The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1758 – Heartbreak Song (2)

Chapter 1758 – Heartbreak Song (2)

At Dual Moon Lake, Lin Yun’s hands were on the erhu, but he was covered in snow like a statue and couldn’t move. The snow that fell contained a sacred energy that covered Lin Yun in layers. They were like layers of a mountain range that was suppressing him and placing him in a dangerous position.

Yue Weiwei couldn’t be bothered to quarrel with Hua Hongyu, and her pupils were filled with heartache while looking at Lin Yun. She bit on her lips, and her fists were clenched together without her knowing it.

When everyone felt that Lin Yun would be defeated, a sharp sound rang out from Dual Moon Lake. This sound was terrible, like someone scratching on a wooden board.

The snow around Lin Yun began to tremble when the sound appeared. As the sound became even louder, his movement was stiff but firm, since he was covered in snow.

Just when Mei Zihua was wondering what was happening, the creaking noise made him feel threatened, and he said, “Soaring Azure Lotus!”

The nine maids behind him soared to the sky, and the melody from their musical instruments became solemn. The azure lotuses were like lamps enveloped in flames, as though this melody traveled through time from ancient times to the present.

But Lin Yun’s movements gradually became smoother, and the snow covering him continued to fall. When a loud explosion rumbled, the snow covering Lin Yun finally blew apart.

After Lin Yun broke free, he took a deep breath and muttered, “I nearly failed. This erhu is really hard to play.”

He wasn’t as proficient with erhu as he was with the zither. In addition to the fact that he had to keep avoiding the azure lotuses, this was why he couldn’t play it.

Holding onto the erhu, Lin Yun began to test several notes.

“Junior Brother Lin!” Luo Shuyi and others became anxious.

But Lin Yun looked as if he didn’t hear them. His head was lowered the whole time testing the erhu, and he wore a serious expression.

“What is this fellow trying to do?” Mei Zihua was puzzled before he roared, “Ignore him! The Divine Azure Lotus!”

The melody played by Mei Zihua and his nine maids became high, and a dazzling beam of light shone down from the Sovereign Constellation beyond the thirty-six layers of heaven. The next moment, the light beam pierced through the layers before forming a figure that slowly descended towards the Vermillion Bird in the sky.

The melody played by Mei Zihua and the nine maids became sacred, as though that figure who was descending from the thirty-six layers of heaven was a deity. When boundless pressure descended, everyone by the lakeside felt like they were about to suffocate.

“He’s finished!” The two words appeared within everyone’s mind when they saw this scene.

Right then, a melody that no one had heard before echoed between heaven and earth, and no one could find an accurate description of this melody. It sounded ancient, majestic, and a wisp of desolation. Before anyone could respond, a joyful melody resounded from the erhu in Lin Yun’s hands.

Just when the sacred being who was descending from beyond the thirty-six layers of heaven was about to land on the Vermillion Bird, the erhu melody finally resounded. It was like a wild stallion galloping on the plains. As it galloped, a cloud of dust rose, and everyone could sense the artistic concept contained within it.

It wasn’t sacred like Mei Zihua’s song. Instead, it sounded joyful, as though there was no sorrow in this world, and Lin Yun’s erhu suppressed all the musical instruments on Dual Moon Lake.

This surprised Mei Zihua and his nine maids, and his melody was instantly disrupted. No matter how he tried to play, he couldn’t perform the sacred and solemn feeling in his melody. All his emotions were affected by Lin Yun’s erhu at this moment, and this was a race.

Lin Yun smiled when he saw this scene and became even happier. Along with his mood, his melody became even more joyful. He was doing this deliberately, and the song played by the erhu was practically the same as a horse neighing.

This instantly left everyone by the lakeside dumbfounded, and they looked at this scene with disbelief. This is the spike fiddle? This is the sound of the spike fiddle?

Qin Hao and Hua Hongyu were dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe the spike fiddle, which was long lost since ancient times, was actually played by someone, and this song was unheard of in the Kunlun Realm. The sound was also something that no other musical instrument could play.

Affected by Lin Yun’s melody, the deity afterimage began to fade, and the nine maids’ faces were distorted with pain. Their hearts were in a mess, and they couldn’t continue playing their musical instruments.

“Kill Zone!” Mei Zihua decisively gave up on playing the Divine Azure Lotus. Without absolute reverence for the deity, there was no way the Divine Azure Lotus could succeed. Since Lin Yun was playing a joyful piece of music, he would just have to counter it with an absolute offense.

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Mei Zihua and his nine maids quickly changed their melody, and their song was filled with torrential killing intent. Their melody manifested into an army that was charging towards Lin Yun, with countless soldiers charging forth with torrential killing intent, creating a cloud of dust in their path.

“You guys came at a great time!” Lin Yun smiled. The song he played was Galloping Warhorse, and it was a famous piece of erhu music in his previous life. It was a passionate song, and Lin Yun was performing it rapidly.

As the passionate tune continued, it sounded like soldiers riding on their warhorses galloping forth with their spears. The rhythm was resonant and powerful, with a cloud of dust rising when the warhorses galloped. Everyone was immersed in the song as if they were in an illusion.

In the next moment, the warhorses neighed as they galloped forth. When the two armies clashed, the warhorses from Lin Yun’s side easily crushed Mei Zihua’s Kill Zone when they came in contact.

Under the ferocious confrontation, Mei Zihua let out a muffled groan, and his nine maids threw out a mouthful of blood.

But the more Lin Yun played the erhu, the more excited he became. The bow in his hand was like a saw mimicking the neighing of horses.

“Retreat!” Mei Zihua retreated with his maid before coldly saying, “World Annihilating Red Lotus!”

But just when he started playing the zither, he discovered that Lin Yun had changed the song he was performing. This time, a sad song came from that spike fiddle. As soon as the melody resounded, his heart was filled with sorrow.

This was another classic piece of the erhu, the Moon Reflected on the Erquan Spring. No matter how passionate and cheerful erhu’s music could be, the main tune would always be sad and mournful. Under his performance, the characteristics of erhu were further magnified.

The erhu music would sound deep, sometimes passionate, and sometimes aloof. But there was something unchanged, the sadness in the tune. Everyone was immersed in his song and practically forgot that Lin Yun and Mei Zihua were fighting.

On the other side, the nine maids couldn’t persevere any longer, and their faces were distorted with pain. They were trying their best to resist the penetrating melody.

The azure lotuses in the air began to shatter one after another. Even the Vermillion Bird soaring in the sky became dim, and the nine maids were on the verge of losing consciousness. But Mei Zihua didn’t care about his maids and frantically played his zither. Soon, he was shocked to discover no sound was coming from his zither. To be precise, Lin Yun's erhu utterly overwhelmed the sound produced by his zither!

When the Vermillion Bird completely disappeared, the strings on Mei Zihua’s zither snapped. This left the latter in a daze because he couldn’t believe this was real.

“With a heartbreak song, where can I find a friend in this world?” Lin Yun said, and his song gradually stopped.

When he stopped, Mei Zihua and his nine maids finally couldn’t hold on any longer and threw out a mouthful of blood. This was because the melody that integrated into their bodies had erupted, damaging their internal organs.

All ten of them clutched their chests and were kneeling on the Dual Moon Lake, with their faces becoming terrifyingly pale.

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