The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1640 - Flower Burial Disagrees

Chapter 1640 - Flower Burial Disagrees

Passing through the gate, Lin Yun could sense that the entire world was spinning. Taking a deep breath, he swallowed a Profound Wither Pellet before sitting down to recover from his injuries. After circulating his Blue Dragon Bone and Dragon-Phoenix Sword Aura, his dragon origin completed an entire cycle within his body.

A long time later, Lin Yun opened his eyes and let out a breath, “That fellow is really terrifying. How can he possibly execute the Heavenly Sun and Heavenly Moon when he’s only at the Dragon Pulse Realm?”

“Reaching such a height in the Profound Sky Canon, it’s equivalent to cultivating a low-grade dragon spirit martial technique.” Gu Ruochen said.

When everyone heard what he said, their faces changed. After all, dragon spirit martial techniques were out of their reach. Some people could execute an incomplete low-grade dragon spirit martial technique through secret techniques, which was heaven-defying enough.

“How is that possible? How can he possibly cultivate a dragon spirit martial technique in the Dragon Pulse Realm? He should’ve died from it, even if it’s only a low-grade dragon spirit martial technique.” Gongsun Yan said with disbelief.

After all, it was common knowledge that only those who reached the Samsara Edict Realm could practice dragon spirit martial techniques. They could barely cultivate a low-grade dragon spirit martial technique. Otherwise, every sect would’ve allowed their disciples to cultivate it in the Dragon Pulse Realm. Dragon spirit martial techniques might be rare, but this didn’t mean that the powerful sects didn’t have any.

“Senior Brother is right. My senior brother once told me that upon reaching the tenth stage in the Profound Sky Canon, it’ll be equivalent to a low-grade dragon spirit martial technique.” Lin Yun said. He then inwardly sighed because the Profound Sky Sect had already surpassed the Sword Sect when Tian Xuanzi completed the Profound Sky Canon, regardless if he was willing to agree with it. It’s just that he didn’t have to tell that to his fellow martial brothers.

Fighting with Qin Tian was no different from fighting with Tian Xuanzi, and it was difficult for him to bear the pressure alone. As the Radiant Sword Saint’s disciple, he had no reason to cower from a fight.

“Don’t be discouraged. Lin Yun could withstand his attack even with his sword soul injured. When your sword soul recovers, it’s uncertain who will win!” Gongsun Yan smiled.

“That’s not the case. Qin Tian didn’t use his full strength in this fight. If he used his full strength, I wouldn’t have been able to block an attack head-on, and he didn’t suffer any injuries before I executed the Profound Sword Form.” Lin Yun shook his head with a smile.

He wasn’t being humble, he was just fortunate in that battle earlier. If he continued to fight, it was uncertain if he could win after executing all his trump cards.

“Junior Brother Lin, this is a saint elixir I picked earlier. You’ve yet to recover from your injuries, so take it quickly.” Gongsun Yan took out a saint elixir. This was the Dragoncloud Herb; it was glittering like crystal, and the dew on the leaves remained after a thousand years.

“Don’t need to be so wasteful. Just a few droplets of the dew will be able to help me recover my sword soul.” Lin Yun looked at Gongsun Yan and poured the dew from the leaves into his mouth before sitting back down to nourish his sword soul.

“You can have it back…” An Liuyan said with reluctance while caressing the White Dragon Saint Sword. This powerful sword was a perfect match with her White Dragon Bone. If possible, she really wanted to purchase this sword from Ye Ziling. The wealth she could mobilize wouldn’t be inferior to saints, and one could see her wealth from the amount of True Dragon Saint Liquid that she gave Lin Yun.

“Not for sale.” Ye Ziling interrupted and took the sword back.

This made An Liuyan feel awkward. But fortunately, Gu Ruochen stepped forth to ease the awkward atmosphere, “Thank you for helping earlier, Lady An.”

“Big Brother Gu, no need to thank me. Young Master Lin is my benefactor, and you guys are fellow martial brothers with him. So I will help, no matter what.” An Liuyan said with a smile, and her words won favorable opinions from the Sword Sect’s disciples.

A brief moment later, Lin Yun woke up. He had completely recovered from his injuries, so they continued on their journey. Raising their heads, they could see the pitch-black dome that felt like a million miles away. This made them feel tiny in comparison, and there were many stars on the dome. The stars were arranged in an orderly manner, and one could tell that those stars were various glory spirits, if they took a closer look at them. Then, the glory spirits formed into different astral clusters. As the astral clusters revolved, they looked like a massive constellation.

“Why does this constellation look familiar?” Mu Xueqin said softly. But they were too far away, and the stars on the dome made them feel like it was beyond their reach. No matter how they looked at it, they could only look at the tip of the iceberg of this constellation. It looked familiar, but she couldn’t recognize it.

“The Azure Dragon Constellation?” Lin Yun was the first to exclaim in surprise when he looked at the dome. He had received the Azure Dragon’s inheritance in the Heavenly Path, so he was more familiar with the Azure Dragon Constellation than anyone else. He was the first amongst the party to recognize it.

But why would the Azure Dragon Constellation appear in the Blue Dragon Saint Palace? Lin Yun immediately sensed something wasn’t right. The surroundings had become quiet. When he looked around, he could see that everyone appeared to have lost their souls when they looked at the dome.

“What’s going on… Ziling… Liuyan…” Lin Yun’s face changed as he walked toward Ye Ziling and An Liuyan. When he gently touched them, they fell, which startled him into swiftly catching them, and he couldn’t sense their souls in them.

“Don’t worry about them. Their souls have left their bodies for the time being, devoured by the Azure Dragon Constellation. When their souls return, they will receive a huge benefit.” A hearty voice echoed in the massive hall.

“Who is there?!” Lin Yun looked around cautiously.

“Brat, you don’t recognize my voice now?” A black-robed middle-aged man descended from the dome.

This first startled Lin Yun before he rejoiced, “Senior! Why are you here?!”

The black-robed man was the Azure Dragon Lord, Jiang Ling. This was the reason why Lin Yun couldn’t help becoming emotional. After all, without Jiang Ling’s teachings and guidance, he would’ve long died on the Heavenly Path.

“Senior, you’re still alive? Isn’t this place the Blue Dragon Saint Palace? And what’s wrong with my martial siblings?” Lin Yun threw multiple questions over.

The Azure Dragon Lord smiled, “Stop right there. Calm yourself down first and speak slowly. How can I answer you when your questions are all messed up?”

Lin Yun awkwardly scratched his head when he heard that, and he realized that he had reacted a little too emotionally earlier. But he was delighted to see the Azure Dragon Lord again, and he couldn’t describe his emotions with words.

The Azure Dragon Lord wasn’t only a senior, but he felt like a friend and an elder brother to Lin Yun.

“You still remember what I told you on the Heavenly Path?” The Azure Dragon Lord asked.

“Senior, you told me a lot…” Lin Yun replied.

As the Azure Dragon Lord waved his hand, a secret chamber opened, and various wines were there. He retrieved a jar and gulped it before he smiled, “Think. Think carefully. I won’t answer your questions if you can’t recall it.”

“This…” Lin Yun suddenly became nervous upon hearing that. This was because the Azure Dragon Lord told him a lot back then, and he had no idea what the Azure Dragon Lord was pointing to after so long.

“Hahaha! I’ll stop teasing you. When I left, I said we’ll meet again if we’re fated!” The Azure Dragon Lord smiled.

“Right! I recalled it now!” Lin Yun smiled.

“You and your friends are fine. As for whether I’m dead… I’m naturally dead.” Jiang Ling smiled.


“Calm down. Let me ask you a question. Where’s your Azure Dragon True Bone? Where did it go?” Jiang Ling glared at Lin Yun.

Upon hearing that, Lin Yun immediately wore an awkward expression and replied, “I gave it to a friend. She needed it to reforge her body.”

“Hmph.” The Azure Dragon Lord snorted. “That’s the Azure Dragon True Bone! That’s the inheritance that I left for you. So how can you possibly give it away?”

“I’m sorry about that, Senior.” Lin Yun replied.

“What did I say back then? The Kunlun Realm will face a huge disaster in the future. The inheritance I gave you is equivalent to giving you a destiny, but you want to escape from it?” The Azure Dragon Lord said, “If you gave it to someone who will bring disaster to the world, won’t my Azure Dragon’s lineage have to bear great sins?”

“Senior, that’s not the case.” Lin Yun quickly explained.

“Do you really think it belongs to you since I gave it to you? That’s the bone left behind by the Azure Dragon King, and there’s only one of such in the world. If I’m willing, I can easily retrieve it now!” The Azure Dragon Lord replied.

Lin Yun fell to his knees and said, “Senior, I gave it to someone important to me, so please don’t take it back. I’ve never thought of escaping, and I’ll be willing to bear it all.”

“What if I want your life? Since you don’t want my inheritance, I can give it to someone else. Your fellow martial disciples behind might not be comparable to you, but at least three people can receive my inheritance.” The Azure Dragon Lord said.

Lin Yun’s face changed, but he swiftly calmed down and replied, “Sure. You saved my life, and I would’ve died back on the Heavenly Path without your inheritance.”

If Ye Ziling and others received the Azure Dragon Lord’s harvest, they would possess the strength to confront Qin Tian. Lin Yun wouldn’t have to worry about the Ancient Barren Battlefield. But if the Azure Dragon Lord summoned the Azure Dragon True Bone back, Lil’ Purple would lose her life.𝗳𝒓e𝚎𝙬𝒆𝙗𝚗o𝙫e𝗹. 𝐜𝐨𝙢

The Flower Burial Sword suddenly flew out and shone brightly, emitting a strong vibrating noise and pointing at the Azure Dragon Lord. At the same time, a powerful chill was gathered at the sword tip, unleashing an unprecedented fighting spirit that was directed at the Azure Dragon Lord. It’s as though it was saying that it wouldn’t let the Azure Dragon Lord take Lin Yun’s life, even if Lin Yun had agreed to it.

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