The Bloodline System

Chapter 1438 Escaping Ifeiev Clutches

Chapter 1438 Escaping Ifeiev Clutches

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"I was trying to get Ifeiev off our back... that's the name of the faceless one after us or specifically... after me," Gustav clarified.

"Ifeiev... that's a weird name," Ria stated bluntly.

"You should hear the name of the Cosmic Superior faceless one," Gustav wondered what Ria would call that if he knew of it.

"I tried to get him to help us take Ifeiev off our case," Gustav added.

"Any luck with that?" Aildris inquired.

"Nah... He said he can't do that. It isn't the way of the faceless... whatever that means," Gustav responded.

"Bummer," Ria mumbled.

"He mentioned something else..." Gustav paused for a bit with a disturbed expression.

"He said the reason Ifeiev keeps getting to us is because he has a piece of his hair," Gustav revealed.

"What does his hair have to do with this?" Ria questioned.

"Cosmic Superiority beings are linked... so he uses the cosmic strand to link us and locates us each time," Gustav explained.

Gustav watched as shock plastered all over Ria and Aildris's faces after his revelation.

"Is there any way we can get it from him?" Aildris asked.

"Even if we did, we would still have this loop problem," Gustav shook his head softly.

"Isn't Endric taking care of that at the moment?" Ria said while looking around.

"There is no guarantee that he will find it," A plan began formulating in Gustav's head immediately after he spoke.

"I have an..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence, space pulsated rhythmically up ahead.

They all turned to stare in the northeast direction in horror.

"He's here," Aildris stated.

"Endric!" Gustav yelled and vanished.


He reappeared atop the spacecraft and reached out to grab Endric who was floating while emitting a powerful green glow from his figure.




                      [ Earth ]

Within a broad space lay an exemplar of sophistication and high-class design. Its expansive dimensions were accentuated by the minimalist, yet opulent décor, where the interplay of natural light and shadows cast a serene ambiance conducive to focused deliberation.

In a bold move, he launched himself into the vacuum of space, propelling away from the spacecraft in the opposite direction.

His movement was swift, a desperate bid to draw the Crimson-haired being away, sacrificing his safety since he seemed to be headed back for the dead man zone.

The faceless one stood in place for a bit seemingly confounded but soon, his gaze shifted, locking onto the fleeing figure with an intensity that belied its serene appearance. With a fluid motion, it gave chase, moving through space with an ease that defied physics.

[ Ultimate Combination Has Been Activated ]

Gustav's figure morphed as he wove through asteroids and debris, pushing his limits in a desperate bid to outrun the faceless one even though he knew it was impossible.

He aimed to get Ifeiev as far away from the spacecraft as possible so the others could get out of there and the only chance he felt he had at achieving this was by heading back to the dead man zone that made it impossible for any being of matter to pass through.


They both transcend unimaginable speed as Ifeiev closes in on him.

Meanwhile, back on the spacecraft, Endric suddenly opened his eyes.

"I found the focal point," He voiced before blinking.


He reappeared within the spacecraft that was already veering forward with Aildris taking charge.

"Where is Gustav?" Endric inquired with a slightly befuddled look.

"We need to get out of here now or he won't be safe," Aildris stated before powering up the hyperjump.

Endric's face lit up in realization as the recent events played out in his head.

"Husarius! Why didn't you tell me?" He yelled out.

-"Breaking concentration would have prevented us from finding the focal point," Husarius answered without an ounce of remorse while the spacecraft turned into a line that streaked forward with intensity.

On the outside, Gustav closed in on a massive net wriggling with violent throngs of energy.

{ I know what you are planning. I won't let you}

The voice of the faceless one thrummed across space as it suddenly accelerated.


Before Gustav could reach the net, Ifeiev reached him.

Gustav tried to evade but Ifeiev caught him by the neck and held him in place as Gustav struggled powerlessly.

{ Now I have you }

His voice reached Gustav's hearing once more even though he wasn't speaking.

"Do you?" A smirk suddenly appeared on Gustav's face as he stared at a countdown.

< 1... >

A burst of sky-blue light suddenly emanated from his wrist, completely consuming his figure.

Gustav vanished in the next moment, causing Ifeiev's hand to close in on nothing.

{ No! }

Although Ifeiev was faceless, one could sense the frustration in his voice as infuriating energy spread forth from his being.

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