Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 713 - Trusted Him

Chapter 713: Trusted Him

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“I’m from a small place. I don’t dare to approach such a big city like the capital. Please, Chief Zhou Lin, go to the capital to study by yourself. I won’t cause any more trouble.”

The words in Yun Xi’s mouth were sour.

“That’s such a pity! There were many things in the capital that are not available here. Although the development of this city was not bad, it was still a little lacking compared to the capital. Miss Yun Xi, it would be a pity if you didn’t go with us!”

Hu Guo revealed an extremely regretful expression.

Hu Guo’s status was not on the same level as Xu Mei and the others. She seemed to be feeling regretful for Yun Xi, and every word she said was for Yun Xi’s sake. In reality, she was ridiculing Yun Xi as a country bumpkin from a small place who had never been to a bustling metropolis in her life.

Yun Xi had lived for so long, and this was the first time she had met a formidable enemy.

Hu Guo was indeed not an easy person to deal with. She could see through Yun Xi’s thoughts and even knew how to use Yun Xi’s soft spot to provoke her.

Her goal was to create a perfect persona for herself, to silently defeat the enemy.

It was to make Zhou Lin willingly give up on Yun Xi completely!

“I really like my current job. I don’t plan on transferring to the capital. I really like fighting on the front lines. I’m willing to give this opportunity to a newcomer.”

Zhou Lin Thought for a while and rejected this transfer to the capital.

There were too many temptations from the outside world in a person’s life, but no matter what he thought, he had to ask his own heart.

“Don’t! Chief Zhou Lin, think about it again. I really think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Moreover, you’re still young. To be able to get such an opportunity, your future is bound to be limitless.”

The battalion commander was really not anxious.

Zhou Lin shook his head.

He knew that the battalion commander was thinking for his sake, but he could not do that. Zhou Lin knew that this was indeed a good opportunity, but in his heart, there were people and things that were more important than this opportunity to advance.

“Brother Zhou Lin, I know that your ambition since young was to become a special forces soldier to help the people live and work in peace.”

Hu Guo spoke.

“Although going to the front line is indeed the most direct and effective method, we are after all human beings, not machines. Our physical fitness will also deteriorate day by day. Only by continuing to work hard, and allowing ourselves to be in a high position, can we have the right to bring out more high-quality soldiers. Just like Old Master Zhou, I believe that Brother Zhou Lin will also want to become a hero like Old Master Zhou!”

It had to be said that Hu Guo was really good at manipulating people’s hearts, and a few short sentences were more touching than the battalion commander’s long-winded speech.

Yun Xi stood at the same spot and sized up Hu Guo. It looked like he really was a difficult character to deal with.

The battalion commander chuckled foolishly.

“I think what Chief Hu Guo said makes a lot of sense.” Yun Xi smiled and looked at Hu Guo.

“I’m almost moved by Chief Hu. I wonder if the promise that Chief Hu made before that I can go to the capital to broaden my horizons still counts?”

Yunxi’s tone sounded as if she was joking, but there was a hint of seriousness in it.

Hu Guo laughed, making it hard to tell whether she was happy or angry.

Zhou Lin was a little shocked.

After a long period of getting used to each other, he understood the hidden meaning behind each of Yun Xi’s words. Yun Xi’s current tone should be that she had allowed him to go to the capital to study.

“Of course, it still counts!” Hu Guo smiled slightly and replied.

“Then you can go to the capital to study. I can also ask for leave from school to accompany you to the capital to broaden your horizons.”

Yun Xi emphasized the phrase ‘broaden your horizons’.

Hu Guo was just trying to put her in her place, right?!

As someone who came from the 21st century, why would she be afraid of people from the 1980s?

Yun Xi was indeed moved by Hu Guo’s words. Hu Guo’s words might not have moved Zhou Lin, but they had indeed moved Yun XI.

Yun Xi relied on her space ability to thrive in this lifetime. Now, Yun Xi had her own business, her own happy family, and a lover who was very supportive of her.

No matter what she did, Zhou Lin would stand behind her and be her solid backing.

Now, it was the other way around. She absolutely could not be a stumbling block on Zhou Lin’s path.

A long-distance relationship was hard, but she believed in Zhou Lin.

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