Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 5 - The Return of the Mistress of the Lin Family!

Chapter 5: The Return of the Mistress of the Lin Family!

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Hearing Lin Yun’s words, Aunt Xu hurriedly straightened her back and looked at Lin Yun with an indifferent expression.

Lin Yun stared at Aunt Xu, waiting for her answer.

“How could that be! They will definitely come!” Aunt Xu said, not knowing what to do, but her eyes kept flickering.

Lin Yun’s lips curled into a cold smile. She could see the panic that Aunt Xu was not good at hiding.

“It’s okay, Aunt Xu. I know.” Lin Yun smiled nonchalantly.

“You know everything?” Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yun in surprise.

Lin Yun turned around and gave Aunt Xu a forced smile. “I know! Today is the day Miss Lin comes home!”

Lin Yun smiled bitterly. “They’ve lost her for so long. Now that they’ve found her, why would they want to see me?!”

Just as Lin Yun had said, this day was the day that the true eldest daughter of the Lin family, Lin Yu, acknowledged her roots.

It was the Lin family’s big day!

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Lin Cheng and his wife had been waiting at the door of their house for a long time, hoping that their biological daughter would return soon.

They had long forgotten about Lin Yun!

Seeing the smile on Lin Yun’s face, Madam Xu’s heart ached for her. “Missy, don’t be too sad…”

Lin Yun shook her head and reached out to put her hand on Aunt Xu’s. “Aunt Xu, I’m fine, really!”

“But… how did you know?” Mrs. Xu looked at Lin Yun strangely.

Lin Yun had just woken up, so how did she know that Lin Yu would return to the Lin family today?

The smile on Lin Yun’s face deepened. No one could tell what she was feeling.

“The Lin family is the center of attention!”

“Furthermore, the Lin family is looking for their lost daughter…”

“It’s hard for me to not hear or see!”

“I think that more than half of Hai Cheng’s reporters have rushed to the Lin family’s residence!”

“And there are quite a few reporters here, right?” Lin Yun chuckled and looked out the window.

Aunt Xu gritted her teeth. She didn’t expect Lin Yun to have seen through so many things at such a young age.

Auntie Xu grabbed Lin Yun’s hand and squeezed it tightly. “Don’t worry! Regardless of whether you’re the wrong child or not, you’re still the Young Miss of the Lin family in my heart!”

Hearing Aunt Xu’s words, Lin Yun knew that she was speaking the truth.

However, this support was too weak for Lin Yun…

Lin Yun calmed herself down and said to Aunt Xu, “Aunt Xu, please give Mom a call and tell her that I know everything. I want to talk to her.”

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Aunt Xu hesitated for a moment before picking up her phone and calling Wang Lan.

At the Lin family’s old residence, Lin Cheng and Wang Lan were holding hands as they stood at the entrance, looking at the distant convoy.

Just as Lin Yun said, the Lin family’s residence was surrounded by reporters and friends who came to congratulate the Lin family.

As the convoy slowly approached, Wang Lan’s eyes were filled with tears.

The car slowly stopped at the entrance of the old residence. The butler hurriedly walked forward and opened the car door.

A slender girl alighted from the car.

She timidly looked at the crowd around her, seemingly not used to it.

Before she could react, Wang Lan had already rushed forward and grabbed the girl’s hand. “You’re my biological daughter!”

The girl was startled by Wang Lan and was about to retract her hand.

However, when she saw the graceful and elegant appearance of the woman in front of her, as well as the hands that were tightly holding onto her,

She suddenly calmed down.

She looked at the woman in front of her and tears slowly welled up in her eyes.

She lifted her gaze slightly and looked at the man walking towards her.

Her lips trembled as if she was holding something back.

Lin Cheng looked at the skinny girl in front of him. She looked exactly like the photo provided by the private investigator.

He revealed a gratified smile and gently patted the girl’s shoulder. “Xiao Yu, it’s good that you’re back!”

“Let’s go! Let’s go home!” Wang Lan finally restrained her emotions. She hugged the girl’s body with one arm and led her towards the mansion.

A flurry of shutter sounds came from eager cameras that raced to record this important moment.

Upon entering the mansion, the girl looked up and was stunned by the exquisite decorations before her eyes.

This was completely different from her previous living environment. It was a luxury that she could not even imagine in her dreams!

Wang Lan hugged her and walked in. However, she stood at the door and did not dare to move forward.

“What’s wrong?” Wang Lan looked at her in confusion.

The girl looked at Wang Lan timidly. “Can I really go in?”

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