Reincarnated With A Summoning System

703 703 The Final Quest Reward

“Yeah, there is only one quest left in my log. To gather all my children in one place. Even after the quest decided to count all my Disciples as my children, I still meet the requirements. They’re all here.” Cain agreed to the Laughing God’s proposal.

“In that case, someone needs to get Misha. I can tell she’s awake and just lying in bed. We should have everyone here for this. It’s a bit of a momentous occasion.

In all the years that the System has been running for my entertainment, I mean, the betterment of society, you are the first one to actually level out of it.

I didn’t make any plans beyond immortality since they would have forever to gather more quests, so this is the last reward I have prepared for you.” The Laughing God declared.

Even in the serious moments, his face still showed that he was on the verge of laughter. Whatever the quest reward was, it was either going to get a great reaction out of Cain, or it was so absolutely ridiculous to be giving it to him at this point that he couldn’t help but laugh.

All of the attendees slowly made their way back into the room, and Misha came back with Nyarla and the twins, who were single-mindedly attempting to straighten the ruffled band on the Ancient’s cap and giggling with glee every time it popped right back to its original ruffled state.

“Good, everyone is here. Now, as most of you have known for quite some time, Cain here is down to his very last quest from the system, so I thought that we all could watch together as he receives the final quest reward.

It has been quite the adventure watching his journey through two different worlds and three species, and I want everyone here to know that I do not regret one single prank along the way.”

The Laughing God’s flippant attitude to meddling with mortals’ lives made Mariel shake her head while most of the room laughed.

“But as I was saying, this is the last quest, so I will open an interface for everyone to watch.”

A screen appeared on the wall that Cain recognized as his own notification and chat box, currently set to only system notifications.

[Quest: Mission Implausible]

Condition 1 Complete: Upgrade your body to the Immortal Realm

Condition 2 Complete: Meet all your children at once

[Quest Complete] Calculating Quest Rewards

Cain smiled at the notification, as he knew full well that the calculation was only a dramatic pause. The Laughing God had already decided what the reward would be, and it wouldn’t be a random reward in any way, shape, or form.

[Quest Reward Granted] Title: Wandering Cultivator

[Grants System Administrator Privileges for the Wandering Cultivator System. Administrators are entitled to operate and grant rewards and System Access as they see fit.]

[Special Restriction: Family Members are granted access to any Plane the Administrator currently occupies.]

The room filled with laughter as the final line appeared, not in the standard font of the system text but hastily handwritten in an elegant flowing script.

“Looks like the Wandering Cultivator can’t wander away too far.” Nyarla laughed while Misha wiped tears of amusement from her eyes.

“Sure I can, I just need to bring them with me, and we can all go on an adventure.” Cain countered, but the look on Misha’s face said that there would be no adventures with toddlers.

[Well, none with our actual body. We can just create a thousand copies of ourselves and spread them through the multiverse.] The various separate thought processes of Cain’s World Dragon body reminded him.

The Laughing God’s amusement reminded Cain that his thoughts weren’t private, and he brought himself back to the present, where an incredible sense of power was beginning to seep into his body as the new System fully activated.

Currently, the Wandering Cultivator System had twelve active users. The Disciples in the room with him, Elder Dragon Fang, the young Berserker in the Crushing Mountain Sect, and a handful of others who had activated the System interface through books that Cain had made or ones made by Elder Dragon Fang of the Shadowed Blade Sect.

A pair of new Gods appeared in the room, a small blonde Lycan, who reminded him of a tiny version of Penny, and a tall, dark-haired man who gave off an aura of pure Mana.

“We thought a little responsibility to go with your new powers might help keep you focused. You might only have a few people to look after, but you can rightfully say you are a proper family man now.” The Little Lycan informed him.

“So, I get my whole family in one spot, plus a new System to watch over? I almost feel like I broke even on this trade.” Cain replied, then heard the disgruntled noise from Misha.

“Of course, you’re the great half of the equation that balances out a load of new responsibility.” He reminded her, followed by a kiss on the forehead.

“I’m not convinced. Give me another.” She complained, but a mass of intervening tentacles blocked her face.

“And here you thought they might take too much after me.” Misha laughed past her daughter’s tentacles while trying to move her into a more comfortable embrace.

“I don’t know. She’s adorable, just like her mother. Who could argue with a face that cute?”

Cain changed targets, planting kisses all over Cayla’s face that had her giggling hysterically. He could see that Misha was still exhausted, though, and Nyarla was about to take the little one back before the strain made her collapse.

“Come here, you little imp. You wore your mother out over the last few months, so you can hang out with me for a while. Trust me. I know all the best ways to have fun.” Cain assured his daughter.

“Me too. Where she goes, I go.” Mikhail declared, reaching his arms out for Cain.

“That settles it. You’re both coming with me on an adventure. Everyone, to the back garden. It’s too nice outside to be gathered in one small room like this.” He announced.

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