The Rise of the Black Plain

Chapter 2003 Alien Arrays?

Chapter 2003 Alien Arrays?

When Minos gave his order, everyone in his group moved their forces, acting a little differently from what they had done against the other storm.

This time, instead of positioning themselves defensively to protect themselves from the phenomena around them, they would fight the storm in front of them!

“Bella, Titus, I want you two to work together with the mermaids to consume the mental power of our possible enemies,” Minos said as he positioned himself at the ship’s highest point.

They immediately looked at the two level 92 mermaids and knew what they had to do, as they had been preparing together for months in the Black Plain Empire.

Their mental powers were the strongest in this crew, so any action against enemies would involve them to reduce the enemy’s attention or efficiency.

But that wasn’t the only move the Minos planned, considering the beings he had at his disposal.

He called out to the weakest mercenaries in his crew, level 90 Demigods, “You will lend me some of your forces while you remain on the defensive with the ship’s controllers and Grant.

In the meantime, I’ll help Ruth increase her strength, and she will share her regenerative abilities with the rest of the crew.”

Ruth agreed, standing in the ship’s center where she could affect all the crew.

Minos called to the Krakens, the Arctic Whale, and the Dragon, the creatures with the most powerful bodies in his group. “You will act with your bodies, protect the group, and deal with enemy attacks that could damage our ship or even sacrifice our companions.”


“As for the rest of you, attack the enemy movements with everything you have! Let’s destroy the damned storm ahead of us!” Minos shouted as he pointed his sword toward the giant wave gradually bearing down on them.

Everyone on the ship moved their forces, positioning themselves around the ship as they watched the wall of water crashing against them, trying to sink them into the North Sea.

When they saw a huge amount of water coming down on them, enough to supply the capital of the Black Plain Empire for a month, they felt a bit scared.

But just as they were about to be hit, Minos moved and instantly raised his cultivation to level 89.

As he hovered above the ship, Minos moved his two hands above his head, causing the space around him to vibrate under the effects of Chaotic Gravity and Spatial Sword simultaneously.

As an invisible barrier seemed to form about 40 meters away from the ship’s highest point, gigantic blades appeared from the void space, slicing through the columns of water ‘frozen’ by the effect of the Spatial Sword.

Meanwhile, a world of water seemed to be crashing down on Minos’s crew. Still, not a single drop of liquid advanced to flood his ship, passing through them as if there were a giant dome covering the entire ship.

Divine Seal: Water Dragon!

Minos moved his hands, forming a symbol with his fingers, and then launched a giant seal at the column of water that was trying to sink his crew.

When it touched the water, the great seal glowed an intense golden color before drawing in a ridiculous amount of spiritual energy, forming a body similar to that of a giant snake made up almost entirely of water.

Minos’ eyes flashed rainbow colors, and then the water creature moved and wrapped itself around the ship his group was on.

‘His abilities are incredible!’ Grant saw this and clenched his fists, thrilled to see Minos dealing with this mighty sea.

But as almost all of Minos’ crew struggled to hold their positions or attack the immense masses of water crashing down on them, the dragon suddenly sensed something strange.

“Shit! The space…” He shouted as he looked towards the ship’s center, where a spatial distortion had just appeared.

But as he and some of the stronger members of the group looked at where Ruth was, fearing that a piece of unstable space would swallow the body of one of Minos’ wives, darkness formed around her.

“Trying to sacrifice my wife?” Minos said aloud as his black hole finished forming over Ruth’s location, completely destroying the spatial instability that was about to victimize the beautiful black-haired woman.

Meanwhile, Ruth was perfectly safe inside Minos’ black hole, as he was currently fully capable of absorbing only what he wanted into the singularity of his black hole.

But even if she had escaped, Minos was not reassured. He felt that the previous attack was no coincidence, as it had targeted the cultivator who could heal his companions, and he looked at the surrounding area with hatred.

Even if he used his spiritual energy to improve his vision, Minos couldn’t see very far from where he was, and there was nothing in his field of vision to indicate the presence of an enemy nearby.

He narrowed his eyes in anger and activated his ability inherited from the level 100 dragon, causing a gigantic pressure emanating from him in all directions.

Dragon’s Gaze!

Everyone in Minos’ crew, even the level 93 dragon, felt the power of this ability today, capable of significantly affecting even the group’s dragon.

Even Nymmas felt that if Minos attacked him today, he would be seriously injured!

When Minos acted, the space around him shook under his abilities, emitting cracking sounds that were hard to ignore.

Hearing one of these sounds, Minos looked up to a place above the clouds in that area, where a large circle with inscriptions was moving, several cracks in it.

Seeing such a thing ‘pulsating,’ sometimes invisible, sometimes in a light green color, Minos clenched his fists as he realized this was some kind of array.

“I found you!” He shouted as he made a swirling dark ring appear in that area.

Devouring Art!

When he activated his support technique, Minos gave everyone in his group the proof they needed that something or someone was manipulating this marine region.


As the Devouring Art absorbed most of the energy from that particular circle, the cracks in it reached their limit, and soon after, it exploded as if it were made of glass.


The moment that circle exploded, several similar circles appeared in the sky, showing Minos’ group an intricate defense system that not even the largest organization in the world was capable of creating.

As they looked at the sky and saw the phenomena around them diminish, Minos’ group noticed countless circles like the one over the North Sea, far more than the eye could see!

“Unbelievable!” One of the Phoenixes in the group exclaimed.

However, just as the group was about to move to help Minos destroy more of these circles, a spatial deformation suddenly appeared over the area, and something huge and metallic came out of it.

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