The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 36 - A Car Accident

Chapter 36 A Car Accident

“How can you be so shameless to ask me for the reason?” Lin Momo looked angry, and she said, “You’re bodyguards, not spectators. Where were you when my daughter and I were in danger?”

“You watched your masters running to into danger, but you retreated, so why do I have to keep bodyguards like you?”

“That was not our fault! It was all his fault!” Zhang Desheng had come up with his excuses early enough. He pointed to Qin Haodong and said, “We wouldn’t have got into such huge trouble if he hadn’t messed up with Long.”

Qin Haodong looked at Zhang Desheng for a moment, which reminded Zhang Desheng how ruthless Qin Haodong could be. So he backed up a few steps.

“You’re the bodyguards of the Lin family, how could you be so scared when faced just a gangster? Shame on you to pass the buck onto others! You’re well paid, but you couldn’t even protect the young master when she was in the amusement park!”

And even if I would let that pass, but my daughter just got insulted and her hair almost got ripped off. When were you then? People like you aren’t qualified for being a guard, or even being a man! Now get out of here before I take it out on you!”

“Yes! Cowards! Cowards! Get out of here! Be quick!”

The little girl also yelled.

Zhang Desheng felt his face burning. He knew he was in the wrong, so he looked at Lin Momo with a begging face and said, “President Lin, I had been dedicated to the Lin family for so many years. Please forgive me for the sake of my hard labor work for the Lin family in so many years!”

Lin Momo said in the cold face, “I’ve been taken care of you enough for that, or I would’ve reported what you’ve done to the Association of Bodyguards, and nobody would hire you in the future.”


Zhang Desheng’s forehead was covered with cold sweat. The social circle of the upper class in Jiangnan City was small, and they would totally lose their career if Lin Momo publicized what had happened today because nobody would hire coward bodyguards.

“Get out of here before I change my mind!” Lin Momo repeated.

“Get out, get out!” yelled the little girl.

Seeing that he had no way back, Zhang Desheng glanced at Qin Haodong viciously and left in resentment.

Qin Haodong didn’t care. He was just an ant to him, and if he dared to bite, Qin Haodong would smash him.

Later Lin Momo and Qin Haodong took Tang Tang to other amusement parks. The three had a wonderful time, like a family.

The little girl enjoyed herself so much. She left the Mickey Children’s Park so unwillingly till the sun went down. The three went to the parking lot and sat in the back of the car.

The driver was named Uncle Zhang, a man in his fifties who had been serving the Lin family for long. He started the engine and drove steadily to home.

“Papa! The Children’s Park is so fun. When will you take me back here?”

Asked the little girl with her excited face.

“Anytime. Daddy will take you back anytime you want.”

While speaking to the little girl, Qin Haodong felt something was going wrong, so he frowned.

Lin Momo noticed his change and asked, “Haodong. Anything wrong?”

The little girl answered it for him, “Papa is a doctor, and doctors never get sick!”

Qin Haodong pinched the little girl’s smooth cheek. He smiled and said, “Tang Tang’s right. I’ll never get sick.”

Of course, he would never get sick, because he had cultivated the Longevity of Emperor Green Wood.

Mickey Children’s Park was located in the suburbs, so part of their way back home was remote mountain road.

As the drove in that part, Qin Haodong’s bad premonition went worse and worse. He bent his finger and calculated, and then his expression changed sharply—the calculated hexagram showed an extremely hazardous sign.

At this moment, a large truck came in their way. Uncle Zhang had pulled the Rolls-Royce aside as much as he could, but the big truck headed directly to the car.

“D*mn it! Who drives like that?”

Uncle Zhang was totally shocked, he was pulling over as much as he could, and horned like mad.

However, it seemed that the driver of the truck couldn’t hear it. He didn’t change the direction of the truck, and instead, he speeded up.

“D*mn it!”

Finally, Qin Haodong knew where his bad premonition came from. He kept the little girl in his arms and kicked off the door of the Rolls Royce. He grabbed Lin Momo with another hand and jumped out of the car.

As the three landed on the ground. After a tremendous boom the two cars collided into each other deeply.

Although the Rolls-Royce had a nice performance and excellent safety, it was still vulnerable compared to the large truck. What was worse, the truck was running very fast, and the driver didn’t brake. The truck hit over the Rolls-Royce and ran it over, which indicated that this was by no means an accident, but definitely a murder.

When the big truck stopped, the Rolls-Royce was totally under it and pressed flat. There was hardly any chance that Uncle Zhang had survived.

The three picked themselves up from the ground. Lin Momo was totally dumb, not knowing what had happened at all. The little girl’s face paled out of scare. She hugged Lin Momo’s neck tightly.

Qin Haodong was outrageous when seeing the horrifying scene. He might be able to survive because of his cultivation, but the little one and Lin Momo would definitely die if he hadn’t had the bad premonition.

Before he took it out, seven or eight men in black jumped off the truck. They all had black hoods on their heads, with only two of their eyes revealed. They had guns in their hands, and in mere time, they started shooting.

The serial killing was out of Qin Haodong’s expectation, and he could avoid it with his swift dodging skills if he was alone. But now he had Lin Momo and the little girl behind, whose life he cherished more than his own.

The time was too short for him to consider more. He jumped up and pulled Lin Momo and the little girl down onto the ground. Then he took them to hide behind a big rock.

As fast as he was, all of the moves had taken shorter than seconds. His body vibrated, because his left shoulder, right chest, and his leg had been shot.

“F*ck, my cultivation level is too low.” Qin Haodong swore silently. He wouldn’t even care about these bullets if he had the cultivation in his previous life.

But now was not a good time to complain. The crucial task now was to deal with these people. His cultivation was barely enough for him to protect the little one and Li Momo, let alone killing those people.

Maybe it was time to ask for help now. He took his phone out of his pocket and dialed Nalan Wuxia’s number fast.

Nalan Wuxia was on duty today. She answered it immediately when she saw the number of Qin Haodong.

As she was about to speak, she heard the low voice of Qin Haodong came from the other side. “Someone’s hunting me, come and help me soon!”

Nalan Wuxia knew Qin Haodong was a joker, so she didn’t believe it at all. She laughed and said, “Knock it off! Why would someone hunt a young doctor like you? You can’t fool me. It’s not April Fool’s Day today.”

Her reaction was out of Qin Haodong’s expectation. Qin Haodong swallowed his swearing words and spoke it out fast, “Why your boobs so plum while brain so empty? I have no time for jokes! Hurry up or you can come and pick my body later.”

Nalan Wuxia’s face changed when she realized Qin Haodong was being serious, and she said, “Are you sure it’s not a joke?”

“I have three gun wounds on my body now. What do you think? I guess it was the fellows of Sad Dog coming back to us!”

Actually, Qin Haodong had no idea where these people came from. He guessed they were coming after Lin Momo. He made up the story about Sad Dog because he wanted Nalan Wuxia to believe it as soon as possible.

After he said that, Nalan Wuxia jumped up and asked fast, “Tell me where you are!”

“On the way back to Jiangnan City from Mickey Children’s Park, you can see a traffic accident scene here, and that’s where we are trapped.”

“Just hang on and I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

After that, Nalan Wuxia hanged up the phone immediately.

Lin Momo understood now that this was an assassination. The rock was not that big, so she had to hug the little one and cuddled with Qin Haodong, with her cheek on his back.

After she collected herself, Lin Momo felt her face wet and sticky. She touched it and found it all blood.

“Are you injured?”

“Nothing, just a little wound.”

After he was done asking for help, he finally felt peaceful. He put the phone back into his pocket and started to press his apertures to stop the bleed.

Lin Momo’s felt sour in her nose and her tears dropped down. She knew Qin Haodong was injured because he wanted to save her and her daughter.

“Papa! I’m scared!” The little girl felt scared instinctively, though she had no idea what was going on.

“Don’t be afraid, Tang Tang. Haven’t I told you that as long as I’m with you, you can fear nothing?”

Qin Haodong covered her mouth after that, because his ear was sharp enough to hear the steps. Those men in black didn’t give up, who were approaching as a circle.

“Don’t say anything. They are coming!”

After that, Qin Haodong gave Tang Tang to Lin Momo and took out the needle bag from his pocket. Then he calmed down and held his breath to judge the distance between him and those men in black by the sound of footsteps.

With his current cultivation, the silver needle was effective in 20 meters, and the accuracy would be influenced if it was too far. The needles weren’t as accurate as guns, so he had to wait until those people approached close enough.

Those men in black seemed to have ignored Qin Haodong, and the two in the front arrived before the big rock soon enough.

Qin Haodong didn’t show up because he knew they had guns in their hands. He raised his hands and threw ten more needles away to the directions judged by the voice he had heard.

His silver needle would definitely lose accuracy as he couldn’t see the enemy, but if one of the ten more needles shot an enemy, he would be killed.

As he threw out the silver needles, two men in black collapsed on the ground without a chance to scream.

Those men in black behind didn’t know what had happened. So they shoot and retreated, hiding beside the car.

Seeing that these people retreating, Qin Haodong was so relieved. The rock wouldn’t be able to shield them from those men in black forever. When those men in black realized what had happened and surrounded the three from all directions, the rock wouldn’t be able to protect them from the intensive shooting.

He craned over and found an abandoned shabby house nearby. It was small, but was big enough to shield them from bullets.

Qin Haodong held the little one in his arms again and said to Lin Momo: “I’ll count to three, let’s rush to the little house together, and move fast!”

“OK.” Lin Momo nodded. She was clear that the young man before him was her only hope to survive.

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