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Chapter 47 - The Gong Hao She Didn’t Know

Chapter 47: The Gong Hao She Didn’t Know

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‘The unexpected incident made the two on the bed lose interest and quickly separated.

Gong Hao pulled his clothes over with a stern expression. He helped Fu Xi with her clothes before getting dressed himself.

The plane was in the midst of turbulence. The entire cabin was shaking violently and furniture was flying everywhere.

Gong Hao protected Fu Xi to prevent her from being injured as he moved towards the wall of the plane.

He took out two landing bags from a box and put one on himself and Fu Xi. Then, he opened the cabin door.

The two of them looked at each other and jumped off the plane. They floated in the air before the two parachutes opened and delivered them to the ground safely.

However, the crew was not as lucky as them. They were buried in the wreckage of the plane.

Gong Hao and Fu Xi landed in an uninhabited rainforest with the wind blowing. Other than their clothes, they had nothing on them.

‘When the two of them slowly woke up, they were lying in the thick grass. The wet heat made them feel uncomfortable.

“Xier, are you okay?”

Gong Hao carefully helped Fu Xi up and examined every inch of her body and was relieved to note that she wasn’t injured.

“Tm fine.”

Fu Xi, who had just woken up, was still a little weak. She looked around and frowned.

She saw only tall trees and bushes all around.

All their communication devices had lost their effectiveness. All they knew was that they were in South America.

Having been stranded in the deep mountains and rainforest, the two of them displayed extraordinary calm and wit.

Through his observation of the trees, Gong Hao quickly identified the direction and led the confused Fu Xi north.

‘When they were hungry, he would find a few fruits from the bushes or make wooden knives to catch and cook rabbits.

If they were thirsty, he would be able to find a water source very quickly. The experience he displayed made Fu Xi do a doubletake.

From what she knew, Gong Hao was a rich young master. Although he wasn’t favored, he had never lacked clothes and food. This kind of wilderness survival ability wasn’t something that could be obtained with just a few books. At the very least, he had to experience it personally.

“How do you know everything?”

After following Gong Hao for a while, Fu Xi saw him casually kill a snake under his feet. As he took out the gallbladder of the snake, she couldn’t help but ask.

Fora rich girl like her who had never experienced any crises, it was already impressive that she could remain calm in such a situation.

Gong Hao knew that he couldn’t hide it from her. He threw the snake in his hand aside and smiled comfortingly.

“Te been training in the army for a while, so I knowa little.”

The army?!

Fu Xi frowned tightly. Even in her previous life, she had never heard of this matter. But looking at Gong Hao’s sincere gaze, she pouted and didn’t continue asking.

The two of them rushed north while searching for signs of human activity nearby. Unknowingly, they had already been walking for four to five hours.

In such a place, the day was very long. Although her watch had indicated seven in the evening, the sun was still hanging steadily on the horizon.

The two of them had been traveling for a long time. Coupled with the high temperature and the miasma in the rainforest, the two of them began to show signs of fatigue.

“Ah Hao, let’s find a place to rest first.”

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