The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 768 - 768 Extra. Second Child (2)

768 Extra. Second Child (2)

Meeting Zuo Lin’s indignant eyes, Ning Yiyuan turned a blind eye to it. “I’ve always been aware of your capabilities. It’s a piece of cake for you to handle such a small matter.”

Of course!

Zuo Lin was not modest at all. When he heard this, he subconsciously puffed out his strong chest.

“Furthermore, there are many places where even Zhong Wen has to retreat a single shot from you.”

Aiyo, Brother, not bad. You have a good eye for pearls!

Ning Yiyuan did not often praise people. It must be because he was too outstanding, an unstoppable talent. Zuo Lin’s big bright eyes were smiling so much that they almost formed a line.

“So you can definitely complete these things, right?”

“That goes without saying!” Zuo Lin agreed immediately.

When he walked out of the Ning Family’s gate in a daze, he finally reacted.


He had actually been tricked by Boss’s magic potion, this scheming dog!

But then again, with his Boss’s silly look, he seemed to have seen it before… When exactly was that?

After thinking for a while, Zuo Lin still could not remember.

In the end, he could only secretly go to the forum and post an anonymous post to vent his anger-

“Solution! My Boss is acting really weird recently. He’s a workaholic, but he suddenly skipped work and stayed at home. He’s also smiling like an idiot all day long. Even I’m a little scared. What’s going on?”

Zuo Lin logged into a rather famous forum with high popularity.

As a matter of fact, not long after he posted the post, the enthusiastic netizens below expressed their opinions one after another.

Netizen 1: “Isn’t it simple? Who didn’t have a lot of pressure in life these days? If I don’t get sick or have an accident, I’ll be embarrassed to come out, okay?”


Their Boss was under a lot of pressure?

Don’t joke around in the galaxy!

Ning Yiyuan was a hero who had taken over the entire Federation in decades. How could he be so stressed that his facial nerves were out of order?

Don’t joke with me, Brother!

Looking further down, a netizen’s following words were much more reliable.

Netizen 2: “I don’t think it’s like he’s under too much pressure. Think about it, since he’s the big Boss, his ability to withstand pressure shouldn’t be too weak, right? From the looks of it, it’s completely possible that something great has happened. He’s smiling foolishly, doesn’t want to do anything, and is an idiot. It’s like he’s a hit!”

Netizen 3 immediately tacitly attacked, “The four great happy events in life are nothing more than a good rain after a long drought, meeting an old friend in a foreign land, the wedding night, and inscribing one’s name on the wealthy list. Take a closer look. Which category does your Boss belong to?”

“Oh, that makes sense!”

Four great happy events?

Seeing these words, Zuo Lin could not help but ponder carefully.

A long-term drought encountering rain shower?

That did not make sense!

Now that technology had advanced, even artificial sunny days were not a big problem, let alone artificial rainfall. This option could be easily eliminated.

Meeting an old friend in a foreign land?

This was not realistic!

Now that transportation was convenient, starships and propulsion drives could be found everywhere, so what was an old friend? Besides, if there was anything, he could just video call. It was convenient and fast, so he could Pass on this.

The remaining two were even more ridiculous.

With Boss’s current status, he was definitely a top leader! If it was in ancient times, he should be comparable to an Emperor above thousands of people. How could he be inferior to a mere top scholar?

It’s even more impossible to have sex on the wedding night. Boss and little Chu have even given birth to a child, how can this be possible?

Wait a minute!

What the f*ck?

Don’t tell me…

“Gulp…” Zuo Lin’s heart trembled and he swallowed hard.

No way?!

Could it be that Little Chu is pregnant again?

Once this thought emerged, it did not go away for a long time.

Rationally, Zuo Lin felt that this guess was most likely true. Otherwise, how could he explain the couple’s abnormal behavior during this period?

But emotionally, he did not want it to be true.


The Boss was going to have a baby again, but he was still a sad single dog. This was simply too sour compare!

Unfortunately, no matter how much Zuo Lin did not want to admit this fact, a few days later, after many consultations and confirming that Little Chu’s body was fine, Ning Yiyuan could not wait to expose this matter.

After that.

A clap of thunder rang out from the ground!

Everyone was dumbfounded by this news!


Mo Chu is pregnant with their second child? She had another child?

Hence, after everyone understood the meaning of the originally unfamiliar term ‘second child’, it quickly spread throughout the entire galaxy like a single spark of fire!

Everyone was envious and emotional, but they could not help but feel bitter.

So, people really could not be compared.

How many single people were left on their side? Even if they were married, all of them still had a hard time. Ning Yiyuan just had to be lucky. Not only did he have a pair of clever twins before, he even had a second child now!

Can’t you restrain yourself? aren’t you afraid that they’ll hate the rich?

The source of the news was slightly slower. When his friends, who were still enjoying their food in the Spirit Food Restaurant, learned of this, they did not feel too good.

No wonder!

They were wondering why Little Chu suddenly spent so much money.

Dozens of Spirit Food Restaurants had actually been giving out free food for several days. It turned out that they were celebrating this!

When he thought about his lonely and desolate situation, even the delicious food that was about to reach his mouth had lost some of its taste!

However, this atmosphere did not last for long before Ning Yiyuan released another piece of explosive news.

“According to the statistics, there are a total of 20 women in the entire Weichu City who are on their period.”

In other words, these women had the possibility of being pregnant from their own wombs, and this number would only increase in the future.

As soon as the news came out, everyone’s little worries were thrown far away!

All of them were extremely excited, and their imaginations ran wild. Who knew, after some time, they would also have a fair and tender little treasure that belonged to them!

While they were enjoying themselves, everyone had forgotten the sad reality that most of them were still single.

On the other hand, Mo Chu’s baby was lucky enough to inherit the mother’s ‘Lucky Star’ nickname before he was even born.

Wasn’t it?

Otherwise, why would there be such great news when the news of the second child had just come out?

He was blessed!

This child was definitely blessed! He was a Lucky Star!

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