The Sweet Life: Secretly Married to a Movie Star

Chapter 229 - Chapter 229: You Don’t Do Serious Work, You Only Know How to Fall in Love

Chapter 229: You Don’t Do Serious Work, You Only Know How to Fall in Love

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Xia Yishan was worried for a long time after she returned to her room. She was afraid that Qi Mingcheng would expose this matter.

Xia Yishan didn’t feel sleepy until six in the morning. She turned on the alarm at seven and slept soundly.

What woke her up wasn’t the alarm, but the ringing of the phone.

Xia Yishan took out her phone from the bedside and answered the call reluctantly.

“Hello? Are you still sleeping? You’re actually still sleeping!” On the other end of the phone, Liang Qiaoen was exasperated.” You can still sleep? Do you know that you’re on the trending searches again?!””

Xia Yishan heard the word ‘trending’ in a daze and blurted out,” What does it matter? It’s not like I haven’t been on trending before.”

Liang Qiaoen was silent for three seconds.” Xia Yishan, tell me honestly, are you in a relationship?”

Xia Yishan suddenly sat up from the bed.” What did you say?”

Could it be that her relationship with Su Jingting was exposed?

Liang Qiaoen repeated,” I said, are you dating someone from the same production team?!”

Xia Yishan was speechless.

Liang Qiaoen sighed.” Tell me, when did you start dating Qi Mingcheng? 1 have to remind you that it’s too early for you to announce your relationship now. You’ll be labeled as someone who only knows how to date without doing any proper work. It’ll have a huge impact on your career in the entertainment industry. Once you announce that you have a boyfriend in the entertainment industry, you’ll lose your fans. It’ll be very difficult for you to get another good job…”

Liang Qiaoen felt a little sad when she said this. Why did this matter involve the artistes under her?

“Stop…” Xia Yishan interrupted Liang Qiaoen’s sentimental words.” 1 have nothing to do with Qi Mingcheng…”

“Even if you want to announce your relationship…Ah… All, you guys are not related? What happened?”

Xia Yishan’s head hurt when she didn’t sleep much. She rubbed her head.” I don’t know what’s going on.”

I’m not awake yet -11

Liang Qiaoen thought that Xia Yishan might not have seen Weibo yet, so she patiently explained to her,” Some paparazzi posted a set of photos online. It’s you and Qi Mingcheng meeting at the entrance of the hotel room, the hotel you’re staying at now…”

Xia Yishan facepalmed. Could it be that they had been photographed talking last night?

“I’ve seen the photo. It’s you!”Liang Qiaoen was straightforward.” So I took it all seriously…”

Xia Yishan was furious. She had been careless when she came back in the early morning and didn’t disguise herself. She explained to Liang Qiaoen,” I was just hungry and went to buy something to eat. When I came back, I bumped into Qi Mingcheng and chatted with him while smoking. There’s nothing between us!”

Xia Yishan could only lie.

“Speaking of which, it’s strange. Why didn’t the paparazzi extort me first when he got the news? What good would it do him to post it directly?”

Xia Yishan was deep in thought.” Maybe it wasn’t taken by the paparazzi. The paparazzi are only responsible for exposing the truth. The other party’s goal is to teach me a lesson. After all, this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered something like this.”

Liang Qiaoen suddenly realized that Ye Yiyi was the one who almost drugged Xia Yishan on set.” That’s too much! We let her off, but she’s waiting for us here!”

Xia Yishan got up and went to the hotel window to take a look. Indeed, there were quite a number of fans and paparazzi outside the hotel entrance. She did not forget to reply Liang Qiaoen,” It’s not certain if it’s her! After all, taking photos was either a coincidence or a coincidence.”

“Alright, I’ll contact the public relations department immediately. Qi Mingcheng is not bad. Are you really not going to consider it?”

Xia Yishan was speechless.

Xia Yishan said,” Do you really want to cry?”

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