The Incubus System

Chapter 448: Are You a Tsundere? III

Chapter 448: Are You a Tsundere? III

The Incubus System Chapter 446. Are You a Tsundere? III

“So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you make her your woman?” he asked. His confusion replaced his displeasure.

“Don’t stick your dick in crazy. Ever heard of that?” I asked.

“What’s that?” she asked in confusion.

“A rule for any man who wishes not to be murdered in their sleep,” I explained.

He replied with a burst of muffled laughter.

“Pfft … That woman won’t be able to kill you. Not in your current level,” said Lord Damon in a mocking tone.

“He’s right.” Lilieth returned her gaze to me.

“You’ve reached your max level, right? I can feel it from your demonic force. There’s no way she can kill you.”

I gave them a flat stare.

“In my case, I don’t know if she wants to share me with others or not.” It wasn’t like I didn’t want to make her my woman. I knew Ruby was a bit possessive and I didn’t want any competition among my girls. So she had to pass my test before I accepted her.

“Just make her your slave then,” Lord Damon said lightly.

“Then what is the difference between having sex with a dakimakura?” My flat stare didn’t change.

“What’s dakimakura?” she asked. While Lord Damon showed the same confusion.

I facepalmed myself and exhaled a long breath.

‘Right, they don’t know what it is.’

“I mean a puppet,” I corrected.

“A puppet is cold and dead, but a slave is warm and alive,” said Lord Damon with a frown.

“Only that?” I asked in a flat tone.

“Yes. That’s more than enough. Why do you need emotion to have sex with a slave?” he asked.

“That’s why I said it is no different from a dakima—” I pressed my lips before I corrected it.

“I mean, puppet. There’s no emotion in it.”

“They are literally different,” they said in unison.

I answered them with another cringe.

“You are a demon. Stop thinking like a human,” he said.

“Oh, pardon my human side. I still need some to stay sane,” I retorted in a cynical tone. They said I couldn’t lose my humanity. On the other hand, they wanted me to enslave someone and make her my sex slave. What a nice example of a double standard.

Lord Damon exhaled a long breath.

“Haa… So it’s about human morality after all,” he said in disappointment.

“Let’s talk about this later. We’ll have our dinner first. You are hungry, right?” Lilieth decided to stop this pointless talk.

It reminded me of my hungry stomach.

“Sounds good.” And we started eating.


Six days had passed since I reached my max level. During that time, I spent my time learning about the demon world and having a lot of sex to collect my sex points. Sometimes, I went to Lord Damon’s office to learn one or two things about his job. He even made me his assistant once in a while.

I also visited Mia yesterday to ease her mating period. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay long or visit my other partners since Lord Damon only gave me a little time.

Yes, due to the Glob King’s ambition to rule the human world, no one could enter the human world without Lord Damon’s permission. Including me and Lilieth. He had closed all access since he was going to use his power to strengthen the barrier after the important meeting with Letos. So I would take his place for a few days.

As for me, even though my level was more than adequate, he wouldn’t let me do it since I had to accompany Lilieth tomorrow. Shit could happen at any time, so he wanted me to save my strength and stamina.

Although I could refill my DP with sex, he said fixing the border energy was different from closing a regular crack. It could knock me out for a week.

I had also distributed my status points to my LUK, STR, AGI, and WIS

[Name: Damian Lucio]

[Ages: 19]

[Level 170]

[Exp: – ]

[Race: Demon – Royal Incubus]

[Title: King of Massacre]

[HP: 10000/10000]

[DP: 1992/2000]

[STR: 300+150] [VIT: 1000 ]

[AGI: 180+90] [LUK: 100 (Max) ]

[INT: 300+150] [WIS: 200 ]

Since I had taken all my new skills my unused skill points remain at 55. Well, I hadn’t opened my Angelic seal yet, I was sure it would come in handy later.

Due to the important meeting, Lord Damon decided to give me one last test. Just to make sure I could pretend to be him well or not.

After using my Camouflage skill, I sat on Lord Damon’s throne. A second later, two headless demons entered the throne’s chamber.

Just like when I met Lord Damon in this place. My legs were casually folded. My elbow was on the armrest and my head was on the back of my hand. I raised my chin a bit and put on my arrogant expression. My eyes looked down at them. A smirk was on my lips. Somehow I felt like a real demon king.

Okay, I knew I was going to be a demon king someday. But this felt weird for me since I had to look down on people.

Also, Lord Damon had reset my armor so others could feel my Demon Lord aura without actually activating it. If I had to hide it, I just needed to turn it off.

The two headless demons bowed.

“Your Majesty,” they greeted.

“What do you want to report?” I asked.

“It’s the Spider Queen, Your Majesty. She has made her move,” said one of them.

“Tell me,” I demanded. With this, the only one who hadn’t made any move was only the Gargoyle King.

“We just received information that she is preparing her troops for the human world.”

“It’s her trusted Spyder, Your Majesty. What she needs is a little crack and the right time to spread them,” another added.

Okay, that was bad news. Spyder was the Spider Queen’s secret army. They were just low-level demons and their size was no bigger than a young tarantula. Rather than humans, they only ate small animals such as mice, cats, and dogs. And it was a fest for them.

As their name suggests, they were the Spider Queen’s trusted spy army. She usually sent them before launching her attack. In contrast to the Glob King who didn’t think twice about what he will face in the human world, the queen looked more cautious. So I was guessing that maybe she already knew about ‘The Great Demon’ or the demon hunter association.

This signified I had to put my plan into action immediately.

“Any more news? How about the others?” I asked.

They shook their heads from side to side.

“That’s all we know, Your Majesty.”

“Very well. Continue your investigation,” I ordered.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” After another bow, they left.

“How is my act?” I asked as soon as the door closed.

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