Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 857: Anticipation, excitement

Chapter 857: Anticipation, excitement

The letter ordering General Zhu to go to the Western Army to borrow troops was in the Emperor's handwriting, in the Emperor's tone, and was stamped with the jade seal that the Emperor only knew where it was placed, was Xiao Tianyao's hand. However, this was not enough evidence, no one will believe it.

Xiao Tianyao was sure that the Emperor has never been awake since he fell into a coma. The Emperor cannot hide his actions from him. This letter was not written by the Emperor himself, and judging from the color of the ink, the Emperor couldn't write this letter in advance.

It was not written by the Emperor, so there was only one possibility, that this letter was written by someone close to the Emperor, and the other party knew the Emperor well.

Who was close to the Emperor?

Xiao Tianyao thought about it that night and quickly identified the suspects. They were: The Empress, Imperial Concubine Zhou, Prime Minister Lin, and Imperial Doctor Qin.

Before the Emperor fell into a coma, the only people who could come into contact with the Emperor from time to time were only Imperial Concubine Zhou in the harem, and Prime Minister Lin. Needless to say, Imperial Doctor Qin was the only imperial physician trusted by the Emperor. He took care of the Emperor's daily life personally.

As for the Empress, it was purely because of her power. She doesn't show her power in the palace, but her spies were all over the palace. Before everyone noticed her, she has already held the palace in her hands, she has the ability and motivation to do it.

Xiao Tianyao hurried out of the palace with the food box. He indeed went back to accompany Lin Chujiu, but it did not prevent him from plotting people in the dark.

His opponents know him well. He knows his opponents, and what's more, he knows himself. Both he and his opponent knew that Xiao Tianyao would never give up his official duties for a woman and accompany her. It was even more impossible for him to be foolish enough to carry a food box full of food and leave everything behind to make a woman happy.

Of course, before today, he didn't think he would do such a stupid thing, but he did it. He did it without any awkwardness or dissatisfaction, and even a little bit of joy.

Looking at Xiao Wangfu not far away, Xiao Tianyao shook his head secretly. Come to think of it, he was crazy. If his opponent knew, they might think he was crazy too.

*Plop, plop, plop* The sound of horseshoes was very eye-catching at night, and the guards of Xiao Wangfu in the distance noticed it and immediately sent someone to check it out. The guards who stayed behind at the mansion were dumbfounded: Wangye, you are back!

"Quick, hurry up and tell Housekeeper Cao that wangye is back." After the initial shock and panic, the guards performed their duties, leading the horses, opening the door, and notifying them of entering the house. Xiao Tianyao came back suddenly and was in a mess.

Housekeeper Cao was washing his feet. When he heard the news, he didn't even have time to wipe his feet. He ran out with wet shoes, but his old face has a smile like a chrysanthemum.

He knew that their prince cared about their princess very much. Otherwise, their prince will not come back in the middle of the night after receiving two dishes.

"This slave greets wangye, may you live for a thousand more years." Housekeeper Cao was so excited that he knelt and gave Xiao Tianyao a big greeting.

Housekeeper Cao knelt, and the rest of the servants didn't dare to stand, they knelt one by one, shouting for their prince to live a thousand years old.

"You all rise. Starting this month, everyone in the mansion will be issued double the amount of salaries every month." He was charged with collaborating with the enemy and treason by the emperor. But the servants in the mansion didn't betray him and remained loyal to him. Although he has always been short of money, he has never been stingy when it comes to rewards.

Money shouldn't be saved but earned.

"Wangye, wangfei has already rewarded us servants, but Wangfei used money from her private treasury." Housekeeper Cao didn't respond immediately but said something in a low voice.

The power of their mansion was still in the hands of Prince Xiao. Although Lin Chujiu was a princess, she still doesn't have the right to manage the finances of the mansion. Even if she wanted to reward a servant, she can only use her private treasury.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu had a lot of money in her private treasury, otherwise, she would have had a harder time in Xiao Wangfu in the early stage.

Sure enough, a woman can have no support from her natal family and no love from her husband’s family, but she must not be without ability and money. With money and the ability to keep it, even if her natal family and her husband's family don't like her, she can live a good life.

Housekeeper Cao told Prince Xiao at this time, it was natural to remind Prince Xiao to show respect for their princess, and it would be more decent to hand over Prince Xiao's mansion to their princess.

Who knows if Xiao Tianyao completely failed to understand Housekeeper Cao's hint, but he just nodded in satisfaction. Naturally, he was not satisfied with Housekeeper Cao, but Lin Chujiu. He was satisfied with Lin Chujiu's performance. He was satisfied with Lin Chujiu's self-consciousness as the wife, knowing how to reward the servants in the mansion.

"Uh…" Housekeeper Cao swallowed his persuasion because Xiao Tianyao had already left with the food box.

Since entering the mansion, Prince Xiao has not let go of the food box in his hand. Housekeeper Cao wanted to ask: Wangye, are you not afraid of damaging your majestic image when you walk around with a food box?

Obviously, Prince Xiao was not afraid. If he was afraid, he would not walk all over the street with a food box, so that all his opponents would know that he ran back to the palace in the middle of the night for a food box.

Xiao Tianyao came to the small courtyard where Lin Chujiu lived with a food box. The small courtyard was located in a remote place, like a corner separated by the palace. If it wasn't for Housekeeper Cao's special arrangement, even the patrolling guards would seldom come here.

The courtyard was pitch black, only Lin Chujiu's room had a faint light, silently telling Xiao Tianyao that she hadn't slept yet.

The corners of his lips raised slightly, Xiao Tianyao waved back the guard who was going forward to salute and walked in with the food box. As they approached the courtyard, they could occasionally hear the sound of insects, and it could be seen that the flat land in front of Lin Chujiu's courtyard was full of insects.

Any wife will not be willing to live in such a place, but Lin Chujiu doesn't care. Maybe she had to live here at first, but now she was used to living there, and she doesn't think there was anything bad about it except for being inconvenient.

However, Lin Chujiu didn't feel bad, but Xiao Tianyao was not. The existence of this courtyard always reminded him how bad he was to Lin Chujiu. Leaving her, a weak woman, alone in a remote courtyard, and letting her fend for herself, was this something a grown man would do?

What happened to him back then, that he could be so harsh on Lin Chujiu? Why would he care about a little woman regardless of his status and cultivation?

Xiao Tianyao couldn't figure it out no matter how he thought about it. Although he was not a kind person, he was not a bad person either. At least he would not embarrass a woman for no reason, but he made things difficult for Lin Chujiu. Even when Lin Chujiu was trying to please him, he pushed her away time and time again and hurt her time and time again.

Maybe, she was special, different.

Walking to the door of the room, Xiao Tianyao paused and hesitated a little before knocking on the door.

He was looking forward to it. When Lin Chujiu sees him, what would be her expression?

Will she shout happily, or rush into his arms excitedly?

No matter which one, he was looking forward to it……

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