SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

739 Hidden Secrets

“Is that how you really feel?”

Neron and Legris stood opposite each other, a short distance dwelling between them. While the tension in the dark expanse was nonexistent, and both of them kept up a smile, there seemed to be something more to their reunion.

Something darker.

“Nope. You’re already a threat to me now. Who knows what’ll happen when you gain all your memories?”

“Hmmm. So you know all about it, then.”

Legris instantly erupted into laughter.

“Yeah, well, I guess I never really told you about my origins. That Spell you used at the end… while it got the job done, it didn’t erase my memory—or should I say it didn’t reset it.”

“How much do you know about it?” Neon’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Not much. I was quite surprised to see what happened too. I knew it had to be you, so I monitored your progress. That’s the reason why I became a teacher at Ainzlark, to be honest.” Legris shrugged, a smug smile spreading all over his face.

“Isn’t it because of Jared? His status as a Singularity… that’s what the Nether Cult wanted you to eliminate, right?”

“You are also a Singularity. The only reason you haven’t been targeted yet is that I made a deal with the Cult. Even though you’re currently weaker than before, and you don’t have those memories, I still don’t know if you’ll resort to something so pesky again.”

“Oh? So that’s why you kept up your charade until it was finally time to catch me. Is that it? Neron’s smile grew wider.

“Yes. That’s right. You can’t use your powers here. You can’t break out as well. Even if I kill you here, you won’t be able to resort to that trump card of yours.” Legris placed both of his hands on his waist, nodding emphatically.

Looking at the conversation between the two, one could only conclude that they were either best friends, or the worst of enemies—perhaps somewhere in the middle.

“Then why didn’t you set up a similar trap earlier? You’re smart enough to do it, aren’t you?”

“Well, you know me well. I was simply curious about what you were planning. That’s why I decided to observe a little.”

Legris and Neron exchanged piercing gazes, and both parties appeared to be searching for clues in the eyes of the other. This wasn’t purely a discourse between friends… neither was it coated with hatred either.

Suddenly, just as the silence was about to recreate the tension of before, both men burst out laughing again.

“You’re an intelligent man, Neron. I don’t know why you would do what you did without accounting for your loss of memories. The routes you took this time were also quite different from before. I never pegged you for the type to attend the Academy… or even become a teacher there.”

Neron remained silent, simply smiling and watching Legris.

“What were you thinking, though? And how is it going with Serah? You guys are together now, right? That’s cute. Hey, does she know about—”

“She does. And she doesn’t care… just as I predicted.”

“Nice one.”

“Look, Legris… I know what you’re trying to do.” Neron sighed, his arms drooping.

“Do you, now? Even back then I never told you everything. Plus, it doesn’t seem like you remember everything. Am I right?”

“Believe what you want. However, I still won’t concede. Everything thus far has led up to this moment. Do you really believe I didn’t know you enough to predict what actions you would take and what actions you wouldn’t?” Neron’s face suddenly grew tired, and his smile began to vanish.

Before long, his expressions returned to their old state.

“Even with my loss of memories, I still get nudgings from what I call my ‘intuition’. That’s how I have been able to veer away from certain paths.”

“Ah, I see. So you were the one that put those intuitions there? As a measure for when you lost your memories? That would mean you’ve plotted out everything, huh? Including this round?” Legris’ grin was also disappearing.

“Who knows…”

“PFFT!” A snicker suddenly came from Legris, and he hugged his stomach to laugh a little.

Tears formed on his face, and he gave a roar of amusement that echoed across the vast hall.


“Neron, you’re so funny!”



ραпdα Йᴏνêl(сòm)

“It’s not possible!”

The multitude of Legris Damiens joined him in his amused laugh.

“Enough with the tricks, Neron. You won’t fool me with that nonsense. Your so-called intuition would have warned you about this place. Even if you could see all of it, you can’t see through my Nether Domain. It’s cut off from your reality, after all.”

“Fair enough.”

“Besides, I’ve already narrowed down what your plan is.” Legris mused.

“Oh? Why not enlighten me?”

“It has to do with Jared Leonard, doesn’t it? There’s something odd about that kid… and I can smell your influence all over him.”

Neron’s face darkened a little, and his eyes narrowed slowly.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb. You think I wouldn’t have figured it out by now? It’s clear that Jared is an anomaly. He shouldn’t be here. That is why he’s a Singularity.”

Neron remained silent, his thoughts completely unreadable by anyone who witnessed his stoic face.

“After observing you two, I realized it. You’re using Jared Leonard to do what you can’t, aren’t you? All of these things—the Demon Incursion, the Arcana Search… heck, even back at Ainzlark, during the invasion. You really did plan ahead.”

Still, no reply came from Neron.

“But how did you do it? Why did you use Jared, of all people? I’m not sure. But, well, it doesn’t matter anymore…”

“What do you mean by that?” Neron finally asked.

“It’s getting closer to the finishing act. The Nether will soon return, and Jared is sure to perish—just like the rest of this world.”

Neron’s expression intensified immediately, and a glare manifested.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Didn’t you plan for this situation? Ah, right… you weren’t the only one planning, after all.”

“You…” Neron growled.

“Things are a bit different now, but my plan will still triumph. Besides, you shouldn’t be overly concerned about others…”

The surrounding versions of Legris slowly began to move, all seeingly prepared for a showdown with Neron.

“… You’re not leaving here alive, you know?”

A burst of Aether shot from the surrounded man, and a defiant expression coursed through his face.

“We’ll see about that.”





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