The Mafia's Crybaby Wife

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Eating a Spicy Bar to Calm Himself Down

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While eating the porridge that Lu An’an was feeding him, Yan Yunge’s eyes were glued to Yan Yinlan’s red spicy bars. Lu An’an noticed the reluctance in Yan Yunge’s eyes and felt amused. She had heard rumors that Yan Yunge was very fierce and scary, so she was shocked to see his child-like appearance, envious of other people’s food.

“Stop looking. You can’t eat it,” Lu An’an kindly reminded him. Yan Yunge retracted his gaze. “I’m just looking around the room. What do you think I’m looking at?” Yan Yunge said seriously.

Lu An’an glared at Yan Yunge. This man was really strong-hearted. He obviously wanted to eat the spicy bars. Was there really a need to defend himself? Yan Yunge looked at Yan Yinlan who was in front of him and said, “Are you done talking? If you’re done, leave the spicy bars behind and leave.”

After being in a coma for three years, he suddenly woke up to a son. Although their facial features were similar, Yan Yunge had not accepted that he was now a father, so he did not feel any love for him.

On the other hand, Yan Yinlan really admired his handsome father who came out of nowhere. Hearing that, he pouted his lips, feeling wronged. Just to be able to eat the small packet of spicy bars, he had to beg the nanny for a really long time. He had only eaten a few but his father already wanted to snatch them away. He felt extremely wronged. Although he liked his father very much, he wanted to keep his spicy bars to himself

Therefore, Yan Yinlan hesitated. He blinked his big, bright byes and came to Yan Yunge’s side. Very cutely, he acted coquettishly to Yan Yunge, “Daddy, don’t chase me away. You’ve been sleeping all this time instead of playing with me. Now that you’ve finally woken up, I want to spend more time with you. Daddy, you’re so handsome! Handsome on the left and handsome on the right. You’re just like a Prince!”

Yan Yunge was speechless.

“You’re quite honest.” Yan Yunge’s expression softened a lot, and he even complimented him politely, “You’re not bad yourself. You’re just a little fatter. If you eat less spicy bars and lose weight, you’ll look more like me.”

Lu An’an was speechless.

Yan Yinlan moved closer to Lu An’an, held her hand, and leaned over intimately. “You two are so compatible. You two are a perfect match!” Yan Yinlan continued to suck up to Yan Yunge. Yan Yunge looked at Lu An’an who was beside him with a hint of mockery in his eyes. Lu An’an secretly rolled her eyes.

“Then tell me, why are we perfect for each other?” Yan Yunge looked at Yan Yinlan with a smile.

Immediately, Yan Yinlan became a chatterbox. He babbled for a long time, listing out the advantages of the two of them being together. Halfway through talking, he even took a break to eat a spicy bar to calm himself down. Very soon, the bag of spicy bars was completely devoured by Yan Yinlan. He licked the remaining chilli on his lips with satisfaction.

Yan Yinlan seemed to have remembered something. He threw the bag of spicy bars into the trash can at the side and looked at the two of them with a cheeky expression. “Speaking of which, it is because of me that you woke up.”

Lu An’an did not react at first. She paused for a moment before realizing what Yan Yinlan was about to say. She immediately pulled Yan Yinlan over to cover his mouth and smiled at Yan Yunge. She did not want Yan Yunge to know that she kissed him before he woke up! It would be too embarrassing!

Yan Yunge looked at Lu An’an with a threatening look in his eyes. Lu An’an reluctantly let go of Yan Yinlan and looked away awkwardly. As expected, Yan Yinlan told him about the kiss!

Hearing Yan Yinlan’s words, Yan Yunge looked at Lu An’an with an ambiguous look. “I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person, to steal a kiss from me while I was unconscious!”.

Lu An’an’s ears turned red. Her ears look even redder due to the contrast with her light and pale skin. Lu An’an wanted to bury her head in a hole.

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