Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System

422 Values

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While I said this, I was still very curious as to why the golden haired man said such a thing. It seemed as if he knew who I was. But… I still do not understand how he would know me unless… As I lay back on the soft fluffy clouds, I entered my inner space and looked around. It still looked the same as before, half and half but no sign of her. “Trinity! Come out, I need to ask about something important.”

Silence filled the space. She seemed to really not want to talk to me anymore. Last time she said a lot of things and many of which seem to be true. Whether I can trust her or not is another story, but at this moment and time, I need to know more about myself. “Trinity! I do not wish to speak about the Altorians. I wish to ask about the golden haired man. I know you were at least watching…..”

Still silence which made me sigh as I sat down on the ground. And looked over at her side of this inner space. “I know you do not like me. And I can not agree with your ways, but we are indeed one…. This much I know…. But Trinity, if you wish to accomplish anything, you will need to at least speak with me. I can now help you gain revenge.”

“Humph!” A snort filled the air causing my lips to curl up. “Trinity, do you know why the golden haired man spoke to me as if I was not supposed to be here?”

“I am not sure….” Trinity suddenly appeared before me. She was not close. She sat down, staring at me from her side of the area. “Your guess would be as good as mine. I only know I have worked hard to gain my strength and know nothing else. We may be one, but we are also not the same.”

“That is true. We are one but not the same, but that does not mean we need to be enemies…. I know I reacted harshly, but you have to understand where I am coming from. And now you can see that I am growing stronger at a  fast pace. And I will only keep growing stronger. Atollie, who is beyond you or me, is also by my side. I have the means to help you gain revenge, but if for some reason you have to take over the body, you must understand my own values as well….” Trinity may not be fully trustworthy, but she does seem to be someone who cherished those she loved in the past. Otherwise, she would not have worked so hard to gain strength. Her story, after thinking about it for so long, is truly heartbreaking.

pa(nd)a no vel “Values…..” Trinity hummed as she looked up at me. “I will let you know I do not wish to die, and I really do not want much to do with you, but I can promise you this. If you are willing to help me wipe out the Altorians, then I will step in if you are on the verge of death and do my best to save the things you care about but…. Just remember, the more you accept me, the more your mind will slip, and this is of your own doing. Death… Slaughter…. These things will become second nature to you. Do not blame me for this as this is how we truly are….”

The sadistic smile on Trinity’s lips was filled with a craziness I am very familiar with, but…. If it allows me to be someone who is able to protect what I want to protect, then maybe the death and slaughter she is talking about…. I shook my head. I will just need to contain such instincts when the time comes. I have been doing it all this time, so I am sure I can do it more. Maybe even find a skill that will help me keep my rationale.

All I know is that I was nowhere close to being able to figure out what the golden haired man was trying to say. But it seems that me getting the ultimate skill was no fluke. Someone did something so that I could summon Atollie to stay by my side as a guard.

I let out a sigh as I got up. Trinity’s eyes were locked on me. I let out another sigh before thinking for a moment. I dug into my previous life’s memories and pulled out the shows that I had watched. Entire seasons of stuff most people would not be able to fish out of their memory, but since this place was controlled by me, I could get them out. A large screen appeared in the air, and a video started playing. I looked over at Trinity and said: “It might not be much, but for now, you can watch this. You can control it as you see fit. It’s all the shows I watched since I was young in my past life.”

“Like I would be interested in….” Trinity’s voice trailed off as she began swiping her hand back and forth before stopping on what looked like a horror movie of some kind. I chuckled and left the space. My eyes opened to find myself being used as a pillow by two sneaky girls.

I raised my head a little to see Atollie standing not too far away. I moved the girls to the side gently before walking over to Atollie. She gave me a slight glance before staring off into the endless cloudy abyss. “I won’t ask, so do not worry. But…. When I am strong enough, will you finally explain to me what that man meant?”

Atollie finally turned to look at me before giving me a slight nod. “But you are far from being strong enough…. Some information will only harm you than help you, so for now, forget ever meeting him and continue with your current goals. I will do my best to keep you safe.”

“Then I will be relying on you…. I know things will only get more rocky from this moment on, but I do plan to at least work hard and do what I can. I have a feeling something big will happen soon. Something that is nowhere close to being as troublesome as the Altorians. What that something is, I do not know, but I do feel that maybe whether it is further in the future or as soon as tomorrow that something will eventually happen.”  I do not know where I was getting this feeling, but I can only guess that maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me, but I do feel deep down that something would soon happen. How much it will change things is another story.

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