The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 1977 - 1977 Same Person

1977 Same Person

“From now onward, I will be fully responsible for everything in the Yi family!”

Jun Jiuqing’s two sentences caused the crowd to break into uproar!

Everyone looked at each other with shocked expressions. Jun Jiuqing wants to inherit the position at this moment? Isn’t this too sudden?

“Um… Young Master, the inheritance of the family head position has always needed the family head to personally pass it down and hold a grand ceremony. Now that Master is still trapped at Peach Blossom Dock…”

“It’s a special time, so we have to deal with it in a special way.” Jun Jiuqing calmly interrupted the other party, not allowing them to question him. “Now that the Yi family is in danger, the most important thing is to use all our resources to save the family head.”

Another person could not help but say, “But you’re already the young master now. When Master is not around, your power is the same as his…”

Jun Jiuqing suddenly laughed. “Oh? Is that so?”

Such a retort instantly caused that person to keep quiet.

The remaining crowd gradually fell silent.

The young master and master had different statuses, so they naturally held different amount of power.

Even though Jun Jiuqing was the young master, he had no right to handle many matters and people in the Yi family. Only by being the family head could he truly control the entire Yi family!

However, the Yi family had quite a few people who would not be willing to accept this.

Even if Jun Jiuqing was the young master that Yi Wentao personally chose, his last name was still Jun!

Jun Jiuqing… How could such a person become the Yi family head?

Previously, the crowd didn’t object to it publicly, mainly because it was someone Yi Wentao had chosen. Originally, they thought to make do with it first, and when the appropriate time came, they would think of a way to pull Jun Jiuqing down.

After all, there were outstanding ones amongst the younger generation of the Yi family. Why must they accept a Jun Jiuqing that came from outside?

Nobody expected that before this day came, Yi Wentao got into trouble first!

Jun Jiuqing was very harsh and directly suggested ascending the position at this point!

“I believe I don’t have to say it, and everyone already knows what kind of situation the Yi family is in now.” Jun Jiuqing’s voice was as calm as usual, but it had a powerful suppression that did not allow for questioning.

“I know very well why everyone disagrees with this, but at this point, our clan’s interest is the most important! If anyone wants to abandon the family head and the thousands of lives in the Yi family because of their own selfishness and greed, don’t blame me for being rude!”

With such an accusation, quite a few people’s faces flushed white, and they were hesitant with their words.

Listen to what he’s saying! Disagreeing with his suggestion seems like we are betraying the clan! Yet, we can’t find a reason to argue against it

Jun Jiuqing scanned the crowd and finally curled his lips up slightly. “Very good. Since everyone agrees, then… From today onward, I’m the Yi family’s new master. Two days later, I’ll personally go to Peach Blossom Dock!”

Three days passed in a flash.

Chu Liuyue woke up early in the morning.

A thought popped up in her mind, and she summoned the Great Azure Sun Axe.

A gigantic black axe quietly floated in mid-air. At this moment, it was still covered in a thin layer of frost.

This was the force Zi Chen left behind to purposely suppress the Great Azure Sun Axe.

As Chu Liuyue had not the time to dissolve the connection between this Great Azure Sun Axe and Yi Wentao, she was worried that something might go wrong. Thus, she swiftly continued to use this force to suppress it.

“What are you looking at?” Rong Xiu, who finished his morning exercise, walked in and saw his spouse staring at the Great Azure Sun Axe.

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses and looked at him. “Nothing much. I just wanted to see what kind of treasures these top ten holy weapons are.”

It was already very amazing for an ordinary aristocratic family to have one such holy weapon, yet she had quite a few in her hands.

Even she felt that it was incredulous.

Upon hearing this, Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up as he walked over and lowered to gently peck her lips. “What do you think?”

He smiled and had a hint of relaxed carefreeness to it.

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment, as if she wanted to say something.

Rong Xiu noticed it and looked at her calmly. “Hm?”

His voice was as calm and melodious as usual. At this point, he was very near, and the warm breath landed on Chu Liuyue’s face with the usual cold fragrance.

Chu Liuyue’s face slightly blushed as she coughed and retracted her thoughts. “I think there seems to be a problem here. Take a look at it.”

As she spoke, she summoned the Flying Cloud Painting and the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

The three holy weapons floated in a row, revealing a faint suppression.

Rong Xiu looked at them, “You think.. there’s something wrong with these items?”

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment before nodding lightly. “…These three holy weapons seem to…”

She paused for a moment and furrowed her brows slightly, as if she were thinking of an appropriate way to say this.

“I think their auras are rather similar.” She lightened her voice and looked at Rong Xiu. “What do you think?”

The room was momentarily silent.

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly. “What does that mean?”

Chu Liuyue squinted dangerously. “You’re also an Armory Refinement Master. Don’t tell me you can’t tell this.”

Rong Xiu’s standard as an Armory Refinement Master had always been above hers. If she could notice it, he definitely could as well.

Rong Xiu could not help but laugh and nodded. “That’s right. These three holy weapons do have some similarities in certain aspects.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. “Do you know why?”

She just felt that her husband seemed to know things that ordinary people did not. Hence, this time, she also felt that he should know something.

As expected, Rong Xiu nodded.

He suddenly tilted his head and looked at Chu Liuyue, his pair of elegant and peerless eyes revealing faint smiling intent. “They are produced by the same Armory Refinement Master, so their aura is naturally similar.”

At first, Chu Liuyue did not understand the meaning behind this. After a while, she suddenly gasped. “You mean that these three items… are produced by the same Armory Refinement Master?!”

Rong Xiu paused for a while. “It should be that… five of the ten holy weapons were produced by the same person.”

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