The Incubus System

Chapter 492: Last Mission I

Chapter 492: Last Mission I

The Incubus System Chapter 489. Last Mission I

Other Demons’ PoV

12.23 AM

It was already past midnight. The Gourmando City’s sky grew darker. Most restaurants, cafes, and other buildings had closed. What was still open were a few 24H cafes and convenience stores. But they looked much quieter than usual. The streets also showed the same thing. There were only a few vehicles and demons passing by.

Several hours had passed since the attack on Jealousi City and the news had spread throughout the dark dimension. Although some cities decided to ignore the incident, The Glob King, Beel, decided to take it seriously. Especially since his city was close to Jealousi. Moreover, the spider queen had contacted him and told him to be careful. There was a high possibility that the culprit was on his way to his city.

Unfortunately, when Beel asked for more information, the spider queen said she would tell all the details in the meeting in a few days. At least until things calmed down. She would also invite Zatan to the meeting. Beel wanted to ask further, especially her warning about Letos, but the queen had hung up.

Although he was confused, Beel decided to swallow his curiosity since from the tone of her voice, he bet the spider queen was in a hurry and tense. He also could catch a trace of fear in the tone of her voice. So he was sure there was something emergency going on in her city even though the attack looked harmless and didn’t have any fatalities.

Or maybe, because this had something to do with the queen’s collection. Everyone knew that the queen loved her collection and was very proud of it. So Beel guessed that even though the news said her necklace was safe, the culprit might have managed to take another one. Something more precious than her necklace.

Besides, he bet this must be something to do with her internal affairs office. Although that place was useless and empty in the plain sight, its security signified another thing so Beel guessed the queen might keep her other collections there.

Due to the queen’s warning, Beel ordered his troops to close the city’s borders and asked his people to return home early. That way the soldiers could watch over the city more easily. That was the main reason for Gourmando’s unusual sight.

Realizing the culprit was targeting important documents or something valuable from the demon lords, Beel decided to prevent it by moving what was valuable to him to his mansion. So if the culprit wanted to take something from him, he had to confront Beel and his elite soldiers head-on.

So in the middle of that night, several box trucks containing Beel’s favorite slid down the street to his mansion. Most of them were filled with his favorite food and drinks. He even asked some of his bodyguards to pick up his favorite restaurant chefs. As absurd as may sounded, Beel loved food. For him, life was for enjoying tasty food and drinks.

Apart from his favorites, he also secured many important documents from the city hall. Just like the others, a box truck would send it to his mansion.

Different from the silence, noise and rustling sounds came from the city hall’s basement. A box truck was already in the parking lot basement with its back doors wide open. The staff carrying boxes of important documents moved back and forth to arrange all of them in the cargo. The team leader stood by its side. His eyes glanced from side to side, making sure not a single box was left behind. In addition, he also made sure that there were no intruders among them.

“Faster! Faster!” the team leader ordered. His face looked tense. His eyes observed every soldiers that carry the boxes.

From the news, he knew the culprit was a professional so he had to finish his mission as fast as he could. It had been three hours since Jealousi’s incident. If the culprit immediately moved towards this place after the incident, he should have arrived.

Upon his order, the staff moved faster as if they were bank robbers who had to escape before the police caught them.

Around the truck, the Glob King’s elite soldiers stood guard with their eyes watching in all directions, ready to catch anything suspicious. The dark force on their palms indicated that they were ready to attack anyone who approached them. No one could approach them for whatever reason. Not even a single animal or bug.

Sweat dripped down their faces and wet their palms. Their gazes and faces showed their tension clearly. Their pupils kept moving from side to side, expecting something to come and attack them or try to take over the truck. Luckily, nothing happened.

After 15 long minutes of packing and loading the documents, the last box entered the cargo. The team leader quickly closed the door. But then, a loud clacking sound broke the silence.

Reflexively, the team leader’s hands stopped, leaving a narrow gap at the door. He and all of the soldiers immediately turned to the origin of the sound. Their hearts were beating fast. The soldiers’ hands pointed in that direction, ready to attack anyone who came from there.

But instead of waiting, the team leader decided to get out of there as soon as possible. The Glob King’s mansion was the safest place for these documents so the faster they reached there the better.

“Ignore it. Let’s move!” he ordered. He peeked at the cargo for a second time to make sure no one was there before closing the doors and locking them.

Then he ran to get in the truck and sat beside the driver. While other soldiers got into their cars or their motorcycles.

Important note: Same as Jealousi. The time gap between Gourmando and Eternal Night City is 12 hours. So 12. 23 AM at Gourmando City = 12.23 PM at Eternal Night City.

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