The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 1150 - Chapter 1150: Thunder!

Chapter 1150: Thunder!

Translator: Lonelytree

The result that Lin Yiwei brought was completely within Lin Yuelan’s expectations.

He and the clan elders had unanimously decided to kick Lin Laosan’s family out of the Lin Family Village. However, they did not leave the village with nothing.

Other than the things that couldn’t be carried, they could take anything they wanted.

At this point, Lin Yiwei said to Lin Yuelan, ” Girl, I learned from those children that these ideas were given by Lin Yueru. ‘

At this point, he sighed and said, ” I didn’t expect Yueru to be so shrewd and vicious at such a young age!’

It turned out that Lin Laosan and his grandchildren were envious and jealous when they saw how well Lin Yuelan treated her adopted brother.

Why couldn’t they enjoy such a good life, but let a bastard child from god knows where attract Lin Yuelan’s attention? She even treated him like a real young master and coaxed him.

However, they were afraid of Lin Yuelan, so they couldn’t do anything even if they were jealous.

However, after they were ridiculed by the villagers, they were completely enraged. Lin Dahua, in particular, hated Little Green to death. Therefore, she had always wanted to find an opportunity to teach Little Green a lesson.

However, Little Green rarely left Taoyuan Village. Even if he went out, there were adults watching him. They couldn’t bear to do it.

It was also at this moment that Lin Yueru came to find Lin Dahua.

She told Lin Dahua and the others that they could only make Little Green disappear for a period of time to make Lin Yuelan anxious. Then, they would hand Little Green over. Then, Lin Yuelan would treat them as Little Green’s saviors. At that time, as long as they made a request to stay in Lin’s Garden, Lin Yuelan would not think too much about it.

In fact, this idea had a huge flaw.

Wouldn’t Lin Yuelan suspect that Little Green’s disappearance had something to do with them? At that time, forget about moving into Lin’s Garden, they should be thanking the heavens if she didn’t take revenge on them.

However, they were still children, so they were not so meticulous. In addition, they wanted to live in Lin’s Garden and enjoy the life of a rich man. This prompted them to act urgently without telling the adults.

Then, the few of them began to plan the steps.

In the end, they decided to hide Little Green in a cave at the back mountain.

That cave was the place where the villagers usually rested when they went up mountain and it suddenly rained.

After finding the place, they had to lure Little Green out.

Lin Darong was a pawn that Lin Yueru had used. Therefore, Lin Yueru suggested that Lin Darong, who was about the same age as Little Green, come out and call Little Green out alone.

It could be said that their plan was a success, if the person they were going to catch wasn’t the non-human Little Green.

However, what they did not expect was that even though they had listened to Lin Yueru’s suggestion, Lin Yueru had her own plans. All of them had become her stepping stone to enter Lin’s Garden.

While they captured Little Green, Lin Yueru reported them.

Because she wanted to be Little Green’s savior.

Listening to their so-called plan that was full of flaws, the adults didn’t know

whether to laugh or cry.

However, because of Little Green’s brainwashing, their original plan turned into an attempted murder.

Lin Yuelan wasn’t surprised at all. She said, ” Yes, Grandpa village chief, I’ve told you to do what you should do. I won’t interfere!”

Lin Yiwei nodded, indicating that he understood.

However, he still asked hesitantly, “ Girl, are you going to chase Lin Sanniu and his family out as well?”

Knowing that the culprit was Lin Yueru and that it was Lin Darong who had tricked Little Green out, if Lin Sanniu and his family were to be chased out together with Lin Laosan and the others, then their lives would be unimaginable.

However, this was the result of their own actions, and they could not blame anyone.

Hearing Lin Yiwei’s words, Lin Yuelan was silent for a moment before she said, ” Grandpa village chief, other than Lin Yueru, the rest of Lin Sanniu’s family can continue to stay in the Lin Family Village!”

No matter how old Lin Yueru was or whether she was the Host’s biological sister, Lin Yueru had already crossed her bottom line. It was impossible for her to let her off.

Therefore, the best punishment now was for her to be chased out of the Lin Family Village together with Lin Laosan’s family. With Lin Laosan’s family’s selfishness and ruthlessness, one could imagine how miserable Lin Yueru’s life would be..

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