Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

752 The Voice Of Yggdrasil


The presence of the deity that reigned over the surface of our world emerged, Yggdrasil herself, the World Tree, the entity that held the entire world within its roots. I would had assumed it was working with the Gods, but it has suddenly grown to desire to give us her aid.

“Your favor?” I asked. “I don’t remember ever asking for it…”

“I have stepped over my own boundaries and rules to grant your allies this power.” Said Yggdrasil, her voice resembled that of an adult woman. “It would be the best for you, outsider of this world, to not treat me so carelessly… I have not come with ill intentions.”

“Is that so?” I wondered. “Well, maybe tone down a bit your attitude? Demanding a price for the favor you did to us is a good way to start a conversation? I know you’re a tree but come on, can’t you talk more politely with people?”

“…” Suddenly, Yggdrasil remained in silence. “Anyways…”

Eh?! She just completely ignored what I said!

“As I said before, I would like some sort of… cooperation.” She sighed. “I will grant you my aid in these divine protections, and you will, in exchange, help me.”

“Alright… How so?” I wondered. “Don’t ask the impossible.”

“I do not need immediate assistance as of now but… I can see it, within the vast future, a catastrophe. I had already sent oracles to those that I have blessed now, but I can see more in the vast future, an endless darkness engulfing everything… This world which I’ve protected so hard, and the gods that once were my allies…” Yggdrasil lamented.

“The Gods?” I asked. “I had imagined you were their allies, right? What is going on? Do you know I am planning to eventually take a few heads, right? Including Odin. I’ve already defeated his son’s Divine Spirit Vessel, and I’m planning to do the same thing with everything he’s going to throw at me… I am still getting used to being something of a divine being myself though.” I said.

“I am well aware, whenever an entity attains S Rank, their Soul Books evolve and reach a new level of existence, you begin “Transcendence” into a higher plane of self. This is what we often call “divinity”…” Yggdrasil said. “More or less… The current gods, are greedy and selfish. Only a few of them retain their past beliefs, now most have grown corrupted, and they think this entire world is just their playground. Without the Titans to protect my world and set rules, they have the freedom to do whatever disasters they please.”

“You know they killed the titans, right?” I asked. “Are you okay with that? Were you alright with them killing Ymir?”

“Of course I wasn’t…” Yggdrasil sighed. “Yet… It wasn’t as if I had the power to go against them when they felled my beloved Ymir. I am a victim, much like you are. I’ve cooperated with them merely out of fear, but now that I’ve seen you and your allies grow and surpass all the expectations I’ve ever set on you, I believe… there could be a chance, a chance to avenge the Titans, and to save this world from the eternal destruction of the Ragnarök.” 

“I guess this is how you’re going to declare war against them?” I wondered. “Well, you’re bold.”

“Not yet. I have manifested in here through Emeraldine because this area is protected through the high density of divinity exuded from Hel’s Divine Protections you and your allies possess.” Yggdrasil said. “Not even the Gods can see what I am doing here… It could be said I am doing this in secret.”

“You don’t say.” I sighed. “I am kind of a Titan myself; I’m guessing this is also a factor of your alliance?”

“Indeed.” She said. “Once I learned that you acquired Ymir’s last remaining strength and became a new kind of Titan yourself, I already took my decision.”

“I see… I am beginning to get a bit angry by how you’re still possessing Emeraldine, though I have to ask you this…” I sighed. “What is exactly going to provoke this Ragnarök?” 

“I have been watching them for some time now, the primary reason the Ragnarök will happen, Loki.” Yggdrasil said. “Although the seeds of Calamity can become your allies, they’re made to eventually destroy the world and reach the gods, destroying them as well. Loki’s goal does not end in that, they want complete chaos to take over everything, a world of endless destruction. Some of their goals are shared with me, but most of their vision is twisted.”

“Huh…” I thought. “Loki is… Hel’s father, I don’t know if I could…”

“I am not saying you must kill them.” Yggdrasil sighed. “But it is necessary to stop his machinations… It is probably already going against his plans that three Calamities have allied with you, Root, whom I have blessed, Nyx, your daughter with the Dragon King, and Arachne, the Princess of the Arachneia.”

ραndαsnοvεl.cοm “Yeah, I don’t really want to meet Loki at all…” I sighed. “Hel, however, doesn’t seem to be caring about what he does but she’s… really protective of us. Now, before you go, tell me which others are Calamities, and where can I find them?”

“The other Calamities are not just in this single continent.” The Yggdrasil’s manifestation said. “The Frost Queen has become one of the Seven Calamities. Your daughter and Root are lesser Calamities, while Arachne is another of the Seven… Lesser Calamities are weaker and still growing, therefore they can become one of the Seven at any time. I can sense, however, an ever-growing being within the center of this continent, or two, if you count the Vampire Progenitor, both can become part of the Seven. Lastly, to the other continents, four more Calamities scattered, and growing stronger, to soon torment the living…”


Suddenly, a map of the entire world made out of pure light appeared before us, showing the entire world, which wasn’t spherical, but a completely flat surface…


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