Reincarnated With A Summoning System

Chapter 26 - 26

Now without a group, the party was left at a loss. Should they find another group to go with? None of them seemed as well balanced as the first one Misha picked, being either heavy on mages or warriors with little to no support. Almost all were looking for a Healer, which gave them a variety of options, just no good ones.

Instead they decided to look for Lickity first and see what she wanted for that necklace recipe. They found her flirting with customers while Stubbs worked hard at something in the back of the cart.

"Hey Lickity! We came to play!" Mythryll laughs when the Succubus notices them.

"Perfect timing. If you've got the materials I just bought a recipe for Stubbs that makes a legendary necklace." Lickity laughs.

"Funny thing that, we just met the guy who sold it to you. His party broke up, so we couldn't do the big dungeon with them." Cain sighs.

"I hear Cixelcid is going to take every decent Guild member along with him this week, they might have spaces, since our Guild is level 1 and capped at 20 members." Stubbs calls from the back.

"And hi guys! If you've got these 6 materials, I can make that necklace. No extra charge, friends and family discount."

They've got everything but a Moon stone, so Mythryll runs off to the shops to find one while Misha chats and Cain goes looking for Cixelcid.

"Cid, buddy old pal. Wait up a minute!" Cain calls out when he sees him.

"I'm not lending you any more money until you return the blow up doll!" Cixelcid yells back, causing laughter in the crowd.

"I heard from a little bird you might have a few spots for tonight's run. Our group fell through when the Tank sold a Healer jewelry plan to Lickity to buy clothes for his girlfriend." Cain explains when he gets close.

"Yeah, we've got 3 left for you guys. Fifteen of our own are going, plus 7 we find around town. With you lot it makes 25. The maximum for a run. Don't worry, everyone understands that the loot might be sparse with so many."

"It might not. We have been making out like bandits. If Lickity and Stubbs are in, having 5 copies of the increased drop rate passive active should more than make up the difference." Cain tells him, letting him in on their good fortune.

"They are. Hopefully it's worth it, we've never brought so many before." Cid shrugs.

When they get back to the stall, Mythryll has already returned and Stubbs has made the necklace, so Misha is bouncing around hugging everyone in excitement.

"Well I'm glad to see you too." Cixelcid greets her. "Since you're all in for the run, it's time to pack up the stall and get going."

The party is very well built. They've got Cixelcid plus a Paladin tank, 2 Rogues and a level 53 shaman, plus two more clerics already.

"Gravy run." The shaman says after a round of Introductions "We've got self healing tanks, lots of healers, control specialists and whatever the class called Puppet Master does."

"Multiple summons. I'll have either 2 additional tanks, control specialists or heavy DPS summons plus 5 smaller DPS gargoyles."

"Make them DPS, if you've got the option. But when did the little guys become gargoyles?" Cixelcid asks.

"In the Demon dungeon, they gained the form from an elite gargoyle pack. At level 40 I could make them wolves or pigs, but the pigs are ugly and the Wolves getting hurt bothers the others. Gargoyles are way better."

"That's quite the class." The shaman smiles.

"One of the hidden advanced classes." the second rogue agrees. "They're always good."

'They have no idea' Cain thinks to himself. With over 30 members, including summons, the increased experience is going to be insane. It's a shame this place is only open once a week.

Cixelcid is explaining the boss fights and likely problems they'll face, making sure everyone is ready to go. He loves being prepared, and with so many being people he hasn't worked with before, it's extra essential.

When he finishes, the Dwarven Paladin comes over to introduce himself. "Welcome, I'm Red Beard, the Guild master. I hate public speaking, so Cid does it for me. I prefer to organize crafting events and materials gathering. I've heard a lot about you guys though, he says you're a fun bunch to run with and good luck on the drop rates."

Mythryll laughs "You have no idea. I've seen multiple epic drops plus a legendary come from the same run with them."

"You've gotten multiple legendary items?" he asks curious.

"The robes they wear, plus the ring on the Healer, the corset the Mage wears, a few others I am wearing. Yeah, we've done pretty well." Cain smiles.

"Everyone ready? Good, let's go." Cixelcid calls.

Cain summons his Golems when they enter and the shaman gives him a happy pat on the back.

"It's a good day I tell you, a good day. Look at them, they're adorable!" she stares at the Lesser Golems. "If only there was a way I could keep one as a pet. You can call me Char, I know we will be friends if you pick pets so cute."

Misha laughs at the odd woman. Even taller than she herself is, and very slender, the armor she's wearing is an odd mix of tribal style hides and chain mail. The visual effect is confusing, but she seems to be an easy person to get along with, and she's one of the random group members picked up by Cixelcid for the day.

If she's any good, Misha decides she might try to add her to the party, bringing them to four members. Having a full party is a good thing in her opinion, it helps bring variety and utility to the tactics.

Just before the first pull, she creates a small totem about knee high and hangs it over her shoulder like a purse using a scrap of leather.

"They create on the ground you see, but there is nothing stopping me from picking it up and bringing it along, so I do." The shaman giggles as everyone realizes the healing totem is active.

See, Misha thinks.. That's the sort of creativity every group needs.

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