The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 3 - The Child’s Mother

Chapter 3 The Child’s Mother

“He is named Qin Haodong. He is just an intern here,” said Ma Guoqiang in embarrassment.

“What? A little intern dares to operate on our president. Open the door now! Tell him to stop!”

An Biru shouted crazily.

“This kind of door is locked inside and no one can open it from outside. I am going to find the Director now!” After finishing the words, Ma Guoqiang ran out of the Emergency Department to the Director’s office. Tonight, Director, Wen Changjiang, was on duty, so, Ma Guoqiang rushed to report it to him in order to remove responsibility completely.

“You… If anything wrong happens to our president, I will tear down your hospital… ”

Seeing Ma Guoqiang’s fading figure, An Biru stamped with rage but was unable to do anything else.

“Mommy… mommy… ”

Tang tang cried again. An Biru had to placate her, waiting for the emergency room to be opened.

In the emergency room, Qin Haodong began rescuing Lin Momo. He took out his needle bag and shook it out lightly. The needle bag extended out with hundreds of various silver needles packed in it.

With a deep breath, Qin Haodong ran his Green Wood Genuine Qi inside and transfused it into the silver needles in his hands. He pricked silver needles into Lin Momo with his hands alternately. He performed it as naturally and smoothly as floating clouds and flowing water. In a moment, a dozen of silver needles had been stabbed into Lin Momo’s big acupuncture points on her chest.

Lin Momo spat out blood uncontrollably, but as silver needles were being stuck in, her condition changed for better.

Qin Haodong let out a sigh of relief. Lin Momo’s life was saved finally, but, his hands did not stop. His Green Wood Genuine Qi turned into an invisible hand, drew out carefully her rib that had inserted into the lung, and repaired the injured tissue with his retrieving needle.

After joining up the ribs, he continued to set her broken legs and poured his Green Wood Genuine Qi into Lin Momo’s body to accelerate the healing of her wound.

When he had done it, the instrument besides stopped ringing and every index slowly returned to normal. Qin Haodong heaved a long sigh of relief, for he was able to rescue his child’s mother from the jaws of death.

After the initial first aid was accomplished, Qin Haodong raised his hands to withdraw all the silver needles in Lin Momo and took another silver needle to prick into Dantian acupoint on her belly.

The cure for Lin Momo had just achieved the first step. She was not completely out of danger and her injured tissues had not been repaired thoroughly. The silver needle he used this time contained the essence of Green Wood Genuine Qi, which could help to restore the injury continuously.

After everything was done, Qin Haodong walked out of the emergency room hurriedly, because the child’s mother had been fine while the child was wailing outside.

An Biru was waiting anxiously at the door of the emergency office when the door opened suddenly and the intern stepped out of it.

Hardly had Qin Haodong come out when Zhang Desheng and other men surrounded him. An Biru called out, “What did you do with the president?”

“She’s fine now.” When speaking, Qin Haodong fixed his eyes closely on Tang tang. At that moment, he only had his own daughter in his eyes.

“Fine?” An Biru was not convinced of a word, held Tang tang in arms and hastened into the emergency room. Qin Haodong came in behind them.

Lying in the hospital bed, Lin Momo appeared calm in her presence. Except for the blood strains, she looked as if she had been sleeping. If it had not been the medical instrument besides displaying normally, An Biru would think that Qin Haodong would have killed Lin Momo.

An Biru could not believe her own eyes. She had witnessed what Lin Momo looked like just now—only a half of her life remnant. How could Lin Momo recover herself just in a moment?

The door of the emergency room was only closed for over ten minutes. No matter how sophisticated Qin Haodong’s medical skill was, he was incapable of healing such severe injury in such a short time, unless he was an immortal.

“Have you really healed the president?”

An Biru asked unconsciously.

“Yes, Miss Lin is all right now,” replied Qin Haodong.

“Great! Great!”

The little child understood what they had talked about and clapped with great delight. “Tang tang is so happy! Tang tang can have mommy back!”

Looking at joyful Tang tang, Qin Haodong said to An Biru, “Miss An, could I cuddle her for a minute?”

“Well… ”

An Biru appeared hesitant. As ruled, no stranger was permitted to approach Tang tang, but, Qin Haodong saved Lin Momo, and he did not look like a bad guy.

“Miss An, I like children most. Please allow me to hold her for a minute.”

Qin Haodong said wistfully.

“Brother, hug me! Brother, hug me!”

Tang tang could not stop crying a moment ago, but now, she reached out forwardly her puppy-fat hands to Qin Haodong.

An Biru was a bit surprised. She knew that Tang tang was fastidious and reluctant to have strangers hug her, so, it was confusing that Tang tang seemed well disposed toward the young man.

She glanced at several bodyguards standing at the door, sure that nothing would go wrong. Then, she gave Tang tang to Qin Haodong.

“Daughter… ”

Qin Haodong let out a cry inwardly and cuddled Tang tang tightly in his arms. A feeling of flesh-and-blood ties welled up in his heart. For five hundred years, he had been playing through life and never expected he would have a daughter. Now, he was not the all-powerful Emperor Green Wood any longer, but just a father who loved his daughter ardently.

“Elder brother, you look so handsome!”

Tang tang stretched out her little hands and held Qin Haodong’s cheeks as she said that.

“I am not your elder brother. I am your Uncle.”

Qin Haodong corrected Tang tang. His daughter called him brother. How weird the generational descent was!

“But my mommy said, a person with beards is uncle, and without beards is brother. You don’t have beards. Shouldn’t I call you brother?”

“Er… ” Qin Haodong felt awkward at her words. “This flesh is good, but looks too fair and fresh with faint beards.”

“It is not that way. You should call me uncle.”

“That’s okay. Handsome Uncle!”

“What’s your name?” asked Qin Haodong.

“Tang tang!”

The words of his daughter’s name touched Qin Haodong’s heart with warmth. With Lin family’s power, it was not difficult to check his identity. Most valuably, Lin Momo had his daughter follow his family name.

“Handsome Uncle, have you saved my mommy?” the little child wound her arms around Qin Haodong’s neck and asked.

“Yes! Because she is Tang tang’s mother, I must save her.” Qin Haodong answered familiarly.

“Well, why did that person stop you from saving mommy?”

“Because he is a fool. He could not save your mommy and thought I could not as well.”

“Fool, a big fool!” Tang tang giggled. “Handsome Uncle, why can you save my mommy? Are you a miracle doctor?”

“Yes, I am a miracle doctor.”

Qin Haodong nodded. In Cultivation World, he was a far-famed medical saint, and no one but he could deserve the title of miracle doctor.

“You’re so awesome, Uncle. Could I call you Doctor Magic?”

“Of course!”

“Doctor Magic, when can mommy talk to me? When can she take me to kindergarten?”

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow, your mommy can talk with you and send you to kindergarten.”

“That’s great! Thank you, Doctor Magic!” the little kid gave a kiss on Qin Haodong’s cheek as she said.

“My god! My heart is beating fast!”

Qin Haodong’s face broadened into a rejoiced grin like a flower. He had never been so excited before, even when kissing an empress. The kiss of his daughter was more precious than anything else.

Qin Haodong calmed himself down and said, “Well, let’s go out and mommy can have a good rest. Ok?”

“Okay, let’s go out and play. Mommy can have a good sleep.”

Qin Haodong held Tang tang in his arms and walked out of the emergency room. They started playing games at the door.

In the director’s office, Ma Guoqiang stood in front of the director, Wen Changjiang, breathless.

“Director, something… something terrible happened!”

Wen Changjiang frowned and asked, “Why are you so hurry? What happened?”

“The new intern in our hospital caused a disaster… ”

Ma Guoqiang briefed what had happened and emphasized how Qin Haodong imposed an operation on Lin Momo regardless of his dissuasion.

“What? The intern is performing an operation on the daughter of Lin family?”

Wen Changjiang had been sitting on the chair in comfort, but rose to his feet immediately when hearing that Qing Haodong did an operation on Lin Momo

Although he was the director of the hospital, he dared not to provoke the Lin family. If Lin Momo died in Jiangnan Hospital because of the intern, Wen Changjiang would be trapped in deep trouble, since he was unable to confront the fury from the Lin family.

“Yes, the intern is named Qin Haodong. He admired my medical skill deeply, and wanted to learn from me, but I did not agree. Who knows this guy hung on the emergency room and refused to leave? Later, he might have been possessed by something and was so outrageous that he himself dared to operate on Miss Lin… ”

“Why didn’t you stop him?” Wen Changjiang thundered.

“Director, I did. But the guy is a barbarian indeed. He did not listen to me, and beat me.” Ma Guoqiang pointed the palm print on his face and said, “Director, I have been a doctor for over ten years and never seen an unruly intern like him. It is clear that he will ruin our hospital. We should deal with him severely.”

“Stop so much nonsense! Go to the emergency room now! ”

With the words, Wen Changjiang rushed out of the office hurriedly. Ma Guoqiang followed, a smirk secretly appearing on the corner of his mouth. Looking at Wen Changjiang’s furious expression, Ma Guoqiang knew that he had shifted responsibility to Qin Haodong successfully.

“A tiny intern dared to cause me trouble one after another. Let’s wait and see how I persecute you miserably.”

Both of them stepped out of the office building. When coming to the front of the emergency hall, they ran into Lin Zhiyuan, who had arrived there in a hurry.

“Hello, Mr. Lin.”

Wen Changjiang came to greet him immediately.

Lin Zhiyuan had his heart brimmed with worry about his daughter’s safety. How could he be in the vein for socializing with Wen Changjiang? Instead, he just replied with a nod of his head and was about to enter the hall when a black car drove in fast and stopped in front of the hall.

“My teacher is coming.”

As saying the words, Ma Guoqiang ran to open the car door complaisantly. A middle-aged man about 50 years old got off. He was none other than Zhang Tianhe, a well-renowned medical master in Jiangnan City.

“Master Zhang, I am afraid I have to trouble you to attend to this matter this time.”

Lin Zhiyuan came up and said. He contacted Zhang Tianhe the moment he heard his daughter encountered a car accident.

Zhang Tianhe said conceitedly, “Mr. Lin, don’t worry. As long as I am here, your daughter will be fine.”

Lin Zhiyuan nodded and said, “I know the rule. No. 6 villa in Ruhua district, Jiangnan has been prepared.”

Being the top medical expert in Jiangnan City, Zhang Tianhe had a rule for giving medical treatment. That was, he accepted no money but luxurious villas. Over the years, he owned a number of houses in all the high-grade residential districts in Jiangnan City.

Ruhua district was the top rich residential area being developed by Lin’s Group, where each villa was worthy of tens of millions of yuan. Hearing what Lin Zhiyuan had promised to him, Zhang Tianhe nodded in satisfaction.

He looked back at Ma Guoqiang and asked, “How is Miss Lin now?”

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