Power and Wealth

Chapter 1050: You are that Dong Xuebing?!

Chapter 1050: You are that Dong Xuebing?!


Deputy Minister Jia’s apartment.

Mrs. Jia chatted with Dong Xuebing after dinner. She was still worried about Jia Miao’s condition and did not want him to leave. Her husband gets headaches at night often, and she was worried the headaches would return. She waited until almost 8 pm, and Jia Miao did not get any headaches and was relieved.

Jia Miao’s migraine was cured!

The treatment was too effective!

Mrs. Jia and her husband exchanged looks, and she knew what he wanted. She went into the room for a few minutes and returned with a thick envelope. She gave it to Dong Xuebing. “This 20,000 RMB is for you, Xiao Dong. This is the payment for the treatment.”

Dong Xuebing quickly rejected it. “I cannot accept your money.”

Mrs. Jia pushed the envelope into his hands. “Just take it.”

“I really cannot accept it.” Dong Xuebing insisted.

Mrs. Jia thought Dong Xuebing refused to accept it because it was too little. That’s right. Even the top doctors at the hospital could not treat Jia Miao’s migraine, and he could cure him in one afternoon. She returned to the room and put 30,000 RMB more into the envelope. The envelope contains 50,000 RMB now.

Jia Miao added. “Mr. Dong, just accept it.”

Dong Xuebing smiled and rejected again. He looked at them and said. “Minister Jia, Mrs. Jia, it is not about the amount. I mentioned earlier that I am not a licensed doctor and cannot accept treatment fees. I am here because a friend asked me to help, and I heard the patient is Minister Jia. So, I came here to try if can relieve your pain. I have no intention of receiving any payments. Please keep the money. I don’t need it.”

Mrs. Jia looked at Dong Xuebing. “We cannot let you travel so far for nothing. I don’t care if you are not a licensed doctor. I only know that you had cured Old Jia. Since you refuse to accept our payments, let us know which trade or industry you are in. Old Jia might retire soon, but he can still assist you.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I am in the government service.”

Mrs. Jia paused for a second. “You are a civil servant too?!”

Jia Miao looked at Dong Xuebing and said. “I find you familiar after you mention it. What’s your full name, Xiao Dong?”

“I am Dong Xuebing.”

“Dong Xuebing?” Mrs. Jia had heard of his name before.

Jia Miao laughed. “So, you are that Fen Zhou City’s Dong Xuebing?!”

Dong Xuebing replied embarrassedly. “I had no intentions of hiding my identity from you. My reputation is not very good, and I did not identify myself when I came.”

Jia Miao was amused and pointed at Dong Xuebing. “What reputation are you talking about? I only heard that you risked your life to save others from the freezing river and almost died. You also saved lots of lives during the earthquake. Although we had not met, I had seen your picture before.” He paused for a second and nodded. “Great…. I have heard a lot about you and have finally met you. Just your medical skill is extraordinary. Haha…. No wonder you can reach this level at your age.”

Dong Xuebing modestly replied. “You think too highly of me.”

Mrs. Jia looked at Dong Xuebing. She knew about him as he was famous in Fen Zhou City. She had heard about him since the earthquake. “I remember Fen Zhou City’s Mayor Xie is your….”

Dong Xuebing replied. “She is my wife.”

Mrs. Jia looked at her husband. “Err…. This….”

Dong Xuebing’s rank might not be high. Still, his wife, Xie Huilan, is a Deputy Bureau Director leader and is on the City Party Committee. Jia Miao might be a Bureau Director and is one rank higher than Xie Huilan. He was only the third leader in the Provincial Government Organization Department. Mrs. Jia felt awkward about asking a City Mayor’s husband over to treat her husband, and she took out the envelope again.

Before Dong Xuebing could reject Mrs. Jia again, Jia Miao said. “Alright. Keep the envelope.”

Mrs. Jia replied. “But Xiao Dong….”

Jia Miao calmly replied. “Did you forget about Xiao Dong’s assets disclosure? His asset is over 100 million RMB. Do you think he needs money?”

Mrs. Jia got shocked and remembered the assets disclosure report.

“Xiao Dong….” Jia Miao looked at him and asked. “How is your work recently?”

“It’s fine.” Dong Xuebing started talking with Minister Jia about work.

After a while, Jia Miao asked. “Do you have any plans for your future?”

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat. Jia Miao had noticed his intentions, and he replied. “Errm…. I am thinking of going to the grassroots to do something for the people.”

Jia Miao looked at Dong Xuebing. “You want to gain experience at the grassroots level?”

Dong Xuebing nodded and told Jia Miao his intentions. Of course, he did not tell him everything like he wanted to be a District or County Party Committee member. He believes Jia Miao should know his intentions.

9 pm.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and got up. “It’s late, Minister Jia, Mrs. Jia. I am going now. Just call me if anything happens.”

Mrs. Jia said. “I will walk you out.”

“No… no…. please stay here.” Dong Xuebing replied.

Jia Miao said. “Drive safely, and thank you for today. I will help you ask about your intentions of going to the grassroots. Go back and wait for my call.”

Dong Xuebing was excited when he heard this.

Jia Miao’s words implied that it was settled. Dong Xuebing’s efforts were not in vain.

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