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Chapter 1671 A Win-Win Situation.

Chapter 1671 A Win-Win Situation.

1671 A Win-Win Situation.

Not planning to overstay his welcome, Felix gave her a head nod in gratitude and took off.

He might hate her guts and want her dead at the first opportunity, but it wouldn't stop him from showing the right attitude at the right moment.

"Shall we start?"

Felix said with a wide eager smile after manifesting all the unlocked sin symbols in front of him.

Now, he had all the tools, knowledge, and time to prepare for his next move, which would be nowhere as simple as the last time.

He understood that the unigins would be ready for him like they would be dealing with Lilith herself and none of them would leave him room to take advantage of.

Thus, his preparation had to be top-notch and Felix planned on spending the next century on it...Whether he was ready to make a move during the ceremony or not depended on his readiness and confidence in his strength.

"Let's start with you two."

Felix picked the indomitable will symbol and the hunger symbol, desiring to recreate the Veil of Pride technique.


In the meantime, at the eastern north side of the eternal kingdom, where the relentless tumult of Zeus's thunderstorm territory met the serene, crystalline expanse of Athena's domain,a crystalized table with two chairs was situated right on the border between those two mesmerizing territories.

Zeus's realm was a living tempest, a boundless expanse where lightning danced across dark, roiling clouds and thunder echoed like the drums of war.

It was a place of power, raw and untamed, where the air crackled with electricity and the rain fell like the tears of gods.

Meanwhile, Athena's territory was a stark contrast in every conceivable way. Here, the landscape was dominated by structures of pure, shimmering crystal that refracted the light into a kaleidoscope of colors.

These crystalline formations ranged from towering spires that pierced the sky to delicate filigrees that carpeted the ground, creating a domain of breathtaking beauty and calm, where knowledge and wisdom seemed to crystallize out of the very air.

With two sudden flashes of light, Zeus and Athena appeared next to the table.

This was their known meeting spot, where they held their important discussions related to their territories and other matters regarding the realm.

While they were neighboring rivals, their enmity was halted by their territorial conflict unlike Poseidon and Hephaestus, who seemed to be mortal enemies.

It probably had to do with the laws they commanded being opposite forces...Who knows.

Zeus sat with a goblet of wine that appeared to contain a tempest within its depths, while Athena sipped on a cup of tea that mirrored the serene clarity of her mind.

As they sat, their conversation shifted toward matters of pressing concern.

"His disappearance has left a void," Zeus remarked, his voice rumbling like distant thunder, speaking of Felix. "I doubt we will be able to find him ever again unless the rulers decide to help out."

Athena nodded, her eyes reflecting the multifaceted complexity of the situation.

"We both know that ain't happening. The paragon's existence has proved to be of value to them after he took down Hephaestus and inherited his laws."

"What a mess." Zeus rubbed his eyebrows, "The rulers were already planning to keep their hands out of this to save their precious celestial energy. Now? They will be more passive."

Zeus and the rest of the unigins all knew deep down the true nature of the three rulers. In their mind, they were certain that Hepheastus' death pleased them more even though Felix was the one emerging victorious.

After all, he got rid of a unigin permanently without needing them to do anything. If Felix carried on in his spree and got rid of the rest of the lesser unigins, it would finally allow the three rulers to completely monopoly the celestial energy with the upper unigins.

It was like the celestial energy was a massive pie separated into multiple slices and Felix was getting rid of the diners.

Athena and Zues' reasoning was proved to be correct as the three rulers discussed this the instant Felix slayed Hephaestus!

It went like this...

"The boy's actions served as an unexpected advantage to us. His quest against the unigins aligns well with our interests." The first ruler commented with an emotionless tone.

The second, whose presence shimmered with the light of countless stars, nodded in agreement. "Indeed, we will be finally able to stop the celestial energy from spreading past the dimensional pocket and this will bring the cycles required to start our mission from a million to a couple thousand at most."

It wasn't like the three rulers couldn't take on the unigins and reclaim all the celestial energy for themselves, but they comprehended that the resources needed to fulfill this would be astronomical.

By the time they recollect the same amount of celestial energy, the universe would have already found another method to give birth to the same unigins even if they took hold of their cores.

The universe always found a way to bring back its balance and the three rulers understood this more than anyone else.

"The prophecy hasn't spoken of this, but it makes sense when we see the final transformation of that boy." The third ruler uttered, "Whether Asna's core gets captured by the unigins or the boy kills them all...It's a win-win either way."

Their discussion, while strategic, disclosed an inferential thread of opportunism.

They saw in Felix not just a rogue element or a potential threat, but a tool, albeit an uncontrollable one, that could inadvertently sculpt the celestial landscape to their advantage.

By allowing him to confront the unigins, they could eliminate rivals and consolidate their dominion over celestial energy, all while keeping their own hands clean.

As for worrying about Felix getting stronger in this manner and maybe even reaching their level? None of them entertained such a joke.

In their eyes, it didn't matter what Felix did or what kind of level he reached, the end was already decided...


Back to the present...

"Luckily, the celestial ceremony is a special event and even if they wanted to remain passive, they have to watch over our territories." Zeus smiled coldly as he gazed at the sky, "Oh, how I wish they break their word and let the paragon harvest celestial energy from our territories."

"Indeed, with the ceremony drawing near, our attention will be elsewhere. It presents an favorable moment for him, should he decide to act." Athena shook her head, "But, I doubt he will be stupid enough to go for it."


"He is too smart, too cunning, and too prudent to risk making a move so soon when he had all the time in the world." Athena assured with a certain tone, "Now that he has made the first move and showed us what he is capable of, he will comprehend that his next action needs to be absolutely perfect to achieve the same results."

"There is no way he will be able to reach such a state in less than a century. Even if he could and pulled it off, he would still not make a move."

"Indeed, I see where you are coming from." Zeus agreed at the end, "If I was in his position, I would spend at least a million years in preparation before showing my face again. Especially, when I know that the three rulers will remain passive."

"You get it." Athena acknowledged in approval as she took a small sip of her tea.

In her eyes, as long as the three rulers didn't decide to use underhanded methods like torturing Asna to get Felix into handing the core peacefully, he had nothing rushing him.

Unbeknownst to her, Felix was also a risk-taker and no one could really predict what was going in his mind...

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