The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 47 - I I'll Call My Help

Chapter 47—I I’ll Call My Help

Damao looked stern, showing no intention to retreat when facing Dongfang Liang’s fist. Instead, he balled his fist and punched too.

His fist appeared smaller and not as powerful as Dongfang Liang’s, but as the two fists collided with each other, Damao stepped backwards. Dong Fangliang maintained balance before stepping back three or four steps.

Dongfang Liang’s expression changed suddenly, not expecting such power out of Damao’s weak body.

However, no matter what he thought, Damao never gave him any chance to rest. Damao stepped forward and sidekicked Dongfang Liang’s chest.

Dongfang Liang leaned to one side and avoided the kick. The he fought with Damao. One the other side, Ermao battled with Dongfang Liang’s mercenaries.

It turned out these ordinary mercenaries still had a huge gap when running into real warriors. About three minutes later, Damao kicked Dongfangliang into the air, but never got off the ground after he landed.

The rest of his fellows had also been knocked to the ground by Ermao, crying and screaming.

Feng Tianda’s grinned smugly when he saw the scene before him. He paid a high price for the two bodyguards to fight Lin’s Group today, and the plan turned out so well now.

The onlookers burst in uproar because they didn’t expect Feng Tianda’s bodyguards to be so powerful compared to the weaker ones of Lin’s Group.

Once again Feng Tianda stepped to Lin Momo and said proudly, “Momo, we are schoolmates after all, so there’s no need to make things awkward. Why not go with me and enjoy some tea and have a nice chat? Maybe we can find a place to talk about life, wouldn’t that be nice?”

Lin Momo grimaced. She figured out that Feng Tianda was here to mess with her, so she yelled, “Get the hell out of my sight!”

“Why do you have to push me to do this in a hard way?” Feng Tianda turned upset. He ordered Damao and Ermao, “Let’s take Mrs. Lin out for some tea!”

According to his plan, the Lin’s Group lost all its decency, and would be halfway successful as long as Damao and Ermao escorted Lin Momo away at the gate of the group.

Damao and Ermao answered and reached out to grab Lin Momo from both sides. All the bodyguards of the Lin’s Group’s were knocked out, so they grabbed wildly because they thought the woman possessed no more strength to resist.

“Get your damn hands off me!”

But before their hands touched Lin Momo, two slapping sounds sounded. Damao and Ermao flew backwards, with a huge, red palm print on each of their faces.

Feng Tianda was shocked when seeing his two powerful bodyguards slapped into the air. He never expected Lin Momo owned an ace in the hole.

The onlookers were also surprised. They saw how capable Damao and Ermao were. Now that they were knocked down so easily, many of the onlookers looked excited because they knew this would be spectacular.

It was Qin Haodong, of course. He went to Lin Momo with a smile and said to Damao and Ermao, “How about that? Didn’t it feel good? Now go back and change both of your names because Damao and Ermao are the names of my two dogs.”

“You are also “dogs”, but you cannot have the same name as my dogs. You can have whatever names you like, but not Damao and Ermao, or I’ll kick your as* every time I meet you!”

After he said that, the crowded roared with laughter.

Danao and Ermao’s eyes reddened. They had never been insulted so much as warriors. They roared and lunged at Qin Haodong immediately.

“How reckless!”

Cold light flashed in Qin Haodong’s eyes. He punched twice, then Damao and Ermao flew back without a chance to resist. They flopped down on the ground, then rolled seven or eight meters away.

After he dealt with the two, he grinned and went to Feng Tianda who was in shock.

“Master Feng, how should I deal with you?”

“You can’t hit me, I am the young master of the Feng’s Group.” Feng Tianda said fearfully. He proved worthless after losing Damao and Ermao’s protection.

“Wow! The young master of the Feng’s Group! We shall treat you with good manners!” After that Qin Haodong kicked Feng Tianda on his abdomen. Feng Tianda sailed backwards and fell into the center of the heart-shape rose.


Feng Tianda screamed in extreme misery like his heart and lungs had been crushed. Those roses were thorny, and now hundreds of rose thorns pricked him all over.

Qin Haodong clapped his hands after the kick, and said, “That’s what you said, I didn’t hit you, I kicked.”

“You bastard! How dare you kick me! You’ll pay for this!”

Feng Tianda crawled out of the roses. His handsome face twisted with pain. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed a phone number. Then he roared, “Send 10, no, 20 bodyguards to the gate the Lin’s Group as soon as you can!”

Lin Momo clearly displayed the power of the Lin’s Group. She was a little worried, so she went to Qin Haodong and whispered, “Haodong, how about getting out of here?”

“It’s fine. I can also call for help.” Qin Haodong’s said with a carefree face and smiled. Then he took out his old Dami phone and dialed Nalan Wuxia’s number.

Nalan Wuxia pressed the answer button as soon as she saw Qin Haodong’s number. She mocked Qin Haodong and said, “Why are you calling, great magic doctor? Did you run into an assassination again?”

“No assassination this time. Just some ruffians trying to cross me. Just hurry up and come check.”

After Qin Haodong said that, even Lin Momo couldn’t help laughing.

“Qin Haodong, can you be serious at least once? I am busy now!”

“I am talking about serious things. Just hurry and come here. This guy already called for help! I’ll be beaten up if you don’t come here in time!” Qin Haodong said.

“Are you sure you are not kidding?” Nalan Wuxia asked again.

“No! Just hurry up! I am at the gate of the Lin’s Group!”

Qin Haodong hung up the phone as soon as he finished that.

After he made that phone call, he strolled to the set-up roses and said to the onlookers, “I know it must be hard for you just to watch, so pick some roses and bring them home. You see how fresh they are! Gentlemen can pick some for their girlfriends, ladies can pick some and make tea. Rose tea keeps you beautiful and heathy…”

After that, he pulled out all the 9999 roses from Feng Tianda.

The onlookers gladly accepted the gift. Each of them had their own flowers a bouquets. Soon the roses were all gone.

Feng Tianda was furious. He gnashed his teeth in hatred. “This is not over yet! I’ll send someone to grind your bones!”

At this moment, after a shrill sound of the brake, four black business cars stopped at gate of the Lin’s Group. More than 20 bodyguards in black jumped out of the cars and ran to Feng Tianda.

The head of those bodyguards was surprised when he saw Feng Tianda with thorns all over his body. He stepped forward and asked, “Young master, what happened?”

Feng Tianda pointed to Qin Haodong, and he shouted with a twisted face. “It’s all this bastard’s fault! Now pummel him till no one recognizes his face!”

The leader of the bodyguards heard his master’s command and waved his hand. Twenty bodyguards rushed to Qin Haodong and surrounded him.

All the bodyguards of the Feng’s Group were retired soldiers. They received combat training and looked professional.

Lin Momo looked anxious. She knew Qin Haodong was strengthened and good at fighting, but there were too many people to deal with, jeopardizing his chances of victory.

At the moment, the siren whistled. Two patrol wagons pulled up. When the door opened, Nalan Wuxia jumped out with seven or eight policemen.

“What happened? Stop, all of you.” Nalan Wuxia yelled at those bodyguards surrounding and fighting Qin Haodong.

“Don’t stop! Just beat him!”

Feng Tianda looked in the mirror of Maserati while pulling the rose thorns out of his face. He winced with pain every time he pulled one out. At last, tears streamed down his face, and he resented Qin Haodong even more.

Those bodyguards of Feng’s Group knew clearly how capable Feng Tianda was, so they did not take those cops seriously. They attacked Qin Haodong according to their young master’s command.

Seeing those people ignoring her, Nalan Wuxia turned cold. She yelled at Feng Tianda sternly, “Tell them to stop!”

Feng Tianda did not look back at all. Instead he yelled back arrogantly. “Who are you to interfere in my business? Get the hell out of here or I’ll strip you of your uniform!”

Considering how he acted usually, he was indeed the type who ignored normal cops.

“That’s contempt to the police and affray, now cuff them all!”

Nalan Wuxia yelled in anger. A young policeman ran over and cuffed Feng Tianda.

“Who are you? You want to lose your job or what? Who are you to arrest me? Don’t you know that I am the young master of the Feng’s?”

Feng Tianda flailed around wildly. He swore and turned back, only to see Nalan Wuxia glaring back.

“Officer Nalan?” Feng Tianda was stunned. There were few people he was afraid of in Jiangnan City, and Nalan Wuxia was definitely one of them.

The chick was quick-tempered and held zero-tolerance to his issue. Moreover, she had the Nalan’s supporting her, which were 100 times more powerful than Feng’s Group.

“Tell your man to stop!” Nalan Wuxia said coldly.

“Well.” Feng Tianda stopped acting arrogantly and answered. Then he turned back to his fellows and commanded, “Stop it, all of you.”

By the time he commanded, five or six of his bodyguards were already knocked out. Those men witnessed how powerful Qin Haodong was, and stopped as soon as they heard their young master.

Now that they stopped attacking, Qin Haodong ran over to Nalan Wuxia immediately, stepping on the face of one of the bodyguards on his way.

“There you are, Officer. I could’ve been killed by these ruffians if you were late.”

Seeing Qin Haodong pretending to be innocent, Nalan Wuxia thought to herself, Would it kill you not to act like that? Obviously, it was you that hit them. Stop acting like you’re the one suffering loss.

“What the hell is going on?” Nalan Wuxia asked.

“Officer, that ruffian molested President Lin. I taught him a lesson in justice. He called so many people to assault me. You have to protect my rights!”

“Such nonsense! It didn’t go down like that!” Feng Tianda seemed ready to argue, but stammered anxiously.

Qin Haodong simply ignored him and pointed to Dongfang Liang and those who picked themselves off the ground. “You see, officer. Those are President Lin’s bodyguards, looked at them! How badly they’ve been hurt!”

Nalan Wuxia turned back to Feng Tianda. “Did you do this?”

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