The Rise Of The Tamer Family

Chapter 247 - Chapter 247: Traces of the Evil Cultivator

Chapter 247: Traces of the Evil Cultivator

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Two thousand miles in the Endless Mountain Range, in a natural basin.

Looking at the newly built place for the training of the True Qi, the Prince of Deshun could not help but ask,””Yang ‘er, in less than half a year, you’ve already built such a grand palace?”

It was no wonder that the Commandery Prince of De Shun was surprised. In the basin, a magnificent palace rose from the ground.

Around the palace, there was also a Grade 7 Spirit Receiving Formation and a Grade 7 Breath Exterminating Formation.

These two arrays had their own uses. The Spirit Receiving Array could absorb the surrounding spiritual energy and help martial artists break through better.

As for the Breath-ceasing Formation, it could isolate the aura here and ensure that this place would not be discovered.

These two array formations were both constructed by Ling You.

Of course, what surprised the Deshun Commandery Prince was not the array, but the palace. In just half a year, such a magnificent palace was built, which was really shocking.

Hearing this, Yang Chen smiled and explained,” Master, you don’t know. This palace is just an empty shelf. It’s empty inside. There are no inner rooms.””

“Even if we were to build an empty shelf, it wouldn’t be so fast.

One had to know that in order for the wall to be able to support the roof of the palace, it would take a certain amount of time to ensure that the gray water would solidify.”Deshun Commandery Prince said.

The so-called grey water was the cement of this world.

The effect was better than in Yang Chen’s previous life, and the stickiness was also better, but the solidifying time was longer than in his previous life.

Chen Yang was not in a hurry to explain after hearing the words of the Deshun Commandery Prince. Instead, he brought the Deshun Commandery Prince to the palace.

Pushing open the palace door, what greeted his eyes were pillars that were two meters thick.

“This, this is…” The Commandery Prince of Deshun looked at Chen Yang in confusion. Why were there so many decorative pillars inside?

” I didn’t use the walls to bear the weight,” Yang Chen explained.” Instead, 1 chose to use the pillars made from these ancient trees to bear the weight.””

“With the pillars of the ancient tree bearing the weight, the wall naturally doesn’t need to be completely solidified.”

“Moreover, by covering the pillar with a layer of grey water, it can also slow down the speed at which the ancient tree is corroded, ensuring that it can be used for a long time.”

Yang Chen used the framework structure from his previous life to build this palace. Since there were two-meter-thick ancient trees everywhere, the construction time was greatly reduced.

Hearing Chen Yang’s explanation, the Deshun Prince nodded his head in a half-baked manner.” You have a lot of ideas.”

Forget it, I’m only here to cultivate in seclusion. I don’t care what weight this hall uses.”

Hearing this, Chen Yang also handed some Spiritual Crystals to the Prince of Deshun, helping him gather 1,000 pieces.

“Master, cultivate peacefully. There are people from my Chen family guarding outside. Nothing will happen.

Master, after you break through, I still want to go deeper into the Endless Mountain Range to make a fortune.”Yang Chen smiled.

Hearing this, Zhou Tianli took a deep breath and nodded heavily.” Don’t worry, 1 will definitely succeed!”

These words seemed to be said to Yang Chen, but also seemed to be said to himself.

Chen Yang immediately left the palace and left it to the Duke of Deshun to prepare for his breakthrough.

At the same time, Yang Chen also sent out a group of Piercing Guards to guard the palace. If anything happened, they had to report back immediately.

In order to ensure that no accidents would happen, Chen Yang had specially let the Fourth Elder stay here.

With the Fourth Elder’s strength at the fifth level of Meridian Unsealing, coupled with his demon general-level Natal subdued beast, it was not a problem for him to take care of the situation.

After all, with his strength, it would not be a problem for him to chase away a demon general level demon beast with the Piercing Guard.

After receiving the order from the Demon Emperor, the Demon Venerable did not dare to attack the place where the Chen family flag was planted.

If he really attacked, Yang Chen could use this opportunity to extort the flood dragon demon emperor.

Although Zhou Tianli might be able to break through, the Spiritual Crystals he extorted were enough for him to break through twice. Zhou Tianli was naturally very willing.

Of course, it was just a thought.

Flood Dragon Demon Emperor had absolute control over the Demon Venerables in his territory.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made an alliance agreement with the royal family’s ancestor to ensure that he wouldn’t invade Da Qian.

Back to the main topic.

After settling the matters in the basin, Yang Chen returned to the Chen Family. He took care of the Chen Family’s affairs while waiting for the news from the Qian Dragon Guards.

However, there was news that the Piercing Guard had come instead of the Firmament Dragon Guard.

“Shadow Guest, what’s the matter?”

Seeing the worry on Chen Ying’s face, Yang Chen couldn’t help but ask.

When Chen Ying heard this, he took a deep breath and slowly said,””Patriarch, according to the Piercing Guard of Zuoling County, a city in Zuoling County has been slaughtered.”

“Massacre a city?”

Chen Yang’s expression turned cold,” Which faction is it? How dare they do such a thing? They completely disregarded the agreement between the factions and massacred the entire city.””

According to the ancient system, when two forces fought, no one would choose to massacre the city.

Although this rule wasn’t written in the clan oath, it was an unspoken rule.

If any force did not comply, they would definitely be despised or even surrounded by other forces.

Zuoling County had long been seen as a place protected by the Chen family. Now that some forces were massacring the city, it was a slap to the Chen family’s face.

Hearing Yang Chen’s question, Chen Ying took a deep breath and slowly said,””It’s not that force, but the evil cultivators.”


Yang Chen frowned.” Are you sure?”

“I can confirm that according to the report from the Piercing Guard, the corpses of the commoners in the city all have remnants of the aura of evil cultivators.”

“And all men and women under the age of 18 have disappeared.

According to this subordinate’s estimation, they should have been kidnapped. Those who matched their age would be refined into Heaven and Earth Qi, and those who did not match their age would be killed after they grew up.”Chen Ying said with an ugly expression.

“Damn it!”

After cursing, Yang Chen asked,””Does the Sun family of Zuo Ling know about this?”

“The Sun family of Zuo Ling has already received the news. If this subordinate’s estimation is correct, it won’t be long before the Sun family of Zuo Ling arrives at Chen City.”Chen Ying said.

Hearing this, Yang Chen waved his hand,” You leave first. Send the Piercing Guards to investigate the city and see if they can find any clues.”

“As for how to deal with it, let’s wait for the Sun family from Zuo Ling to come.”


Chen Ying cupped his hands and left the meeting hall.

After Chen Ying left, Yang Chen held his chin and fell into deep thought.

Was this matter related to the royal family’s ancestor?

In Da Qian, the only person who could confirm that he was related to the evil cultivators was the royal family’s ancestor. Could it really be the royal family’s ancestor?

No, that shouldn’t be possible. The old ancestor of the royal family clearly needed strong men who were twenty years old, and the Piercing Guard had reported that only commoners under the age of eighteen had been taken away.

But what if, what if it was really the royal family’s ancestor?

If it was really done by the royal family’s ancestor, what was the reason?

Was he going to nurture them for his own use, or was he going to do business with other Evil Sects?

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