Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3761 - 3761 One Month (4)

Chapter 3761 - 3761 One Month (4)

3761 One Month (4)

Because, the effect of this dual cultivation method was really great!

Although Huang Yueli still had some psychological barriers to the dual cultivation method at the beginning, after seeing the effect of it, even she couldn’t help but admit that the dual cultivation method was indeed much more effective than one person’s cultivation!

Not only Li Moying, but even her own strength had improved rapidly.

Now there are even faint signs of breaking through to the middle stage of the Heart Profound Realm.


Seeing Huang Yueli’s expression, Liu Buyan guessed something.

“Let me just say it straight! Li Moying’s current situation is actually not good. Although the double cultivation method works very well at the beginning, it is very effective, but in fact, it is harmful to his body. His meridian has been severely eroded by evil qi, so he can’t get too excited. However, during the process of your dual cultivation, it is impossible for him to remain calm…”

Liu Buyan spoke vaguely, but the meaning in the words was already very clear.

For Li Moying, the double cultivation of two people was not beneficial.

Huang Yueli frowned, and immediately realized that her initial thinking was a bit too simple.

“So it’s like this, it’s all because I didn’t pay attention… Then what’s the condition of Moying’s body now? Can it be remedied?”

Huang Yueli looked at Li Moying, with a guilty look on her face.

After all, her accomplishments in medicinal skills were not good enough. She only thought that the evil qi in Li Moying’s meridians could be transformed quickly, but she didn’t consider other things at all…

If Li Moying was really harmed because of this, then she would really regret it!

Li Moying saw his little fox’s sombre expression, he immediately felt distressed, “Little Li’er, don’t listen to Liu Buyan’s nonsense, he just deliberately made things serious to scare you! In fact, even if dual cultivation is damaging, however the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to wake up!”

As he said that, he still narrowed his eyes and gave Liu Buyan a menacing look.

Liu Buyan really never forgets to hold him back!

Originally, after he woke up, the little fox was reluctant to get too close to him because of her shyness, so she ran away after just kissing him!

Now that Liu Buyan still said such a thing, what if the little fox really refuses to let him touch her?

However, whatever you are afraid of, come here!

Liu Buyan didn’t seem to be afraid of Young Master Li’s stern gaze, which was enough to intimidate all directions. Not only did he not take Li Moying’s warning hint seriously at all, but he continued to speak calmly.

“Scaring you? Hehe, it’s best that I’m scaring you! But in fact, with your current physical condition, if you continue like this, not only will your cultivation level fail to improve, but you may even be in danger of going mad!”

Huang Yueli immediately said: “Senior Brother, I understand! Starting tomorrow, I will hand over the “Iniquitous Shadow Secret Manual” to Moying, and let him practice by himself.”

Li Moying’s face was so dark it couldn’t be darker.

What Little Li’er said clearly meant that she would never double cultivate with him again!

The food brought to its mouth was really about to fly away now!

He first gave Liu Buyan a glare but when he turned to Huang Yueli, he immediately changed into a pitiful expression.

“Little Li’er, don’t listen to his scaremongering. How could I go mad? You know my talent and cultivation. I can handle this little problem…”

However, to Huang Yueli, Li Moying’s body was the most important.

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