The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 2259

Chapter 2259 Towering As A Mountain

Little Ye was very talented. She was caught tightly by her own son before. However, he was still a little uneasy for fear that his daughter-in-law would be snatched away by other outstanding men.

Now that his daughter-in-law had become Sir Fu’s granddaughter, he was even more nervous!

Sir Fu dedicated his life to the country. He was involved in the three major fields of missiles, atomic bombs, and aerospace satellites. Who knew how many outstanding students he had and how many of them were not married yet. What if Sir Fu suddenly decided to act as Little Ye’s matchmaker. Just thinking about this made Commander-in-Chief Xia worried.

With Little Ye’s appearance, talents, and abilities, only Sir Fu would think other men were not up to Little Ye’s standards and never the other way round.

Commander-in-Chief Xia, who was afraid that his future daughter-in-law would be taken away, really felt that he had his heart broken. He had to go to Sir Fu to show his sincerity before everything else began; he must show his face and leave a good impression!

He was worried about his son too much, but his son was not that worried. Of course, it was a must to visit the old gentleman, and it was also necessary to show his face in front of Sir Fu and leave a good impression.

As for whether Ye Jian would be taken by other outstanding men, Xia Jinyuan didn’t think about it.

The old gentleman’s eyes were sharp, and his gaze had a sense of substance that could even make the ghosts nowhere to hide. Xia Jinyuan kept a soldier’s calm under such a keen sight; he was immovable and towering like a mountain.

Yesterday, the old gentleman’s emotion had its ups and downs, so he only looked at Xia Jinyuan slightly. He was mainly focusing on Ye Jian. Today, facing Xia Jinyuan, whose relationship with Ye Jian was self-evident when he visited again today, the old gentleman’s eyes were not only sharp but also quite careful.

The old gentleman who had been looking at him for at least five minutes withdrew his sight and nodded secretly.

A very nice young man. He was relieved just by Xia Jinyuan’s majestic temperament.

Xia Jinyuan saw the satisfied look flashing in the old gentleman’s eyes, and his tight heartstrings suddenly loosened.

The eyes of the old man match the eyes of his old grandfather in the Xia Family. Just a glance from him would make people’s blood cold and instantly turn from a tiger into a rabbit, and they would not dare to presume.

As soon as his heartstring loosened, he suddenly felt that the old man’s eyes were looking back at him again. Xia Jinyuan, who had almost skipped a breath, quickly showed a calm smile and let the old man look at him very relaxedly.

The old man’s gaze stopped on Xia Jinyuan’s face, his eyes slightly narrowed.

After taking a rough look yesterday, he immediately felt that the appearance of this young man was very familiar. When he took a closer look today, the more he watched him, the more Xia Jinyuan’s appearance became acquainted with an old friend of his own, and he didn’t know if it was a descendant of his old friend.

His old friend not only had the identity and status but also had the characters, integrity, loyalty, and trust. He was loyal to the country and righteous to the people.

As a special soldier, Xia Jinyuan noticed that the old gentleman’s eyes changed when he saw him. His gaze looked as if he was recalling someone from his memories.

In front of the elders, Xia Jinyuan had always been respectful. He sat upright; his eyes were bright, his smile was elegant. No matter how the old gentleman kept staring, he did not show any rudeness.

As a soldier, he must sit upright at all times, and his eyes must also be opened and focused. Wherever he was, he must always have the soldier’s character and integrity that would make others impressed.

The old gentleman, who had seen countless people in his life, nodded secreo. Then his eyes were no longer sharp but left a satisfied smile, then he kindly asked, “Your surname is Xia, you’re from Beijing. There aren’t many people whose surname is Xia in Beijing. Do you happen to know General Xia Yunkui? Don’t be too anxious; just treat this chat like a test for me to see if you’re the right person for my granddaughter, hehe.”

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