The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 1023 - Chapter 1023: Mighty Little Gu Emperor!

Chapter 1023: Mighty Little Gu Emperor!

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Zhou Jin slowly raised his hand and touched the chain trapped on the woman’s body. Just as he was about to take off the chain, he suddenly felt a pain in his chest.

“Ah!” Zhou Jin retracted his hand uncomfortably and covered his painful chest. At this moment, his consciousness became much clearer. He took a step back and looked at the woman trapped by the black iron chain in shock.

He was the descendant of the Sorcerer King and had astonishing sorcery power since he was young. He had always been the one to confuse others, but this was the first time an illusion was casted on him to this extent.

If not for Little Gu waking him up in time, he would have done something irreversible.

When the Saint King saw that Zhou Jin had woken up, her gentle expression instantly turned cold. She stared straight at Zhou Jin’s heart and the corners of her lips curled up in disdain. “Little Gu Emperor?”

Sensing her killing intent towards Little Gu, Zhou Jin distanced himself from her.

The Saint King smiled and said slowly, “Don’t be afraid. I’m your mother. I won’t hurt you.”

Zhou Jin looked at her calmly and did not say anything.

The Saint King said bewitchingly, “What? Didn’t they tell you that I’m still alive? I’m not dead. The one who died was Soul Rakshasa. I came back unscathed and have come to reunite with you.”

Zhou Jin’s eyes flashed with vigilance.

The Saint King said, “Don’t be afraid, come over quickly. Let me take a look. My Little Zhou Jin has grown so big.” Due to the suppression of the black iron chain, she could not use the Soul Charming Spell, but it did not stop her from casting an illusion on her son who was of the same lineage as her. “Come, come to Mom’s side,” she said as she looked fixedly at Zhou Jin.

Zhou Jin struggled under her illusion. The Saint King’s body suddenly twitched. When the Saint King regained consciousness, the entire aura changed. She shouted with reddened eyes, “Go! Go! Don’t come over! Don’t approach here! Don’t listen to me anymore!”

Zhou Jin was stunned.

“Quick…” Before she could finish speaking, her body twitched again. When she opened her eyes again, she was back to her gentle and amiable mother.

“Be good, come to Mom…”

Zhou Jin took a step forward.

The Saint King twitched again. She cried out involuntarily, “Don’t come over!

I’ll let you go!”

Zhou Jin paused.

Tne saint King smuea cnarmmg1Y. “Be gooa, come qmcKIY. 1 miss you…”

Zhou Jin’s footsteps were about to stop listening to him. Suddenly, a powerful sorcery power enveloped and entered the Saint King’s mind. The Saint King’s vision darkened and he fainted. Zhou Jin also fell down exhausted. However, the pain he imagined did not come. He fell into a warm embrace. The Sorcerer King hugged him and asked worriedly, “Are you alright?” Zhou Jin looked at him weakly.

‘What happened?” Shadow Thirteen entered the room with a longsword in his hand. He saw the cloaked Sorcerer King and the slightly weak Zhou Jin in the Sorcerer King’s arms and roughly guessed the ins and outs. He put away his sword and walked over expressionlessly. He took Zhou Jin from his arms. ‘Give him to me. I’ll send him back to his room.”

The Sorcerer King looked at his pale son, nodded, and let go. Shadow Thirteen wanted to send Zhou Jin back to his room, but Zhou Jin grabbed Shadow Thirteen’s sleeve. Shadow Thirteen understood and said, “You were sleeping just now. There are some things I didn’t have time to tell you. If you want to hear them, stay.”

Zhou Jin was not an ordinary child. They never deliberately hide anything from him.

“I’ll stay,” Zhou Jin said.

“Alright.” Shadow Thirteen turned to the Sorcerer King and said, “Sorcerer King, this way please.”

Perhaps because they had long expected him to come looking for them, no one was very surprised by the Sorcerer King’s midnight visit.

Shadow Thirteen carried Zhou Jin to the study. Yan Jiuchao was already waiting for him in the study. Shadow Six accompanied Yan Jiuchao. When he saw Shadow Thirteen carry Zhou Jin over, he quickly moved a chair for him. Shadow Thirteen put Zhou Jin down.

“Did the Sorcerer King come in the middle of the night for the Saint King?”

“That’s right,” the Sorcerer King said without hiding anything. “I guessed that she would come looking for you.”

Shadow Thirteen said coldly, “You’re wrong. She’s not here for us. She’s here for Zhou Jin. It just so happens that Zhou Jin lives with us.”

This was a reminder to the Sorcerer King that he could not let go and had brought great danger to his biological son.

The Sorcerer King said softly, “You don’t have to deliberately remind me. I know. ”

Shadow Thirteen asked, “Then what are you going to do? As you can see, Soul

Rakshasa won’t let you and your son off.”

The Sorcerer King said seriously, “Soul Rakshasa won’t, but Ah Yan will.”

Shadow Thirteen said, “You mean the Saint King? What must I do to make you believe that the Saint King is already dead and can’t come back?”

The Sorcerer King shook his head. “No, she’s not dead. She’s just controlled by the Soul Rakshasa’s memories. I saw her. I believe… Jin’er also saw her,” the Sorcerer King said as he stared fixedly at the pale Zhou Jin.

“Did you really see the Saint King just now?” Shadow Six asked Zhou Jin softly.

Zhou Jin recalled and nodded gently. “Yes.”

From the situation just now, the woman who was shouting for him to leave seemed to be his mother—the Saint King.

The Sorcerer King’s eyes lit up. “Look! Jin’er also saw her! I’m not wrong! Ah Yan is still alive! We only need to erase the Soul Rakshasa’s consciousness!”

Shadow Thirteen and Shadow Six looked at Yan Jiuchao in unison.

Yan Jiuchao said indifferently, “How do you plan to erase it?”

The Sorcerer King said, “While the Soul Rakshasa’s consciousness is weak, I can use sorcery to erase it.”

“What if we fail?” Yan Jiuchao asked.

The Sorcerer King opened his mouth and said, “I won’t fail. I’m confident. However, I need you to protect me. I might even borrow some things from you.”

Yan Jiuchao neither object nor agreed.

The Sorcerer King understood that this young man was not so easy to compromise, but with the opportunity in front of him, he had no choice but to seize it. After thinking for a moment, he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “I promise you that no matter if you succeed or not, this will be the first and last time. If I fail, she… she will be at your mercy. Also, I will give you the Sorcerer King’s tears.”

Seeing that Yan Jiuchao was still silent, the Sorcerer King continued, “Aren’t your people poisoned by the Soul Charming Spell? If Ah Yan wakes up, the two of us might be able to wake Grandma and the others up.”

After a while, Yan Jiuchao said, “What do you need?”

Mu Qing was born with a pair of yin and yang eyes. Such eyes were an ominous omen in the Jade Nation, but in the Sorcerer Clan, they were a revelation that he was protected by a god. The Sorcerer King asked for a few drops of his blood and a drop of the Gu Emperor’s blood.

Little Gu was still young, and its health was extremely low to begin with. Once a drop of blood was dropped, it became light!!!

There were also a few pieces of the purest sorcerer and saintess stone. “It’s not too late for you to go back on your word,” Yan Jiuchao said.

“I don’t regret it,” the Sorcerer King said,

“It won’t fail, right? I’m so nervous.” Shadow Six grabbed Shadow Thirteen’s hand.

Shadow Thirteen looked at Shadow Six’s slender fingers. His eyes moved and he said, “There are risks, but there’s no other way.”

It was impossible for Soul Rakshasa to save Grandma and the others. If it was really as the Sorcerer King had said, then summoning the Saint King was the only way.

The few of them chose a quiet forest. The Sorcerer King set up the array. Yan Jiuchao protected him. Shadow Six and Shadow Thirteen were on guard, ready to deliver the items he needed to the Sorcerer King at any time.

The Saint King was tied to a tree.

“I’m going to start,” the Sorcerer King said.

“Mm.” Yan Jiuchao nodded.

“How much of Young Master’s strength has recovered?” Shadow Six asked softly.

“Seventy percent,” Shadow Thirteen said.

The Sorcerer King sat cross-legged and formed a hand seal. Vast sorcery power poured out and instantly enveloped the Saint King. Then, as if he was peeling silk from a cocoon, the Sorcerer King sent boundless sorcery power into the Saint King’s meridians bit by bit and surged into her mind.

Everything was going smoothly. It looked very smooth. The Sorcerer King’s sorcery power had already entered the Saint King’s body. Next, it was time to imprison Soul Rakshasa’s consciousness and erase it in one go. However, at this moment, the Saint King suddenly opened her eyes.

The sorcery power in her body was completely sucked into her dantian. The Sorcerer King was stunned. In the next second, Yan Jiuchao made a prompt decision. He flew up and slapped the Saint King’s face.

“Don’t—I‘ The Sorcerer King pounced over and hugged the Saint King.

Yan Jiuchao’s palm landed on the Sorcerer King’s back. The Sorcerer King suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. The black chain that was stained with the Sorcerer King’s blood instantly broke. Almost at the same time, the Saint King broke through the Saint King’s restriction and almost sucked dry the Sorcerer King’s sorcery power.

“Hahahaha…” The Saint King rose into the air and curled her lips bloodthirsty. “Great, the restriction is gone and my injuries are healed. Thank you so much!”

Shadow Thirteen’s expression changed. “Oh no! We’ve been tricked! The Saint King has never appeared from the beginning. What Zhou Jin saw… was all faked by Soul Rakshasa Soul! The goal is to make Zhou Jin believe that he saw his mother!”

What a deep scheme!

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