The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 1185 - 1185 Turning Vines Into Blades

1185 Turning Vines Into Blades

Xue Fanxin originally had many questions and things she wanted to ask, but the old man who was drinking did not give her a chance. He kept explaining the main points of cultivating the Wood Spirit Art and even personally demonstrated them to her. He taught her in detail and could be said to have taught her wholeheartedly.

The teacher was talking so seriously. As a student, how could she not study seriously?

Hence, Xue Fanxin threw all those messy questions to the back of her mind and seriously practiced the Wood Spirit Art with the elder who was drinking.

In less than an hour, she had basically mastered the main points of the Wood Spirit Art. She circulated the wood spirit power in her body according to the old man’s teachings and mobilized the surrounding spirit energy. Then, a vine the size of a chopstick condensed in her palm.

“Old senior, isn’t this vine a little small?”

She had just seen that the vine that the old senior had condensed was clearly the width of three fingers, but hers was very small.

This girl might be able to cultivate the Gradeless Spirit Art to the extreme.

He hoped that he could live to see such a thing.

Xue Fanxin did not think too much about it and practiced the Spirit Art with the old man seriously. In just half a day, she had already basically mastered the main points of the Wood Spirit Art. Now, she could use the Wood Spirit Art at will, control the vine spirit, and transform the vine into a blade.

When the old man saw that Xue Fanxin had such results in half a day, he was shocked but also filled with joy and anticipation.

“Little girl, you really surprised me!”

“Old senior…” Xue Fanxin was about to thank the old man sincerely, but she was interrupted halfway.

“Xue Fanxin, get out here.”

At this moment, a group of aggressive people appeared in the Yellow Class’s courtyard. The moment those people arrived, they caused trouble, making the originally dilapidated courtyard even more dilapidated.

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