The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 1020 - The Dragon Ancestor

Chapter 1020 The Dragon Ancestor

On the side of the Tortoise Academy, although everyone’s cultivation had improved recently, Tu Jiaojiao, Murong Jinghong, Yun Qianqian, and others were only at the stage of the Combination Realm.

Surrounded by so many masters at the stage of the Grand Completion Realm, Qin Haodong was worried that something might happen to them as he couldn’t take care of all of them. He immediately released the Earth Bear and two Flame Gold-eyed Beasts.

“Ao… ao…”

The Earth Bear was extremely excited after it came out. It howled to the sky, raised its huge front paws, and slapped the two masters at the early stage of the Great Completion Realm in front of it into muddy flesh.

The two Flame Gold-eyed Beasts didn’t want to be outdone. They opened their mouths and spat out two pillars of flame toward the crowd. These people scattered in all directions, but there were two who were slower and were reduced to ashes.

The masters from the three kingdoms were all shocked. They didn’t expect the other party to be able to summon three such powerful demonic beasts at the same time.

However, there were many capable people on their side. A few cultivators at the stage of the Grand Completion Realm could also summon eighth-level spirit beasts to fight back against the three beasts in front of them.

At this moment, Qin Haodong felt that the Three-legged Golden Toad in the Spirit Beast Pouch had awakened.

It had slept for so long. It was time for it to come out and fight. But he didn’t know what level the cultivation of the Three-legged Golden Toad had improved to.

He released the Three-legged Golden Toad.


After the Three-legged Golden Toad appeared, it raised its head and let out a furious roar.

It was a Taotie and already possessed the dragon bloodline. Now, with the help of the Earthvein Spiritual Fruit, its dragon bloodline had been activated and was revealed fully.

The demonic beasts on the other side were originally on par with the Earth Bear and the Flame Gold-eyed Beasts. Among them, one Three-Eyed Golden Hawk looked extremely ferocious.

But after hearing the roar of the Three-legged Golden Toad, this hawk was so scared that it trembled all over. It didn’t even have the courage to resist. Then, it was slapped into a sample by the Earth Bear. The remaining demonic beasts were also reduced to ashes by the flames of the Flame Gold-eyed Beasts.

All the people from the three kingdoms were stunned. The other party’s demonic beasts were too powerful.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Li Guangyao was happy on the contrary. Since Qin Haodong needed the help of demonic beasts, it proved that Cao Yuhuan’s speculation was correct. Qin Haodong’s special power was useless outside the Medicine God Valley.

“Don’t be afraid, everyone. We have so many people here, so we don’t need to bother about these beasts at all.”

After that, he pulled out a huge saber and took the lead to rush toward the Three-legged Golden Toad.

Lei Potian and Liu Zhaoji also followed him. Their cultivation was not weak at all. They were both at the late stage of the Grand Completion Realm.

Seeing the three kings rushing forward, the others no longer hesitated. Dozens of masters attacked Qin Haodong and the others together.

The Little Witch shouted excitedly, “It’s my turn. I’ll show you how powerful I am.”

With a thought, she opened two Gates of Life. After the third awakening, the speed of her summoning was much faster than before. Moreover, she could open two Gates of Life at the same time.

After the two simple and ancient gates were opened, three huge pythons rushed out one after another.

These three pythons were comparable to huge dragons. They were dozens of meters long. Their bodies were covered with colorful patterns. They were eighth-level demonic beasts, Seven-colored Heaven Swallowing Pythons.

Although these Seven-colored Heaven Swallowing Pythons could not be compared with the large dragons, they were still extremely powerful. They could be matched with the masters at the late stage of the Grand Completion Realm.

One Three-legged Golden Toad, one Earth Bear, two Flame Gold-eyed Beasts and three Seven-colored Heaven Swallowing Pythons meant that Qin Haodong had sent five masters at the late stage of the Grand Completion Realm. The situation was reversed instantly.

Li Guangyao fought with the Three-legged Golden Toad. As soon as he raised the saber in his hand, the giant tongue of the Three-legged Golden Toad rolled out.

He raised his saber and slashed down fiercely.

However, even though the tongue of the Three-legged Golden Toad seemed to be extremely soft, in fact, it was harder than steel. Its defensive power was beyond one’s imagination. Although the saber in his hand was also an extremely rare saber, his saber could not be moved at all.

The big tongue of the Three-legged Golden Toad wrapped around his saber and snatched it away. Next, the Three-legged Golden Toad’s huge paw swiped down furiously on Li Guangyao’s head.

Li Guangyao was slightly taken aback and raised his hand to fight back. He used the Dragon Royal Family’s secret skill, Sky-shaking Palm.

The Sky-shaking Palm was amazingly powerful. It was said that it could split mountains and rivers. However, his opponent was the Three-legged Golden Toad with the dragon bloodline.

The man and the beast collided with each other, which caused a deafening sound.

The huge body of the Three-legged Golden Toad did not move at all, while Li Guangyao shot out like a bullet.

Fortunately, he had a profound foundation and was not seriously injured this time, but this was enough to shock him. He really didn’t know where Qin Haodong found such a powerful demonic beast.

At the same time, Liu Zhaoji was slapped away by the Earth Bear, and Lei Potian was swept hundreds of meters away by the Seven-colored Heaven Swallowing Python’s tail.

In a battle between a demonic beast and a cultivator at the same level, the demonic beast would still have an absolute advantage due to its powerful body and innate strength.

Even the three kings, who were masters at the late stage of the Grand Completion Realm, were beaten and didn’t have the strength to fight back, let alone other masters at the early stage or the middle stage of the Grand Completion Realm.

Before Niu Cuihua could make a move, the people from the three kingdoms, who surrounded them were utterly defeated and were in a total mess. In less than two minutes, more than half of them had been killed.

Li Zhen and Cao Yuhuan had been watching the battle from the side. In Li Zhen’s opinion, even if Qin Haodong reached the peak of the Grand Completion Realm, Qin Haodong could only be defeated by the combined attacks from the three kingdoms.

He didn’t expect that his side would be the ones at a disadvantage. On Qin Haodong’s side, no one had taken action yet and only their demonic beasts were fighting.

Masters at the stage of the Grand Completion Realm were exceedingly valuable talents for every kingdom. It took decades for these kingdoms to cultivate one. The death of every single one of them was a tremendous loss.

Cao Yuhuan looked at him and said with a smile, “Don’t worry. I asked your father to have a backup plan this time. I didn’t expect this boy to be so strong. Fortunately, we were well prepared. Otherwise, he would have really escaped.”

Li Zhen asked in surprise, “The three kingdoms have shown all their strength. What else can we do?”

Cao Yuhuan smiled enigmatically. “Don’t worry. You’ll see it in a minute.”

After a few rounds with the Three-legged Golden Toad, Li Guangyao not only came close to being injured several times but more and more of his men were either killed or injured. In the blink of an eye, only more than a dozen people from the three kingdoms were left.

Seeing so many masters at the stage of the Grand Completion Realm killed or injured, he was furious and asked his men to retreat. Then, he pointed to Qin Haodong and shouted, “Boy, how dare you kill so many masters of our three kingdoms?

“Today, I will kill you and the people from the Tortoise Academy first. Later, we will crush the Tortoise Kingdom and let you pay the price!”

The Little Witch laughed, “Old man, you can’t even beat our demonic beasts. You’re not qualified to utter such words.”

Li Guangyao gnashed his teeth and said, “Our Dragon Kingdom was the first kingdom in the Lingwu Continent. Do you think that’s all we have?”

The Little Witch smiled and said, “If you have any skills, just show them. I will take them on.”

“All of you, wait here.” Li Guangyao turned around and shouted toward the top of Qingling Mountain, “Ancestor, please come over!”

His shout carried all of his strength and resounded through the entire valley.

Qin Haodong didn’t feel anything. However, Luo Dongqing and the people of the other two kingdoms were all shocked.

There was only one person in the Dragon Kingdom who was worthy of this title. He was Li Guangyao’s father, the former genius of martial arts who was once very famous in the Lingwu Continent, Li Shizun.

After the throne was passed down to Li Guangyao, there was no longer any news of the geezer. Everyone thought that he had ascended or died. They didn’t expect that the ancestor of the Dragon Kingdom was still alive after so many years.

When Li Shizun abdicated the throne, he was already at the late stage of the Grand Completion Realm. After so many years, he should have at least reached the peak of the Grand Completion Realm.

When they thought about this, all the people of the Dragon Kingdom, the Rosefinch Kingdom, and the Tiger Kingdom cheered excitedly. If Li Shizun was still alive, he would be absolutely the strongest in the Lingwu Continent and could not be contended against by this young man in front of them.

In the Dragon Kingdom, there were only two people who knew about Li Shizun. One was Li Guangyao, and the other was Cao Yuhuan.

Originally, Cao Yuhuan told Li Guangyao to invite the Dragon Ancestor because she wanted Li Shizun to help the Dragon Kingdom and put pressure on the Tiger Kingdom and the Rosefinch Kingdom after they got the Medicine God Valley’s resources, so the Dragon Kingdom could gain the greatest benefits.

But now, if the Dragon Ancestor didn’t come out, they wouldn’t even be able to keep their own lives, apart from not being able to get any resources from the Medicine God Valley.

In desperation, Li Guangyao invited the Dragon Ancestor in advance.

Under everyone’s gazes, a figure rushed down from the top of Qingling Mountain at the speed of lightning. In an instant, it arrived in front of everyone. It was the Dragon Ancestor, Li Shizun.

His hair and beard were completely white, but he was in good spirits and looked like an immortal.

After taking a quick glance around, Li Shizun harrumphed coldly. “All of you are really ‘good’. The kings from the three kingdoms can’t even defeat a boy.”

Li Guangyao looked embarrassed. He lowered his head and said, “Father, that is because this boy’s demonic beasts are too powerful.”

“Just a few beasts. What’s the big deal?”

Pride flashed across Li Shizun’s face. In his opinion, he was the most powerful person on this continent. With the exception of those at the stage of the Tribulation Realm, no one else was his match.

He looked coldly at Qin Haodong and said, “Boy, kneel down and apologize now. Then, hand over the Medicine God Valley. I will then decide if I should let you live.”

Luo Dongqing whispered in Qin Haodong’s ear, “This old man has lived for hundreds of years. He’s very difficult to deal with. Why don’t we hide in the Seven Storeys Pagoda first and come out later?”

Although he knew that Qin Haodong had reached the peak of the Grand Completion Realm, there were differences in strength among people at the peak of the Grand Completion Realm. He felt that it would be difficult for Qin Haodong to defeat Li Shizun. After all, Li Shizun had once been the overlord of the Lingwu Continent and had lived for hundreds of years. He guessed that Li Shizun must have been at the peak of the Grand Completion Realm for a long time but Qin Haodong had just reached the peak of the Grand Completion Realm.

“Don’t worry. He’s just a dying geezer. What’s there to be afraid of?”

Qin Haodong comforted Luo Dongqing. Then, he looked up and said to Li Shizun, “I am officially informing all of you, the people of the three kingdoms. You can either submit or be destroyed today!”

These words were quite domineering, but it was just a joke in the ears of the people from the three kingdoms.

If the Dragon Ancestor hadn’t shown up, they might have been a little afraid. However, Li Shizun had made his appearance and they regained their confidence in an instant.

“This boy is too arrogant. He actually dares to speak in such a manner in front of the Dragon Ancestor…”

“This boy will die. He actually dared to provoke the Dragon Ancestor. He’s definitely going to be killed…”

Li Shizun’s expression sank. No one had dared to speak to him in such an insolent manner for so many years.

In an instant, his sharp killing intent enveloped the entire valley. He said coldly, “Boy, do you know who you are talking to?”

Qin Haodong smiled disdainfully and said, “I know. You are just a good-for-nothing who has cultivated for hundreds of years but still can’t get through the tribulation and ascend.”

“Boy, you’re courting death!”

The Dragon Ancestor was completely enraged. In so many years of living, no one had ever dared to call him a good-for-nothing in front of him.

His huge Genuine Qi instantly turned into a big hand and grabbed at Qin Haodong.

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