The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 1021 - Chapter 1021: Three Little Frauds!

Chapter 1021: Three Little Frauds!

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The Saint King’s eyes almost popped out! How could the mighty Soul Rakshasa, the Soul Rakshasa who loved cleanliness, drink.. drink.. urine?!

“Whose urine?!” The Saint King exploded.

“Mine,” Xiaobao said.

The Saint King grabbed her throat. Compared to the dark cuisine that tasted so bad that she wanted to die, this cup of tea seemed to be more fatal. The Saint King felt terrible. The Saint King said angrily, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?” “You didn’t ask.” Xiaobao spread his hands innocently.

The Saint King held onto the wall and retched a few times. That terrifying feeling came again. If she stayed any longer, she would probably twitch all over again. She had to calm down, calm down, calm down…

The beginning was unfavorable. The Saint King decided to leave this place for the time being. She stumbled out.

It was unknown how much strength the Saint King used to resist the urge to twitch, but after taking a few steps, she felt a little thing following her. She turned her head coldly and saw that it was that little fellow. She asked angrily, “Why are you following me?”

Xiaobao’s little hand was behind his back. When he heard her words, he looked up at her and pointed at her hand. “You took my cup.”

Only then did the Saint King realize that she had been muddled by anger. She was still holding the dirty thing in her hand and immediately threw it to the ground in disdain. Although the cup was thrown to the ground, Xiaobao was not angry. After all, he was a magnanimous and obedient child.

Xiaobao walked over and picked up the cup. After washing it clean, he could put it back. His mother wouldn’t notice!

Xiaobao took the cup and walked back. Halfway there, his little body suddenly stopped. His body was slightly hunched as he held his breath and his face flushed red. When the Saint King saw him like this, she suddenly had an idea.

The Saint King smiled coldly and walked towards the little fellow. Xiaobao did not realize that danger was approaching at all. Suddenly, someone grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up!

“Heh!” The Saint King sneered. Unexpectedly, before her laughter could end, she heard a loud thud and an unknown gas sprayed towards her face. The Saint King was stunned at first. In the next second, Dong! She fell to the ground, spread eagle… She… She fainted.

Xiaobao :

Xiaobao returned to the courtyard and returned to his room when his mother was not paying attention. Then, he slipped into bed and shook his two brothers awake. “Someone fainted!”

Good brothers had to share blessings and difficulties together. They had to watch the fun and save the patients together!

After the Sorcerer Queen met the Great Elder, she went to Ye Yang’s room. By the time she rushed to the Hall of Light, the Saint King had already been picked up by the Sorcerer King.

The Sorcerer Queen looked at the messy Hall of Light. It was not difficult to imagine what kind of chaotic battle had happened here.

“What did you say? The Saint King was taken away by the Sorcerer King? Are you sure it’s the Saint King?” The Sorcerer Queen looked coldly at the guard in front of her.

The person who came to report was an old guard who had been in the palace for more than ten years. He had seen the former Saint King and had even worked with her. He was sure that he could not be wrong.

The Sorcerer Queen said thoughtfully, “But you said that she has the aura of a Soul Rakshasa?”

“That’s right.” The old guard nodded.

The Sorcerer Queen muttered, “It’s impossible for the Saint King to have the aura of Soul Rakshasa. Unless… She’s Soul Rakshasa. Is there such a possibility that Soul Rakshasa used a smokescreen?”

The Soul Rakshasa’s illusion was not inferior to the Great Sorcerer’s at all. It was just a matter of moving his eyelids if he wanted to become like this in the eyes of the world.

The old guard shook his head and said, “Even if we might be affected by its illusion, the Sorcerer King wont. I believe that she’s the Saint King.”

The Sorcerer Queen sneered. “In that case, the Saint King was devoured by the

Soul Rakshasa… and became a Soul Rakshasa? This is interesting.”

“But she was saved by the Sorcerer King. What should we do?” The old guard asked.

“What’s so strange about the Sorcerer King saving her? She’s his sweetheart to begin with, so how can he leave her alone? What I’m even more puzzled about is that you said that Rakshasa Soul suddenly had an accident and almost lost control?”

“Not almost, already.”

When the Saint King had lost control, it was still shocking. She did not know if she had taken the wrong medicine or practiced the wrong cultivation technique, but her entire body suddenly twitched. She was convulsing so hard that if the Sorcerer King had not arrived in time, she might have killed herself.

Although this was an exaggeration, everyone present felt that she was most likely dead when they saw the Saint King’s appearance at that time.

“How did this happen? Did someone poison her?” The Sorcerer Queen was puzzled. All the herbs were bought by someone she trusted. Before she presented them to the Saint King, she used a silver needle to test the poison. There shouldn’t be a mistake.

The Sorcerer Queen couldn’t figure it out and simply stopped thinking about it.

The matter of the Saint King was something she did not expect. She did not expect Soul Rakshasa to be sealed by the Sint King with her holy bones. Secondly, she did not expect Soul Rakshasa to really be tortured to death by the Saint King. Thirdly, she did not expect Soul Rakshasa to actually counterattack the Saint King before he died.

After a series of shocks, it was not so difficult to accept that something had happened to the Saint King’s cultivation.

“Isn’t the Sorcerer Queen… worried?”

“What are you worried about? Are you worried that they will rekindle their old feelings and continue their previous relationship? Or are you worried that the

Saint King will kill the Sorcerer King?”

The old guard opened his mouth and swallowed what he wanted to say.

It was said that a person’s first reaction at a critical juncture was the most true. When a great disaster was imminent, the Sorcerer Queen was not worried about whether the Saint King would betray her, but about the Sorcerer King’s feelings and life.

The Sorcerer Queen… had never forgotten the Sorcerer King…

“Alright, although the Sorcerer King is not Soul Rakshasa’s match, didn’t you say that Soul Rakshasa was injured? Then it’s best to find it as soon as possible.”

Soul Rakshasa was their ally. They would not deal with Soul Rakshasa, and Soul

Rakshasa had become the Saint King. The Sorcerer King would not deal with Soul Rakshasa either. In fact, he could only protect Soul Rakshasa from that group of people. Who knew if the Sorcerer Queen found Soul Rakshasa for the Soul Rakshasa or for others?

The old guard did not say anything. After agreeing, he led his subordinates to search for the traces of the two kings.

On the other side, Yan Jiuchao and the other two were also looking for the Saint King and the Sorcerer King.

Shadow Six sat in the outer carriage and asked anxiously, “Young Master, we’ve searched the entire Sorcerer Clan, but we haven’t seen them. Do you think they’ve already left the city?”

Shadow Thirteen said, “That’s right, Young Master. Do you want to go outside the city to look? Soul Rakshasa holds a grudge against the Sorcerer King and will definitely take the opportunity to take his life.”

Shadow Six sighed. “The Sorcerer King is really stupid. That person is no longer the Saint King. Can’t he tell? To think he’s still the Sorcerer King!”

In life, it was the hardest to not escape the word “love”. Whether he really could not tell or if he could tell and was unwilling to accept it, no one knew.

Yan Jiuchao lifted the curtain of the car window and looked at the silent street.

“Let’s go back first and look for her later.”

The Sorcerer King was not the only one in danger when the Saint King escaped. Yan Jiuchao did not care if the Sorcerer King wanted to court death, but he could not let his wife and children fall into the hands of that demon. Even if something unexpected happened to the Saint King, it would still be easy for her to crush anyone.

Shadow Six drove the carriage out of the Sorcerer Clan. Thanks to the Third Elder’s help, they obtained the Nie Manor’s waist token and successfully left the city.

It was late at night, and the shops were closed. The pedestrians on the street had also dispersed. The carriage drove on the silent road, and the sound of horse hooves and wheels echoed in the alley.

As he approached Chef Bao’s residence, Yan Jiuchao’s eyebrows suddenly moved. “Wait!”

Shadow Six tightened the reins and stopped the carriage. “What’s wrong,

Young Master?”

Yan Jiuchao narrowed his eyes and said, “There’s the aura of the Saint King and Soul Rakshasa.” However, it was very weak and sometimes disappeared. Even Shadow Thirteen and Shadow Six did not notice it.

A trace of vigilance flashed across Shadow Thirteen’s eyes. He protected

Shadow Six with one hand and pressed the sword at his waist with the other.

Yan Jiuchao alighted from the carriage. The two of them followed him all the way to the alley in the east. The more they walked, the closer they got to Chef Bao’s residence. Their hearts could not help but sink to the bottom.

Had the Saint King already found Ah Wan and the others? What did she do to Ah Wan and the few little black eggs?

A cold glint flashed across Yan Jiuchao’s face.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

A strange commotion came from the depths of the alley. The three of them hurriedly quickened their pace and arrived at the corner with a whoosh. When the three of them took a closer look, they were dumbfounded by the scene in front of them.

The banging sound was actually caused by the three little black eggs. The three of them had basins on their heads and sticks in their hands. They also held bells in their other hand and were jumping around.

The corners of Yan Jiuchao’s mouth twitched. He asked in a complicated manner, “W-what are you doing?”

The three of them stopped. Er’bao said, “We’re exorcizing evil spirits! Pretty

Auntie fainted. We can’t wake her up no matter what.”

Xiaobao pointed at her. “We pinched her philtrum.”

Shadow Six: That’s the lethal point!

Er’bao pointed at the small jars on the ground. “We splashed cold water on her.” Shadow Thirteen: That’s the Cultivation Disintegration Powder!

Dabao picked up a large number of small bottles. We even used Gu worms on her! It was just that there were too many Gu worms and he did not know which one was useful, so he used them all!

Xiaobao spread his hands and said, “But it still doesn’t work. She must be possessed! We’ll exorcize her!”

The key is that you’re not dancing the sorcerer’s exorcism dance, but the charlatan’s dance… Are you sure that you’re saving her and not transcending her soul?

The three of them looked at the three little charlatans and then at the Saint King on the ground.. For the first time in their lives… they felt that their opponent was so pitiful!!!

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