Reincarnated With A Summoning System

Chapter 14 - 14

Morning saw Cain and Misha in remarkably high spirits, a fact that wasn't lost of the landlord when they greeted him. Nor was it lost on the waitress at the Cafe, a good friend of the landlord, when they ordered breakfast.

"Something good happen last night?" The waitress asked with a smirk, bringing their meals.

"We got a quest from the Ice Caverns that rewards a legendary crafting recipe!" Misha exclaimed, very stoked to get going and find the last of the needed materials.

This was not what the waitress was expecting her to be excited about after their first night in the honeymoon suite, but with the glowing, happy look in her face, it was clear that she was truly very happy about it.

All that was left was a rare drop harpy heart and a Mysterious Snake eye. Two drops out of the eight total. So she had very high hopes of getting them within a few days, then relaxing to do some quests and getting out of the Ice Caverns.

The local Mission Hall has all sorts of good stuff posted up, they find out on their way to the dungeon. Even a mission in the wilderness that rewards a cure poison spell book to any cleric compatible class that completes it. Staying in this town should prove easy with rewards like that.

Coming so early, knowing they would have to look everywhere for the drops, meant that there was no line when they arrived at the Ice Caverns, a small blessing, because Misha was so excited she was bouncing.

Level 20 [Tailoring] was not impossible to get, but it wasn't easy. But a legendary recipe certainly was. Each recipe has a minimum skill level to make, but the item level scales with the creator. So if you're using things you made, you can simply make them over when they become obsolete and get higher level gear. This Robe plan would all but ensure Misha has the very best clothes available at her level. As long as she can find the materials to make another.

"First up, snake eye. I think they were all here in the first floor, but I don't know if it will be another hidden encounter, or random chance."

Unfortunately, the dungeon layouts randomize on every entrance, so their map from yesterday is useless. Their limited experience does give them an idea what to expect from the caverns though, and what places might be monster hiding spots.

The eye they need ends up coming from one of the randomly spawned elite packs. Just 3 slightly tougher than normal snakes. But that gives the pair a good idea what to expect. Good stuff drops from elite mobs.

Chatting with the locals informed them that this dungeon isn't best known for the elite bow that Cain wanted to come here for. Rather its best known for its wide variety of green and blue quality cosmetic crafting recipes. Everything from seasonal outfits to casual clothing and the rare bit of actual armor.

Lickity was a well known local underground celebrity. She spent almost two years gathering materials here and trading for cosmetic crafting plans trying to put together an outfit she deemed acceptable. Rumor said she got multiple legendary plans in her attempts, but as she did so little killing, she only ever gained skill experience and not levels. Those that knew her were quite happy to know she had finally made it past level 25 and could visit freely, without having to sneak over the town walls to avoid the guards.

For some odd reason, not a single elite harpy pack spawned today, and they found no hidden nest that might give them the final drop. Perhaps not every needed group spawns every time? Misha really hoped that it wouldn't take too long.

[Player Misha Has Received Epic Item]

[Plan: Halloween Naughty Nun] has dropped

"What the? Is that what I think it is?" Cain stutters.

"Um, yes, I think it is. The description says it's short black and latex. It's worth 3 gold too, we did well today."

"Wait, you're going to sell it? But you'll be a level 20 tailor soon. You should keep it, after all, it won't be long until Halloween." Cain pleads, his ulterior motives clear.

"Let's keep hunting." Misha shakes her head, then smiles to herself at the thought of his reaction to that outfit.

"Another epic drop today, and two blue weapons we can't use. Not bad, the weapons went for 20 silver each." Misha informs Cain, tallying up their daily earnings after getting out of the hot springs tub.

"At this rate we will be pretty well set by the time we find that Harpy heart. Just let me know if you want to spend a day questing in the sunshine. That cure poison quest is still up, and I think you should take it. That's a valuable skill." Cain insisted, lounging on the couch and letting his hair dry in the hot summer air.

"So tomorrow then? The Tailoring quest doesn't have a deadline." Misha nods, handing him his share of today's takeout dinner. The notion of having a good stove was great, but it feels like they're getting to the hottest part of summer, even the nights barely cool down. Indoor cooking was immediately vetoed.

Misha is looking at her bed in trepidation. The silk looks so comfortable, but it's so hot in here. Cain, on the other hand has prepared for this situation. There is a slow moving magical fan in the room, and Cain grabbed a bunch of ice blocks from the caverns to his inventory. Drop them into a tray so they don't melt onto the floor and let the fan blow the cool air around. Much more tolerable nights sleep.

Just before daylight they were at the Mission Hall, collecting the Cure Poison quest. The Adventurers there told them it's a fool's errand. Their consensus is that you need to know Cure Poison to go get the Cure Poison skill book.. Cain buys a half dozen lesser cure potions, just in case the Golems aren't enough to keep them from being attacked, and they head out towards the location indicated in the quest description.

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