Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3913 - 3913 Their Relationship (5)

Chapter 3913 - 3913 Their Relationship (5)

3913 Their Relationship (5)

This made him think deeper into it.

What’s more, Li Leyun and Li Zijun were both talented cultivators with high status in the Cloudy Qilin Clan. What they said was very important.

Li Shihong couldn’t care about anything else, and said with a gloomy face, “What’s going on? Zijun, come here and explain it clearly!”

Li Zijun took a sneak look at Li Shihong’s face, and immediately felt as if she had put down half of the big rock that had been hanging in her heart.

She knew that what Li Shihong was most worried about was that Li Moying fell in love with a woman with insufficient status outside. Last time, Li Yuntao and the others received news that Li Moying had a wife who had ascended from the lower realms and would not marry anyone. Li Shihong was almost worried.


Fortunately, there was an accident later, Li Moying was rescued back to the Amethyst Paramount Palace in a coma, but the mysterious woman disappeared.

Li Zijun wisely didn’t ask any more questions, but she could also guess that the woman must have been dealt with secretly by Li Yuntao and Li Leyun.

Originally, Li Shihong and others were worried that when Li Moying woke up and found that the woman was missing, he would be furious, and thought of a lot of reasons to explain to him.

But who knows, after Li Moying woke up, he completely forgot about that woman, and didn’t even ask about it, which made Li Shihong and others feel a little strange while rejoicing.

After contacting each other now, Li Shihong quickly realised that it was probably because of the appearance of this Divine Doctor Li that attracted Li Moying’s attention, which made him have no time to care about other women…

While Li Shihong was pondering, Li Zijun also explained at the same time.

“Patriarch, I really didn’t intend to provoke Divine Doctor Li on purpose today, it was really…it was the situation at that time, as a member of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, I couldn’t stand it! The behavior between her and the Young Master was very ambiguous, moreover, while she’s still relying on the support of the Young Master, she mocked our clansmen, and said that the Young Master was her man and she will soon become the Young Madame of the Cloudy Qilin Clan. At that time, we all have to kneel down and salute her… …”

Li Zijun elaborated on the situation at that time.

Immediately, Huang Yueli was portrayed as an arrogant vixen who seduces men by her beauty and bullies others.

After saying these words, Li Shihong and the cultivators he brought showed extremely angry expressions on their faces.

Li Yuntao slapped his thigh vigorously, “It’s really unreasonable! I used to respect that Divine Doctor Li very much. I thought it was very rare for her to have such medical skills at such a young age. How could I know that she was such a woman!”

“I really didn’t expect that, how dare she say that she’s the Young Madame of the Cloudy Qilin Clan? Huh, even if she can climb into the bed of the Young Master, so what? With her status, if she wants to marry into the Cloudy Qilin Clan, she might as well hurry up to commit suicide and reincarnate! Our future mistress must not be a human woman with poor talent like her!”

As Li Zijun’s elder, Li Qingsong was the one who was the most angry, “Zijun, you did the right thing! For such a kind of woman, you should show her the strength of our Cloudy Qilin Clan genius, and let her know how high the sky is! Don’t talk about betting with her, you should beat her up on the spot.”

Hearing the angry discussions of the crowd, Li Zijun almost laughed out loud.

She pursed the corners of her lips and forced herself to maintain a dignified smile, “I thought, beating someone would lose our identity of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, and it’s best to let her quit in spite of the difficulties.”

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