Stand User in Marvel Universe

Chapter 678

Chapter 678

Stephen didn’t say anything as he saw Dio pull out the scythe. He himself immediately conjured a strange-shaped sword to take on Dio, but Dio wasn’t in the mood to fight against Stephen himself, so he summoned the [World] and immediately stopped time!

Dio’s goal was to deal with the woman. With that in mind, he immediately ordered the [World] to punch Stephen’s spine to paralyze him in the quickest way and headed over to the woman and swung his scythe to kill the woman! His scythe cut through the woman like butter, but he didn’t feel anything after! He knew that it wasn’t over just yet! If the woman died that easily, he would have dealt with her in the past!

Dio knew that the woman had the power of Reality Stone, Mind Stone, and possibly a Time Stone on her arsenal, so Dio couldn’t let his guard down! He knew that the woman he just chopped off was just a fake created by the Reality Stone to confuse him.

As Dio wanted to find the woman’s real body, suddenly he vomited a lot of blood as his chest was hit by something unknown. Dio immediately turned around and saw that the woman was already behind him the whole time! She disguised herself as Stephen, and as soon as the [World] attacked Stephen earlier, she just blocked it off with the power of the Infinity Stones. Dio also noticed the Green and Yellow glow on the woman’s hand, indicating the Time and Mind Stone, but he couldn’t see the red glow that was supposed to be the Reality Stone.

“The ability to stop time is really something unfathomable. I am glad that I got my hands on the Time Stone. Otherwise, I won’t be able to fight you head-on!” The woman said confidently. Dio didn’t respond to her and instead activated the [World Over Heaven]’s ability to rewrite reality, erasing his injury. At the same time, he deactivated the Time Stop and resumed the time flow once again.

He already expected the Time Stone to fall into the woman’s hand, but he thought that she would just use the Time Stone like how Stephen used it in the past, and obviously, he was wrong! The woman should still have a hard time using the Time Stone as she had never used it before, but it didn’t take long for her to figure out how to use it! She already freely manipulated the time however she wanted right now!

Now, Dio couldn’t just stop the time to gain the upper hand on this fight. This was the worst enemy that Dio had to fight so far as the woman basically rendered one of his best ability useless. The woman obviously created a small-time pocket around her that would react instantly to Dio’s time stop ability and thus neutralised her time once again.

This woman has already become a headache for Dio, but how could she exert so much power like this? Dio really couldn’t figure this woman out at all!

As the time returned to normal, the woman suddenly looked at the corpses that had been split apart earlier by Dio. “Did you know who this person that you just killed was? It was such a shame that the little mouse has to die in such a way.” The woman said as a red glow covered the corpse, and it transformed into Stephen that had been cut in half!

Dio was shocked! He did see the woman walking out of the portal with Stephen, but he didn’t know that the woman disguised Stephen with her appearance. Dio was really in shock as he never expected to kill his friend like this! he was certain that the woman did this on purpose.

As his anger began to take over, the woman started to laugh, and her skin began to turn red. At the same time, Steve and the others were hesitant as they didn’t know what to do. Obviously, they were trying hard to keep up with Dio’s movement. However, they couldn’t understand why Stephen turned into the woman suddenly, and the woman that was suddenly cut in half turned into Stephen!

But they became more confused when they heard that Dio was the one who killed Stephen? They no longer understood what was going on right now.

They started to look at the companion beside them, asking if they missed anything at all, but clearly, none of them really knew what had just happened. They felt like watching a poorly made movie . They felt like a valuable information was cut before they could watch it themselves.

Someone had died, but how they died, who killed them, and many other vital information was nowhere to be found! It would surely make a lot of people angry if this were really a movie!

Now they had to deduce everything on their own! Although Stephen was controlled by the woman, Dio wouldn’t just kill him immediately, right?

Steve and the other Avengers really wanted to believe in Dio, but they didn’t have enough information for that and thus started doubting Dio altogether. Obviously, this was what the woman was aiming for. She wanted to split Dio from the rest of the Avengers!

“How does it feel to kill one of your companions with your own hands? Take a look at those people’s eyes. Presumably, they are also thinking the same thing! Fear! They have begun to fear you that you would chop them up just like what you did to the poor sorcerer!” The woman said to Dio with a smirk on her face.

The taunting word that the woman uttered to Dio began to shake his heart. He started to think about Stephen that lied coldly on the ground right in front of him.

Could he use the Reality Overwrite to revive Stephen? Did he have enough [Souls] to do it? Stephen was clearly weakened after the Time Stone was taken away from him. Would it change the amount of [Souls] required to revive him? Would the cost be lower than when he revived Carol?

Dio knew that the woman wanted to split the Avenger up, trying to isolate him from the rest of the Avengers! He knew that everyone else’s perspective of him might change, but he believed that the Avengers wasn’t that dumb to just fall into the woman’s trap that easily!

But Dio had to admit that the woman was really doing a good job!

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