Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3464 - The Secret Realm (6)

Chapter 3464: The Secret Realm (6)

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He had the nerve to say such words so seriously!

Did he think that she didn’t know? If this man’s intention was really on speeding up on cultivation, then he really had something up his sleeves!

He most probably thought that the postures recorded in these manuals were very novel!

“I… I think we may not be very suitable! You also said that the talent of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow is not very good, so we use the double cultivation method to help our cultivation. Our talent is so high, it may be more difficult to cultivate ordinary exercises so effectively…”

Huang Yueli tried to reason with him.


Li Moying just shook his head, a smile flashed in his deep eyes.

“I can’t say that, no matter how talented we are, we won’t think that the cultivation speed is too fast! What’s more, I also heard that the Saint Iniquitous Shadow has personally modified this double cultivation method and incorporated a lot of methods to enhance profound strength. The power method, our primordial spirits are all re-forged through the technique of splitting the soul, and it is not an exaggeration to say that we are the successor of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow. For us, the effect of his revised exercises must be better than that of ordinary people!”

“Isn’t it a pity not to cultivate such a good cultivation method?”

Li Moying looked at Huang Yue’s puffed up face, tried his best to hold back his laughter, and continued to talk nonsense seriously.

Huang Yueli glared at him angrily, blinking her big eyes, desperately thinking in her heart how to refute him.

However, she knew that Li Moying was talking nonsense without any good intentions, but he actually made a lot of sense, and she couldn’t refute it!

Moreover, before Huang Yueli could think clearly, Li Moying couldn’t help but let out a low laugh.

“You can still laugh…”

Just as Huang Yueli was about to scold him, suddenly, Li Moying came forward again.

The distance between the two was already very close. Huang Yue was leaning against the wall behind her, and there was absolutely nowhere to hide, and her lips were blocked in an instant.

I don’t know how long it took before Huang Yueli, who was blushing all over, was let go.

“Little Li’er, this secret realm is really suitable for us. We will definitely gain a lot from this experience.”

Listening to Li Moying’s words, Huang Yueli pouted.

She doesn’t want to go now, but alas, it’s too late!

Three days later, after Huang Yueli carefully explained the business to Grandmaster Xiao and Xuan Qingling, he boarded the flying ship with Li Moying and left Medial Arch City.

“Looking from the map, after we flew north for three days, we entered the uninhabited wilderness.” Huang Yueli stood on the deck and looked at the map.

In the vast God Realm, in addition to the territory occupied by the gods, humans and demons, in fact, more than half of the territory is still undeveloped.

These places were collectively called the Wilderness Land.

For example, near the sea of ​​serenity, there is a large wild land where spirit beasts gather.

At that time, Huang Yueli was secretly plotted against by Huang Sanbai and disappeared. Li Moying thought she had fallen into that stretch, so he even searched inside for nearly a month.

However, even Li Moying would not dare to go too deep, because no one can predict the danger of the Wilderness Land!

In the God Realm, many secret realms and treasures from ancient times were hidden in such places.

Although it was dangerous, in order to obtain more resources and improve their own strength, many cultivators still venture into these wild places one after another to experience.

Li Moying glanced at the map and said, “The secret realm of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow is not too desolate. Although it is in a barren land, there is a small town inhabited by human races nearby. I heard that there used to be a jade quartz mine there. That’s why people live there.”

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