Congratulations to Big Sister on her promotion.” Shen Wan looked up, smiled genuinely, and offered her congratulations. There was no hint of insincerity. “1 actually thought she was already the CEO, but I guess…”

She didn’t finish the sentence, but everyone present, being intelligent, likely understood.

As expected…

The smile on Shen Yan’s face visibly faded at lightning speed. Shen Yan’s eyes turned red with anger. She glared at Shen Wan fiercely but refrained from a direct confrontation, out of concern for Shen Ru’s mood. It left her feeling stifled!

In the present Mingda Group, Chairman Shen Zongming, President Shen Chunjiang, and General Manager Shen Chunting held the three most powerful positions, leaving little room for the next generation. Shen Ru had previously served as Deputy Manager of the Project Department. Although she had been promoted to manager, her role mainly involved hard work, with limited chances to be involved in major company decisions. How could she find satisfaction in such a situation?

But not being content didn’t change her situation. She couldn’t drag down the older generations or her father’s generation. She couldn’t ascend on her own either. Even if she wanted to, she didn’t have the courage or the power.

So what could she do?

She could only endure slowly! Endure until the Old Master Shen stepped down, and Shen Chunjiang took the chairman’s seat. Only then would she have a chance to approach the position of “CEO”.

Compared to her, Shen Qian was much smarter. Knowing that the older generation was unwilling to relinquish power, he left directly. He used the existing resources and family support to expand his own business territory, rather than stubbornly trying to compete within the Mingda Group.

Shen Qian had Tian Shui Real Estate, but what did Shen Ru have? Apart from her position, she couldn’t even grasp real power. Shen Wan suddenly felt sorry for her…

“What do you mean? Can’t you speak properly?” Shen Yan ground her teeth.

Shen Wan innocently blinked, “Did I… say something wrong?” After all, her current “self” knew nothing about Mingda Group. Even if she accidentally touched a sore spot for someone, it was unintentional.


“That’s enough,” Shen Ru interjected sternly, “Let’s all just eat in peace!”

Finally, some peace was restored.

Shen Wan couldn’t help but think, why not act like this earlier? Did people really need to spit in someone’s face to understand what being repulsive meant? Why bother?

After the meal, Shen Ru drove Shen Yan back to school, and Yang Lan went upstairs to rest. In the spacious living room, only Shen Wan remained, sitting cross-legged on the sofa. She enjoyed some fruit while watching TV.

From initially feeling unsure when she first arrived at the Shen family’s home, to now openly appearing and staying in the common areas like the living room, all her changes had taken place quietly and calmly, so much so that they didn’t raise any suspicion.

The sound of a car engine grew nearer, and soon, footsteps echoed from the entrance.

And it wasn’t just one person!

“…You handled the crisis management very well this time. This afternoon, we received news from Europe that the negative impact has been contained within a certain range. The factory is also adjusting supply and demand and improving processes according to the plan you provided…”

Although it was all in hindsight, Shen Qian listened attentively.

This kind of attitude greatly satisfied Shen Chunjiang’s paternal pride, and so, from afar, one could hear his hearty laughter.

“Dad, brother.” Shen Wan ran over and graciously fetched slippers for the two men.

She appeared to be a well-behaved and thoughtful daughter/sister.

Shen Chunjiang felt even more pleased..

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