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Chapter 779 The Last Round of The Contest!

Chapter 779 Chapter 779: The Last Round of The Contest!

"Impossible~! Don't tell me that... Another innate treasure is really born?!" The party host girl blurted in surprise.

The entire audience was boiling in shock and disbelief.

The innate treasures were extremely rare, maybe only one could be found in millions of fossil stones, but today, there were actually two lucky foxes who managed to obtain it!

It was clearly a miracle in everyone's eyes!

As for cheating, no one thought that anyone could do it since even Nascent Soul's Divine Sense could not sense what was inside the fossil stones.

At most, they could only sense whether there was something inside the fossil stones or it was completely empty just like Instructor Mei Lan's [Sonar].

Even Tang Li Xue's basic [All Knowing Eyes] also could not see what was inside the fossil stones if she did not use it at the same time as her [Fiery Bright Eyes].

Tang Li Xue smiled while excitedly grasping her fist when she thought that her suffering inside Heartless Cave today was really not in vain since she managed to create such powerful and useful skill like [Fiery Bright Eyes].

"Wow, so amazing~! This beautiful pearl is actually a dual elemental innate treasure, wind and lightning! Compared to the previous innate treasure bell with only a poison elemental, the value of this dual elemental innate treasure pearl is more than just a double!" The party host girl shouted even more excitedly than before when she introduced the value of Tang Li Xue's [Storm Calling Pearl].

"No way! That should be impossible! How could that vixen get innate treasure?!" Zi Yan muttered in disbelief as her face turned pale.

Zi Yan gnashed her teeth while clenching her fist tighter in anger and resentment as the blood slowly seeped out from her fist.

If they were in the Inscriptionist Association, Zi Yan would definitely have already scolded and accused Tang Li Xue of cheating.

But they were in the congratulatory ceremony venue where so many bigshots from the fox clan attended, so she clearly could not do something so shameless like that here, or her older sister would surely not forgive her and punish her harshly for it later.

Zi Yan might always look vicious and rebellious, but she was actually extremely afraid of her older sister, Zi Hua.

Compared to Zi Hua, Zi Yan's viciousness could only be said to be like childish mischief.

Meanwhile, Instructor Mei Lan glanced at Tang Li Xue and squinted her eyes suspiciously.

Instructor Mei Lan had already seen that Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes turned bright golden when she checked the fossil stones in the previous room.

Instructor Mei Lan had already guessed that Tang Li Xue could actually use her newly created skill in the Heartless Cave today to see the treasures inside the fossil stones.

That should be the reason why Tang Li Xue was able to choose the fossil stone that contained the most precious treasure inside.

"No one should expect that this stunning lady is the real favorite daughter of the lucky goddess~! Let's say congratulations to her~!" The party host girl yelled while clapping her hands excitedly.

The entire audience also followed the party host girl and clapped their hands in excitement.

While the burly male fox flatteringly gave the [Storm Calling Pearl] back to Tang Li Xue.

An extremely charming smile bloomed on Tang Li Xue's stunning face after she received the [Storm Calling Pearl], then she happily headed back to Instructor Mei Lan's side.

When Tang Li Xue passed right in front of Zi Yan, she secretly winked at Zi Yan as if she was giving a signal to say: 'Hey, please don't forget our bet! Quickly transfer ten million credits to my account, okay?!'

But Zi Yan thought Tang Li Xue's wink was actually mocking her instead, and she became even angrier until her face turned red.

"Don't be too proud and happy yet! You are just lucky this time!" Zi Yan whispered to Tang Li Xue resentfully.

Tang Li Xue rolled her topaz blue eyes and replied softly in a cold tone: "You as the princess of the Inscriptionist Association should be extremely rich, right? So, don't forget to transfer ten million credits to me as soon as possible, okay? Or I will tell your dear Brother Li Wei to collect it from you tomorrow~!"

After squabbling for a while, Tang Li Xue ignored Zi Yan's angry stare and leisurely returned to Instructor Mei Lan's side.

The party host girl and the entire audience were still looking forward to the next lucky foxes to rally up the excitement even more at tonight's party, but unfortunately, the fossil stones from the next several participants were actually empty.

They could only shake their head in great disappointment, but for two participants to get the innate treasures respectively was already an extremely rare event.

Surprisingly, the last contest participant was Bingbing's sister, Bing Shui!

Bing Shui gave the fossil stone she had chosen to the burly male fox, and he began to cut the fossil stone carefully layer by layer with his bare hand.


Another blinding white light shone from Bing Shui's fossil stone!

"Don't tell me... There would be the third innate treasure born tonight!" The party host girl shouted in an excited tone.

Then a small white crystal lotus that was emitting bone-chilling coldness and searing heat emerged from inside the Bing Shui's fossil stone!

"No, this is not innate treasure... This is... actually a Spirit Flame~! Moreover, the quality of this Spirit Flame should not be low!" The party host girl stated in a shocked tone.

Tang Li Xue almost slipped and fell down when she saw the familiar small white crystal lotus.

Yes, it was actually the [Frozen Crystal Lotus Flame] that Tang Li Xue had picked before, but she threw it away in the end and decided to choose to get [Storm Calling Pearl] for Yaya.

All of the audience also clamored while clapping their hands in excitement.

Even Bing Shui who was on the top of the grand stage dropped her jaw and was stunned for a few moments.

She never thought that she could get something as precious as Top-Grade Spirit Flame from her fossil stone.

Previously, Bing Shui saw that Tang Li Xue was holding three fossil stones and stared at them for a long time indecisively.

After Instructor Mei Lan picked one fossil stone that Tang Li Xue had thrown off, Bing Shui also picked the last fossil stone that Tang Li Xue abandoned.

Bing Shui thought that she owed Tang Li Xue too much in the Foxes Hunting Festival before, so if she got something valuable from this fossil stone, she decided she would just give it back to Tang Li Xue to repay her favor.

But who knew that she actually got an ice elemental top-grade spirit flame?!

Bing Shui clearly needed this ice elemental top-grade spirit flame very much, since it could enhance the power of all her ice elemental divine abilities many times after she completely refined it!

The burly male fox and party host girl gave back the [Frozen Crystal Lotus Flame] to Bing Shui while praising her for her great luck, then Bing Shui walked back with an expression full of hesitation.

The party host girl told all the lucky participants to come forward and lined up on the grand stage while holding the treasure they got from their fossil stone.

Bing Shui, Tang Li Xue, Instructor Mei Lan, Zi Yan, Silly Fox, and the young fox girl who obtained [Magma Crystal Ore] were lining up neatly on the grand stage as the spotlight illuminated them all.

The party host girl began to let out her speech to the audience.

"There should have been ten lucky participants who could advance to the next round of today's contest, but who knows that only six participants are lucky enough to get something precious from their fossil stone!"

"However, that is okay~! Because we will only choose three final winners in the last round of the contest! Can any of you guess what kind of game we will play next?" The party host girl asked the audience.

"Hide and seek?"

"Treasure hunting game~!"

"Fighting in the ring!"

"Shooting the targets!"


Many audiences shouted their guess, but the party host girl shook her head to refute them.

"All right, all of you are wrong! The last round of the contest is... Running Game!" The party host girl shouted excitedly.

"Boring~!" Most of the audience immediately complained in disappointment.

But the party host girl chuckled while explaining in a mysterious tone: "Of course, our Running Game is not the usual boring game like a marathon. You will understand it really soon~!"

The party host girl faced Instructor Mei Lan, Tang Li Xue, and the other participants, then said to them: "All participants please enter the door over there."

The party host girl led all participants to enter the mysterious door behind the grand stage.

Then a huge hologram screen suddenly appeared on the grand stage that showed all of the six participants who had entered the mysterious door, so the audience could see the participants' every movement clearly.

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