SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

521 The Cult's Assembly [Pt 3]

Kido Midas was a man who always got what he wanted.

However, there was someone he wanted above anything else—or at least, the power she offered.

“Just once. Please?”

“Nope. I told you, I don’t do that anymore.”

“Come on, just once. We’ll both benefit as a result of your Original Magic!”


“Just the tip?”


Every time, he troubled Karlia on having sexual intercourse with him. Of course, this was partially because he lusted after her body, but there was a much deeper reason.

Kido wanted more power—and Karlia was guaranteed to give it.

“Sigh, whatever. You’ll come around eventually…”

“No, I won’t. Now, we can continue with the meeting… right?” Her eyes especially glared at Beruel.

The Fairy King, who believed in absolute patriarchy was someone who would never be on good terms with a strong female like Karlia—especially considering how she was higher than him in rank.

He would have returned her defiance with violence, if he could. However, not only had he lost his authority as King, but he was also weaker than she was.

There was nothing he could do but sit down in silence.

Though Beruel felt an extreme loss for the death of his closest subordinate, there was nothing he could do at the moment.

Still, he swore to have his revenge—not only on the perpetrator, but also on those who dared look down on him.

“Now, then… since you’re done with your little chattering, let us proceed with the meeting.” The Cult Leader spoke.

“Now that our identity has been revealed, it’s clear that the other party will begin to make their move.”

Though it would have been preferable if they remained in the shadows, it was inevitable that they would eventually have to rise to the surface.

“We will be acting somewhat discreetly, but the time of our emergence has come.”

As such, they would be taking more active steps to obtain their prizes. If they dawdled any further, the other side could take the initiative.

“For our goals, we can not afford to be sloppy.”

Even though the members did not agree on much, this was something they were all strongly tied to.

Why else would they be an organized group?

“I’m especially thankful for two of our members who have shared so much information concerning the major threat that we are currently facing—the Eastern Kingdom.”

No one would have expected that humans would offer so much resistance, but this was because of certain domino effects that went out of hand.

To outmaneuver them, while maintaining secrecy, the Organization had three members who were integral members of the Kingdom.

Damien Lawcroft was one of them, but he was now deceased, leaving only two left.

One of them was currently murmuring within himself as he grudgingly occupied the Seventh Seat.

Reed Serling, the man who was the previous Headmaster of Ainzlark Academy—as well as the third Grand Mage of the Eastern Kingdom.

Though he once belonged to the Upper Seat, he had been suffering demotion due to his stagnating power and limited use.

The second integral member of the Eastern Kingdom was not Legris Damien.

Sure, Legris had connections and a wide network, but his roots in the Human Kingdom were not as deep as the member in question.

“You’ll be going against your people this time around. Hope you don’t mind…” The Leader’s eyes moved in the direction of the Fifth Seat.

Seated on it was a young boy who looked to be in his teenage years—not even an adult yet.

His black hair and deep blue irises were unmistakably pure, but there was no innocence left in those eyes.

His expression did not even waver once his previous home was called into question. He simply shrugged while speaking.

“I don’t mind.”

“Whoah! You’ve gotten so cold.” Legris Damien commented with awe.

Even he was a rank lower than the boy who was snobbishly staring into blank space.

“You’ve changed from the boy I knew back in Ainzlark.”

Once again, the boy ignored Legris Damien’s prattling.

“I wonder what your cousin would think if she saw you like this. Hahaha, you’ve gotten so cool, haven’t you?”

“That’s enough, Legris. Let’s just conclude the meeting. I have training.”

“Sure, you do. Mr. Genius; Stefan Netherlore.”

“Would you stop calling me that?”


“Then, whatever.”

“Pfft. So cool!”

“Just cut it out.”

“Nope. Hahaha!”

This funny exchange between a former Lecturer and former Student climbed until it reached an unbearable point for a certain someone.


Once everyone fell under this pressure, they ceased their easygoing attitude and turned in the direction of the one who released the aura.

It wasn’t the Leader. No, he was too liberal to do something like this, unless absolutely necessary.

The one who acted—releasing a wave of pure energy that dominated every Seat Member in the room—was none other than the First Seat himself.

With a short sigh breaking the silence, he looked in the direction of the Cult Leader and bowed slightly.

“It’s fine. Let us proceed.” The young boy responded, raising his hand slightly to show that he did not take offense.

“You’ll all be acting independently, as always. We’re a bit understaffed, but that shouldn’t prove to be a problem at this point.”

Normally, the Cult Leader would have e preferred being steady about their conquest, but they ran the risk of their enemies gaining the upper hand if they didn’t move quickly.

“There are Seven Arcanas left to be discovered. Every member, with the exception of the First Seat, will be dispatched to search for them.”

Unlike before, there was no need for subtlety. This was simply a scramble for what would be a treasure hunt.

“The First Seat will remain here. Considering the fact that the enemy now knows the location of our base, it’s imperative we have a strong defensive measure.”

And, what monolith could be more powerful than the almighty First Seat himself?

“May I make a selfish request?” The very man raised his hand.

No one dared blink as he spoke for the first time in a very long.

He was one who believed that the need for words was not necessary when both sides had the skills to do the talking for them.

“It should take some time for them to prepare an appropriate number of forces to assault this place, even if they plan on doing it soon…”

What he said was right.

Thanks to the scramble for the remaining Arcanas, it was certain that the opposing forces would be diverting a great deal of energy to finding the legendary items.

It was doubtful if they would have enough leeway to launch a full-scale assault on the Cult.

“I would like permission to survey an area that caught my attention before the war began. I sensed a strong surge of energy there and I would like to see if I can find what I’m looking for there.”

Abandoning one’s duty would be considered very bad behavior for someone who stood at the pinnacle of the Seats.

However, everyone knew better than to argue with his request.

“Very well. Do as you please. How long will it take?”

“Nothing more than a day.”

“That’s reasonable. Return in a day’s time.”

The First Seat bowed.

His hilt shook as his back bent, and the kimono he wore slightly shook.

His show of humility was a testament to how much character he possessed, and he was the only person who did not bear any resentment toward any other member, neither was he an object of anger for those gathered.

Everyone either respected him, or felt neutral about his existence.

“I wonder what will happen to the unfortunate soul who will suffer at the hands of your Martial Arts.”

Everyone in the room chuckled.

But, they knew very well that their Leader was serious in his comment.

The First Seat was a Martial Artist—a Swordsman that had gone beyond transcendence.

“Well, then, I’ll make sure to watch out for the display of your power one more time… Legendary Blade God.”

Once again, the swordsman bowed.

His shaded auburn hair fluttered with the stale wind in the room as he continued his practice of silence.

“Alright. We’ve delayed enough. Let’s finalize our discussions on our plans for the future…”

Every member smiled and nodded in approval.

First Seat: The Legendary Blade God

Second Seat: Kido Of Midas

Third Seat: Karlia The Succubus

Fourth Seat: Fairy King Beruel

Fifth Seat: Stefan Netherlore

Sixth Seat: Legris Damien

Seventh Seat: Reed Sterling

Eight Seat: Vaizer

Ninth—Twelfth Seat: Unoccupied

“… Our goals are right in front of us.”

And so, with the agreement of every member in the room, a new dawn of chaos was born.

For the Arcanas that they sought in order to achieve their respective goals, the overwhelmingly powerful beings decided to rise from the shadows.

It was time for the Nether Cult to emerge.






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