The Sweet Life: Secretly Married to a Movie Star

Chapter 391 - Chapter 391: The Unattainable Will Always Be in Turmoil

Chapter 391: The Unattainable Will Always Be in Turmoil

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Xia Yishan was really drunk. She had no recollection of how she had returned to Yujing Garden.

She was woken up by thirst in the middle of the night.

She used her memory to search around before turning on the bedside lamp.

The familiar room was empty and she was the only one there.

Wasn’t this Su Jingting’s room?

Where was he?

In Xia Yishan’s memory, Su Jingting was always by her side whenever she woke up.

Even when she woke up, she would find Su Jingting looking at her, his hands touching her face.

Something was wrong today. It didn’t make sense.

She got out of bed and changed into a nightgown before going to the kitchen to get some water.

When she returned upstairs, she saw that the light in the study was on.

Xia Yishan walked closer and realized that Su Jingting was inside. Smoking-.-1|

The documents in front of him were piled high.

Was she working overtime all night?

Wasn’t he just a movie king? Why was he so busy?

Xia Yishan pushed the door open and entered. Su Jingting was surprised by her sudden appearance. His first reaction was to put out the cigarette and open the window.

The moment the window opened, he felt a gust of cold wind. He stood there awkwardly, not knowing whether to open the window or not.

Xia Yishan burst out laughing.

“It’s already two o’clock in the morning, and you’re still working? The entire study room was like a paradise on earth. It was filled with smoke. 1 thought 1 had come to the wrong place.”Xia Yishan was holding a glass of warm water in her hand.

Su Jingting scratched his head.

Oh no…

He had been discovered smoking.

He forced an awkward smile.” 1 still have some work to do tonight, so I’ll smoke a little…”

After saying that, he felt that something was wrong and immediately changed his words.” 1 drew a little too much…”

Xia Yishan nodded. She didn’t have any intention of reprimanding him.” How much work do you have left?”

Su Jingting didn’t have to refuse.” Yes, we can do it tomorrow.””

Nothing was more important than accompanying his wife.

Xia Yishan casually picked up a document and put it down after reading it for a few seconds.

She casually glanced at Su Jingting’s document. She read the words very quickly and read ten lines at a glance.” Why are you looking at F Group’s documents? It must be an internal document, right?”

Su Jingting’s face stiffened and he panicked.

At the end of the day, he had two big things to hide from Xia Yishan.

One was his identity, and the other was that he had memories of his previous life.

He couldn’t imagine if Xia Yishan would be angry if she found out his true identity.

If it was any other vulgar girl, she would probably be overjoyed.

But she…

He couldn’t rule out the possibility that his girlfriend loved beauty but not the country!

Moreover, the probability of such a situation was quite high!

Su Jingting thought that he would have to come clean sooner or later. Why not take advantage of tonight when Xia Yishan had just woken up and was still in a daze?

When the time came, he would kneel down regardless of whether it was the keyboard or the durian remote control!

Su Jingting pinched the space between his eyebrows and said,” Actually…” I’m from F Group…”

Oh!!! Xia Yishan exclaimed,” I finally understand why Su Yujie acts like he’s your little brother. So you’re on his side?” Help him handle some necessary matters? No wonder you’re so busy all day!”

Su Jingting was speechless. He hadn’t confessed!

Xia Yishan patted him on the shoulder.” It’s just a side job. 1 understand! F Group is a big company after all. It’s good for you to learn more. Don’t you have a small business of your own? When the time comes, you can still tinker with it yourself. It’s quite good!”

Su Jingting felt a slight pain between his eyebrows. He could not refute her words!

Xia Yishan’s hand naturally rested on Su Jingting’s shoulder. The two of them leaned against the edge of the desk. When she saw that Su Jingting was silent, she realized that they were a little close.

The weather in early spring was not warm yet. Xia Yishan’s casual nightgown revealed her slender calves, which were slightly cold.

She was also wearing a pair of furry bunny ear slippers.

Xia Yishan deliberately distanced herself from Su Jingting.

A man and a woman, late at night…

Su Jingting also felt that the temperature was a little high. The cold wind blew in through the half-opened window, so it was not too hot.

When he saw Xia Yishan dressed like this, he couldn’t take it anymore. She even got close to him…

Wasn’t this testing him?

Su Jingting pulled her over and picked her up. He turned around and saw Xia Yishan sitting on the desk with her arms around Su Jingting’s neck.

Xia Yishan lowered her head and placed it on Su Jingting’s forehead.

“You smell so good.” Su Jingting closed his eyes and said softly.

The faint fragrance of Xia Yishan’s body entered his nose.

“This is a France perfume that Sharon gave me. If you like it, 1 still have half a bottle…”

Su Jingting was speechless.

What he liked was not perfume, but people, baby!

Xia Yishan wanted to slap herself to death after saying that. Did she have to be so dumb?

It was a miracle that someone like her could end her single life!

Su Jingting kissed Xia Yishan’s forehead.” I like you more!”

” You don’t want the perfume anymore?” Xia Yishan asked.”


Xia Yishan was speechless.

Then, Su Jingting kissed her, and the smell became clearer.

Xia Yishan had a feeling that something was going to happen tonight, but in the end, Su Jingting stopped and buried his head in her neck.

Xia Yishan caressed his back and said gently,” 1 know you’re hot-blooded.

You’ll be fine after a while, right? There’s no rush…”

Su Jingting was speechless.

Baby, you’d better stop talking!

As long as it’s you, every action or word of yours is seductive!

“Why don’t you send me back to sleep and continue working? 1 see that you still have a lot of documents!” Xia Yishan came up with a bad idea.

Su Jingting gritted his teeth.” It’s already so late and you still have the heart to let me work?”

Xia Yishan’s face was full of question marks.” But no matter how much I can’t bear to do it, you’ll still come to work, won’t you? In that case, it doesn’t matter whether 1 can bear to do it or not. If you’re not sleeping, I’m going to sleep. I’m very sleepy.”

“How do you want me to send you back?”

Xia Yishan held Su Jingting’s arm tightly.” Of course, you’re carrying me back. You’re making my legs numb!”!!”

Su Jingting quickly took a step back.

He lowered his head to take a look, then turned his head away in embarrassment. He carried Xia Yishan back into the house.

It would be fine if he didn’t look, but when he did!

The unattainable will always be in turmoil!

Su Jingting felt that he would have a nosebleed if he took another look!

Xia Yishan, who was being hugged by Su Jingting, felt indignant.” Teacher Su, your eyes are filled with evil thoughts!”

Su Jingting’s hands trembled as he hugged her.” Student Xia, you’re dressed like this at night in front of a man who’s tired from work. The only person who doesn’t have evil thoughts is Tang Sanzang!” Besides, you’re my girlfriend to begin with. 1… I was about to do it.”

Xia Yishan kicked Su Jingting.” Nonsense! There’s still Liu Xiahui!””

Su Jingting was speechless.

This was not the time to discuss history!

Xia Yishan blushed.. 1 was just trying to divert your attention, young man!

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