The Beloved and Pampered Girl

Chapter 192 - Chapter 192: Since You Like Her, Woo Her!

Chapter 192: Since You Like Her, Woo Her!

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When they returned to the family residence, everyone got out of the car…

Jian Dan felt something was amiss. But what exactly was wrong??

Ah! I got it! Why didn’t 1 hear Sizhe’s voice?

Jian Dan searched for Sizhe and found him standing alone in a corner in a daze…

Jian Dan walked over and saw the expression on his face. It was very lonely, like a frosted eggplant.

“How did you become like this in such a short time?”

Jian Dan approached him and bent down to look at his lowered head.

Sizhe did not say anything and just shook his head.

What was going on?He won’t even speak now?

“Don’t tell me you became like this because of what 1 just said?”

Jian Dan said as she suddenly thought of something.

Based on Sizhe’s personality, he wouldn’t take her words to heart, right?

But looking at Sizhe’s expression, he did not seem to be faking it.

What did 1 say just now? Did 1 say it too bluntly and hurt his pride?

“I’ve been wondering if 1 am like this in everyone’s eyes!”

Sizhe finally spoke, but his tone had lost its usual confidence and brimmed with loneliness…

“Sizhe, are you alright? 1 can apologize to you for what 1 just said. Can you not be like this?”

Jian Dan was a little afraid of Sizhe’s current demeanor!

“Maybe I’m really a scumbag! No wonder she never bothered with me.”

Her? Jian Dan’s sharp senses caught this word. Who could she be?

Did Sizhe suddenly become like this not because of what she had just said?

Jian Dan recalled the conversation between her and Sizhe…

As she thought about it, she had an epiphany…

Could it be…

This guy liked Zi Yan?? No way?

If that was really the case, then he had hid it too well, okay? No one discovered it at all?

“Sizhe, you… like… Zi Yan?”

Jian Dan slowly asked what was on her mind.

Sizhe laughed self-deprecatingly. “I’ve already forgotten how long I’ve liked her.”

It was actually true! No wonder!

“But if you like Zi Yan, why do you still…”

Of course, Jian Dan was referring to all those girlfriends of his…

“That’s because she never paid any attention to me. She didn’t even look me in the eye. 1 felt so small before her, so 1 could only use this way to make her notice me and let her know that 1 am a very charming person; so many girls like me!”

“But she’s still the same.”

This was the first time Jian Dan had seen such a serious expression on Sizhe’s face… This expression could not be faked.

“But it turns out that I’m not a charming man in everyone’s eyes, but an out-and-out playboy!”

Sizhe’s eyes brimmed with sadness… It made Jian Dan feel very bad.

“Sizhe, if you really like Zi Yan, then show her the real you.”

Jian Dan realized that being a playboy and frivolous were just Sizhe’s disguise.

“Don’t use this way to prove yourself. If you really like her, don’t give up. At the very least, give it a try so that you won’t regret it in the future!”

Although in terms of husband material, Lu Ting was indeed more suitable than Sizhe. But, everyone deserved a fair chance!

“Moreover, you don’t have to care about what 1 or anyone else think, because the final choice lies with Zi Yan.”

“The outcome will depend on your own ability.”

Jian Dan patted Sizhe’s shoulder and left…

Jian Dan felt that Sizhe needed some time alone to think about it…

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