SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 1268 The Host Selection [Pt 3]

Chapter 1268 The Host Selection [Pt 3]

“I choose you.”

The next to speak was Pisces.

The fish-looking Constellation remained in their glossy bubble as they picked their candidate by staring right in their direction.

This time, the one chosen was Beruel.

“I am honored.” The Fairy bowed his head slightly and spoke courteously.

He had not expected himself to be chosen at all by a Constellation, and so early too. He always thought he would be among the leftovers, considering his lacking abilities.

But now… having being noticed and selected by a boundless entity, he felt genuine relief and satisfaction.

Pisces said no further, stepping back until the next Constellation took their place.

Thus far, eight out of the twelve Constellations already had their Hosts—or potential Hosts—chosen.

The ones who remained were Ana, Lemi, Aurora, and Jerry.

As the four of them stood, waiting to be accepted or rejected by another Constellation, the next voice emerged.

“I choose you.” This time, the one pointed at was Aurora Vindiel, the Elf Queen.

She too followed Beruel’s previous example and bowed slightly in response to being chosen.

A warm smile coursed through her face, and the relief within her washed away any of the anxiety she had felt prior to that point.

“I am honored.”

Capricorn wasn’t the Constellation she personally desired, but they were still a Constellation.

That had to count for something.

Once Capricorn was done choosing their Hosts, the remaining three stepped forward, almost simultaneously.

There remained three people left, and three Constellations, and while the simple solution would be to assign each individual to a Constellation, reality was far from that.

Just as Serah had proven, it was possible for two Constellations to choose just one Host.

It was also possible for them to choose none.

In essence, the three who remained were equally under the risk of rejection.

“Anabelle… I choose you.”

Cancer’s declaration finally eliminated the silence in the room.

The crab-like Constellation’s expression couldn’t be properly deciphered, but something about their tone echoed with amusement.

It seemed they were enjoying the situation.

“Thanks. You won’t regret it!” Ana grinned in response to her Constellation’s decision.

“Oh? Bold words.”

Ana smiled, nodding excessively as she stared at him.

“I’ll back them up soon!”

Something akin to a chuckle escaped Canced’s lips as he nodded slightly.

“Then I will be looking forward to that.”

Afterwards, he strolled back to his position, leaving the remaining two Constellations.

Tension sifted through the air as both leftover individuals stared at one another, and had the same expression on their faces.

They were sure they wouldn’t get chosen.

For Jerry, the reason behind his thoughts was simple.

He was too weak.

The Constellations had made it abundantly clear that they valued the capabilities of those who desired to be their Hosts.

He just didn’t reach that threshold.

‘I tried my best, and I’ve grown stronger…’ His thoughts trailed.

‘Even if I do not get any Constellation as my backer, I won’t give in! I will keep growing stronger!’ His eyes burned with resolve

As such, despite the tense situation he found himself in, Jerry still maintained his smile… a feat that could not be said about the other one.

Lemi was trembling profusely, trying her best to hide the sweat that dripped down her skin as her face tried to conceal the immense anxiety that coursed through her.

She knew within herself how disqualified she was.

Not only did she breeze through the Trials, but since Legris never assaulted her throughout his invasion, she was never able to display her true power.

In essence, she was even worse than Jerry!

As the both of them watched the Constellations, each convinced of their inadequacies, a Constellation spoke.

“Jerry… I choose you.”

Sagittarius was the one who uttered those words, and the authority with which he said them made the room tremble.

It also caused Jerry’s face to warp into that of downright shock.

He genuinely was not expecting this!

“Do not look so surprised. Your ideals and passion resonate well with me. For what is power without the ideal to back it up. I shall grant you power, so show me how you will fulfill those ideals.”

Upon hearing the message given by the Constellation, Jerry began to tear up.

His vision became blurry as he felt a wave of uncontrollable emotions wash through him.

He had always felt inadequate, but now… with a boundless entity admonishing him so much… how could he not smile?

“T-thank you! I am honored, Lord Sagittarius!” He yelled, bowing as low as he possibly could.

“I will not disappoint you.”

Sagittarius’ chuckle echoed within the realm. However, it wasn’t one of mockery or contempt.

It was one of pride.

“I am sure you won’t.”

This exchange between both Constellation and man was awe-inspiring to say the least. Everyone present who watched them could testify to that.

Some smiled in relief for Jerry, while some were simply stunned by how beautiful it was.

But there was one who felt even worse after experiencing this.

‘I-is this the end? Even Jerry managed to get a Constellation despite me hoping we would be comrades.’

Lemi knew she was supposed to be happy for Jerry, but she just couldn’t be genuinely glad he got a Constellation and she was left behind.

No one liked being the odd one out, and she certainly wasn’t an exception.

“Why do you look so worried? It’s hilarious.” Hearing the voice of the last Constellation who hadn’t yet chosen spiked Lemi’s senses, causing her to nearly jump out of her skin.


“Haha! You’re amusing.” The Constellation then said, chucking to themselves.

Lemi’s nervous gaze fell on Gemini, the twins who were conjoined as one, as they looked at her with contrasting expressions.

One was laughing at her, while the other seemed more calm.

“W-well…” Lemi stuttered.

Not only was she not going to be chosen, but even now a Constellation was picking on her.

She could feel herself sinking into new lows.

“I like you, Lemi.” Gemini responded—the playful one, of course.


Lemi was still stunned by this statement, but the next one shocked her even more.

“I choose you.”





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