Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1362 I am not going to hurt my own son.

1362 I am not going to hurt my own son.

“It has been more than a month already, where is he?”

Vyriana, who was currently inside her room in the ExceedoGenesis Clan questioned with an annoyed look on her face.

Yes, the woman had her personal room in the Clan for a long time now. Of course, right now, that was not the issue, the issue was that the Dragon had been waiting patiently for a month and now, she was losing her patience.

And the Human Progenitor, who was watching the Dragon get all restless couldn’t help but chuckle, enjoying the teenage love drama she was witnessing.

“Waiting for him is quite hard for you as well, huh? Sometimes, I have a hard time telling you apart from his wives. If someone else sees you, I bet the first conclusion he would come up with is that you are Nux’s wife as well.”

Faustina commented, making her words more… provocative in order to get some reaction out of the Dragon. After all, the little Dragon was currently the only source of entertainment she had, so she wanted to push it as much as she could.

And the Dragon didn’t disappoint either, the instant she heard those words, she glared at Faustina and, “What the hell are you even talking about? Even a fool can tell that I have nothing to do with that pervert. Also, what are you even doing in my room? You were given your own room as well, weren’t you? Why don’t you stay there?”

Vyriana questioned back with an annoyed look on her face.

“You see, I have a hard time being alone in a room, I feel scared.” Faustina’s eyes turned misty as she shared her secret.

If anyone else was here, he might have sympathized with the woman while trying to calm her down, continuously reassuring her that nothing would happen and there was no need to be scared.

But Vyriana?

As someone who knew who this woman was, she would be darned if she fell for such an obvious lie! Scared? This monster? If something was strong enough to make her scared, then her coming to her room wouldn’t make any difference either.

Since almost no being in the entire world will be able to face such being.

The Dragon simply snorted.

Knowing that her lie didn’t work, Faustina simply chuckled. She didn’t expect the lie to work either, she just wanted a reaction out of the Dragon.

“Saying you have nothing to do with that pervert, that’s quite a big lie, don’t you think? You were just complaining about how he had been gone for a month and still not returned. That’s not something you sa-“

“I meant that I do not care about him in a way you are insinuating. The only reason I am annoyed is because that man has already wasted a month here.

They are currently inside Waranal, so a month here should be 2 years there, 2 whole years, even if they are doing some personal activities, but two whole years!? Does he really think he has the time to fool around for 2 whole years!?

He could have trained for 10 years during this time. With his talent, the improvements he would have made in these 10 years would have been ridiculously high.

The Zenith Flow Mastery is already getting more and more complicated, even though he has been Mastering Variations right and left, there are still countless variations left.

How is he supposed to Master them if he wastes his time like this?”

Vyriana was full of complaints. Faustina chuckled, she agreed with the Dragon’s words, for the most part, Nux was indeed taking his sweet time.

“How much do you know about the energy he uses?”

Suddenly, Faustina questioned.

Vyriana, who was fuming in anger instantly turned towards her and tilted her head in confusion, “The Energy?”

It was as if all her anger flushed out in an instant and seeing that, Faustina just smiled.

“Don’t act ignorant, Vyriana. I am not going to hurt my own son.”

“…” Vyriana turned silent and Faustina repeated her question once again.

“So? How much do you know about it?”

“…why do you ask?” Vyriana questioned.

Faustina then looked into the Dragon’s eyes and questioned back,

“You should have noticed it by now as well, no? It has been more than a century.”

“So you think the same as well huh…” Vyriana muttered.

“Well, there could be many other factors as well, but that one is the most… eye-catching.”

Vyriana nodded in understanding.

Essence was indeed much different than Mana the normal cultivators use.

From the very start, Vyriana knew that the energy Nux used was not Mana.

After all, even an Incomplete Cultivator like Lyriana was able to sense something was odd, how could someone like Vyriana not?

It didn’t take her long to notice that Nux was different, but well, since she was hiding so many of his secrets, she decided to accept and hide this once as well, not caring too much about it.

However, as more time passed, things started to change, although it didn’t seem like it, the advantage Essence gave to Nux started to become more and more absurd. It came to the point where Vyriana couldn’t hold back and decided to ask Nux, who talked about the technique he had received after he became an Emperor.

As for where he received it and the existence of the system, Vyriana was still unaware of that and she didn’t care about it either. Nux was a monstrous existence, having a secret of two was obvious.

Now, however… things got even more complicated, with Nux being unable to form his Law and the continuous growth of his techniques without any increase in his mastery… Vyriana started linking it with the unnatural strength of his techniques in the first place and the reason behind it. ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ NovᴇlFɪre.nᴇt

In the end, the conclusion she came up with was something she didn’t wish to say.

However, with Faustina coming to the same conclusion, Vyriana’s doubts were strengthened significantly and she decided to talk with Nux.

But then,

“That energy he uses…

It is not the part of Yrniel.

It comes from another world.”

Faustina dropped another bomb.

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