Talent Swallowing Hero

Chapter 616: Fire Trial

Chapter 616: Fire Trial

‘Since all these Mythcial Grade beasts were fighting for the Devil Stones, I can use a Devil Stone to poke its head out of its shell.’

This was what Leo thought when he decided to make the Devil Tortoise come out of its shell.

‘Wait a second…instead of regular Devil Stone, won’t it have an even better effect if I use that?’

Leo paused for a moment and decided to upgrade his plan.

‘System, reset the cooldown for [Absolute Merge].’


The master has used one unit of God Energy to reset the Cooldown for [Fundamental Merge – Absolute Merge].

With a single thought, Leo reset the cooldown to merge two Devil Stones.

That’s right!

Leo wanted to use the Merged Devil Stone to tame the Devil Tortoise perfectly.

‘Since it already showed some interest in becoming my pet, I should give it my all and tame it perfectly.’

Leo was excited and hurriedly summoned two Devil Stones to merge.

At the same time, Leo was curious about the Merged Devil Stone and if a merged Devil Stone has good effects, he wanted to do the same for the thousands of God Stones in his [Portal Dimensional Space].

[Fundamental Merge – Absolute Merge]

‘Target is two Devil Stones.’

Without wasting any time, Leo selected his targets and activated the [Absolute Merge].


The master is trying to use [Absolute Merge] to merge two Devil Stones.


The master’s [Fundamental Merge] has not reached a sufficient grade. The success rate will be dropped to 10 percent.

Note: The master can use God Energy to increase the success rate of the merge.


Do you still want to continue the [Absolute Merge].

The merge didn’t happen as Leo expected; instead, he received a series of system notifications informing him about a few things that made Leo frown.

‘It only has a success rate of 10 percent? Didn’t it say that I could merge the items with a 100 percent success rate?’

Even though Leo didn’t seem convinced, he knew there was nothing he could do and tried to understand it.

Nevertheless, other than the fact that a Devil Stone is a high-level item, Leo could not think of anything.

‘Anyway, it’s only 9 units of God Energy. I can afford that much.’

During this Trial of the Dark Abyss, the one thing that he lacked was God Energy. Hence, he decided to spend 9 units of God Energy to increase the success rate to 100 percent.


The master has spent 9 units of God Energy and increased the success rate to 100 percent.


Congratulations to the master for successfully merging two Low-level Devil Stones into a Mid-level Devil Stone.

As soon as Leo spent the required units of God Energy, the process started and in less than a second, he received a shiny gem that was a little bigger and shinier than the low-level Devil Stones.

‘A mid-level Devil Stone? That means, the God Stones I have been collecting are also Low-level ones?’

Leo was initially surprised; however, when he thought about it, he realized there were types for the Devil Stones and God Stones.

“Isn’t that….a Mid-level Devil Stone.”

“How did it appear here? Aren’t those stones very rare that only Floor Leaders can have?”

“Who cares how it appeared here? It is mine….swoosh”

Looking at the suddenly emitted glow by the mid-level Devil Stone, all the Mythical Grade beasts were attracted and rushed towards it.

‘It’s mine.’

However, Leo was quick and hurriedly held it in his fist to hide it from the incoming Mythcial Grade Beasts.

“Damn it…what’s happening here?”

“First a human appeared and disappeared and now, a mid-level Devil Stone appeared and disappeared.”



It didn’t take much time for the Mythical Grade Beasts to forget about the mid-level Devil Stone as they soon started fighting among themselves.

“As long as you become my pet, I will let you have that mid-level Devil Stone. What do you say?”

Once everything returned to normal, Leo said to the Devil Tortoise hiding in its shell.


Without any surprise, the Devil Tortoise slowly poked its head out of the shell and asked Leo.

Even though it could not see Leo, it assumed that Leo had the ability to disappear and completely hide his presence.

Earlier, the human had saved it and piqued its interest and now, the same human was willing to give it a Mid-level Devil Stone.

In its life, no one had done such things for it and Leo was the first person. So, without waiting for Leo’s reply, it took out its Life Core and gave it to Leo.


Leo made a small cut on his palm and held the life core in his hand for a few seconds before he got the notification from both the system and the [Heaven’s Voice].


Congratulations to the master for successfully taming a Devil Tortoise.

[Congratulations to the challenger for successfully completing the bonus trial].

‘Thank you.’

Leo returned the life core to the Devil Tortoise and thanked the system and the [Heaven’s Voice].


In the next second, Leo and the Devil Tortoise disappeared from the last layer of the ocean.


‘This must be the terrain for the next trial.’

Leo opened his eyes in a huge cave that was filled with lava he could tell that it was the terrain for the last trial: The Trial of the Fire.

Leo was surrounded by molten rock and flowing lava.

The ground is made up of jagged, razor-sharp rocks, formed from solidified lava flows that have long since cooled and hardened. Between these rocks are cracks and fissures, which vent steam and noxious gases from the superheated magma beneath.

[Welcome to the ten-floor, Challenger. As long as you clear this floor, you will become an Elite Challenger].

[The Trial o the Fire: Defeat a Peak Mythical Grade Fire Elemental Dragon King (Gold Ascender)]

As Leo was observing his surroundings, he received his next trial which included the information of the strength of his opponent.

‘Haha…there is no need to waste any time with this trial. Let’s skip it.’

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